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Your Rush ECHO for Friday 1-22-2010

Your Rush Limbaugh Echo for Friday, 1/22/10
   Student NOTES from Institute freshmen, not 'official'
Opening:  Were there JOBS lost at Air America Radio?
Seg#1:  Obama continues on his Quest to nationalize everything
Why couldn't Obama save them from Chapter 11? Call in, Open-Line Friday!
Snerdley, we would move Air America listeners to the top (if there were any).
One Year Later, and Club G'tmo is still open.  We had to close it when President Bush was president, but now W-Post sees it is difficult and we'll hold them longer without trial.
I've been following this story on Jay Leno, with staff of 200.  We do a THREE hour program every day with less than 10 people.  Writers?  Overrated? 
In America, we have ordinary people doing extraordinary things, like Scott Brown.  ObamaCare is stopped;  Democrats are bouncing off the wall;  Nancy Pelosi has thrown in her mallet;  Etc.; etc.
Political John Harris writes that Obama isn't interested in any help.  They want to show they have 'listened and changed' but they have not.  They will try to demonize Scott Brown by linking him to Sarah Palin, me, and others.  But it isn't going to work because the toothpaste is out of the tube.   Obama takes another swing at Capitalism.
He is not attacking Banks and Insurance Companies;  he is raping them.  Meanwhile, while everyone is scrimping and saving, Obama is living like a King.  He uses the word 'regulation' to imply reform, but he means 'nationalization' in full or in part.  He is an insecure man-child. He lives in a parallel universe and confuses massive with smart. 
Obama is in Ohio giving another speech on JOBS.  People want action!  I don't think Obama could win an election today for Chicago City Council, let alone POTUS.  What has he done for the Middle Class?  We all know what he has done to them, same with Small Businesses.  What has he done (exactly) has he done to improve Inner Cities, Education, Etc.  I could go on and on.
He has done NOTHING for anybody or anything, except unions.  He is like a child, still blaming Bush.  It is scary and void from Reality. He targets and demeans people that create jobs. 
>>> Ladies and Gentlemen: It is time to regulate Obama -- in November.
Seg#2:  Rush Limbaugh flies in to judge the Miss America Pageant
I'll be working hard as Judge on the Miss America Pageant in Las Vegas and so substitutes will [conduct class].
Obama Adm assaults the Private Sector while saying they build JOBs.
>> They will continue on what does not work, you can trust me on that.
Seg#3:  Good America Jewish leaders stand up for Rush Limbaugh
I am a friend of Norman Podhoretz who wrote a book on why so many Jewish people are Liberal. He is the father of John Podhoretz.   Abraham Foxman demands I apologize for being borderline anti-Semite. Anyone should know I am misquoted and check it out.  I think they want the misquotes to be real.  It is Mr Foxman that needs to apologize to me. 
When they attack me, they only amplify my position. ((Reading Podhoretz:  It is not Rush Limbaugh who should apologize.  I write in my book . . .  Rush Limbaugh pointed out prejudiced people [who are Jew haters].))  Look first on the Left and in the circle of friends of Obama.  Here on this show we have been unwavering in support of Israel and all good Americans. 
((Reading-on-Podhoretz:  Mr Foxman looks under the bed of every Conservative for anti-Semitism, while at the same time turning a blind eye to hate from the Left.))  [Rush reads comments of others defending Rush.] 
((Reading-Michael-Ledeen:   Mr Foxman wants Rush Limbaugh to apologize but I want Abraham Foxman to be kicked out.  Get someone who defends Israel.))   Mark Levin is a dear friend of mine.
Whatever else they are, Liberals are Liberals or Socialists first.  Whatever they attach  themselves to is just their jumping-off-board.  The Hollywood Left, or wherever they are, have as their main Agenda to destroy Capitalism.
>>> Next time, Mr Foxman, call me first before attacking me.
Rush suggests not relying on DbM and Leftist sources for news.
"It's Not Rush Limbaugh Who Should Apologize"  Commentary Magazine, by Norman Podhoretz
Seg#4:  Conservatives help win Elections;   Obama helps lose them
Press and broadcast media are beside themselves over the Supreme Court decision of McCain-Feingold  ((Clip-Barney-Frank:  What we can do, per say, is to prevent drowning in corporate dollars.))  So they will continue drowning in union dollars? 
((Parody Barney singing:  When they finished the count in MA;  I should have left;  Nancy said come to SF;  pretend you are not at home;  If he can't sell himself in Massachusetts, he couldn't sell tea in SF.  Can't believe it;  He should have asked the state down for a beer;  I hope I don't get spanked in MA.  Hope he doesn't come here.))  "The Day They Lost Massachusetts."
Remember how they linked ME in their Democrat ads, when I said not one word?
>>> Now Drive-by Media says not one word about ME and the win.

Seg#5:  Liberal-Left waited all their lives for this moment.

>> They aren't about to let 100,000 MA voters derail them.
Seg#6:  Senate and House Democrats are still locking out Republicans
(Theme Music) R-WI Paul Ryan notes Democrats meet with only Democrats to press on with ObamaCare.  They will look at every option, he says.  To go to 'Reconciliation' they would have to begin again in House and Senate.  Democrats would have a hard time pulling it off because there are Blue Dog Democrats that won't go along with Pelosi over the cliff.
Thank Goodness that Obama is going to NV to campaign for Dingy Reid.  After NJ, VA, and now MA, he will be 0 for 4.   Only 35% of American voters want Obamacare and if they want to spend another half year, then bring it on!  They have already wasted a year. 
The Supreme Court hit McCain-Feingold hard and Obama says he needs to prepare a response.  I remind you that Obama was a law professor.  Why would he oppose the Supreme Court doing their constitutional duty? 
The question is easy:  It is because he is against the Constitution.
((Reading American Thinker:   Corporations now can speak as loud as unions. Since 1992, the courts have supported elections of incumbents.))  Here is Howard Fineman  ((Reading:  I predicted this of the new Roberts court.  The 5-4 vote was more sweeping than I predicted.  It is revolutionary.  It will turn the corner [Etc.]   Will Obama take it on?  It makes a mockery of original intent.))  The Left thinks this is judicial activism.  Standing up for Freedom of Speech is an abomination to the Left. 
Writing new law from the bench is activism, (LIBERALS);
Reading the Constitution IS original intent, (CONSERVATIVES).
Citizens United responded to Michael Moore; and also made a movie about Hillary Rodham Clinton, going through their scandals.  The FCC restricted them in their market which lead to this case.  Obama's lawyer was pulled into a discussion that led him down a slippery slope.  "If this movie were a book, would it be banned for speaking against a candidate?"   The Gov't lawyer was consistent and said "Yes."  Alito said, "What!?!"   That turned the court.
I'll gladly raise my hand and be an activist for Speech and Liberty .!. 
The hatred for corporations on the Left, I am still dialing in on that.  I'm not surprised, Snerdley, the decision was not unanimous.  You have Libs on the Court. 
Listen to this NYT characterization  ((reading:  It is an odd claim that corporations are the same as people. They are artificial constructs and not constitutional.))  What does he mean corporations are created by The State?   
>>> Gov't may give permission, but they create 'zilch'.
Seg#7:  If you are a Legal Beagle, please read
Corporations having too much Freedom?  Too much for people?   One union gave Obama $60million.  This is just leveling the playing field.  Media people work for corporations and are not 'special'.  They get paychecks from ABC, NBC, CBS, etc.  When the court upholds the Constitution, that is not activism.
If we couldn't overturn precedent, we would have Slavery and Japanese Internment for WW II.  The Left does not get to decide which part of the Constitution they like and which they do not.   THANK GOD, for the Bill of Rights.  It has just been awakened from a coma.
((Clip Montage, starting w/Gergen:  This is political activism.  This is the most radical decision in a long, long time.))  They are crying like stuck pigs.
>>> Drive-by Media people want Freedom of Speech all to themselves.
Seg#8:  "Name for me one-single-specific-thing Obama has benefited
These people who are upset with those working in corporations having their political voice, are the same ones wanting to give Terrorists citizen rights.
Caller: I agree 95%. I'm forced into food union.  They help my pay.
        I'm all for your freedom to join.  My problem is with union leftist leadership.  The SEIU contributed $60million to Obama, and sent a letter yesterday promoting ObamaCare that appeared via a Communist magazine.
Obama exempted 8% of the population (union members) from taxation on their healthcare.  The 92% will have to pay theirs.  Government union workers already have perks beyond belief.  [Caller works for a private sector company.]
Rank-and-file workers don't know all that is going on with their union leaders.  Mandatory dues are taken and given to finance Leftist movements. The only people I disagree with are Liberals, as they try to destroy America.
Caller: Are Republicans proud of derailing Healthcare?
        What is it Democrats are doing right?  [Bring standard of living up.  Don't be selfish.  Obama is going down the middle.]   You sound like a sound person [olde man] but you couldn't be more wrong.  Name for me, anybody, one thing.
You think they are trying which means you fall for their rhetoric. 
Look how they destroy families and force them to live in poverty.
>>> We are working to change minds.
Seg#9:  Rush gives an example of Obama-hurt to the Middle Class
Don, I know you are still out there.   Do you want some proof about Liberals hurting the Middle Class?  Take away what they SAY and look at what THEY DO.  Obama wants to force people from their private healthcare and force them onto government single-payer.
Cadillac healthcare programs are excellent and help many in the Middle Class.
Caller:  They forced GM into bankruptcy; took over pensions;  but the salaried people got thrown under the bus, "no commercial value". 
       They thought they fed off the 'real workers'.  "It's about time those white-collar workers were taught a lesson."  They play on class envy.  They are not promising raising your living standards at all and want you to be happy others will be taxed.
Caller:  Where does the red-state and blue-state come from?
         Color of unions was blue;  Obama's logo is blue;    they are blue-collar.
>>> Glad you called;  that explains it;    we'll be right back.
Rush says Media came up with the term designations.
Segment#10:    Unions are still pressing for ObamaCare, via
> > the Daily Worker, now The People's World, Communistic.  [Bogged down now; Rush mentioned them.]
Seg#11: George S. went from Clintonista to Clinton-News-Network
(Music) Why is Obama focusing on JOBS in Ohio town hall?  Because 61% say to drop ObamaCare.  I could create more jobs in 25 minutes than he can in five years.  He says, "When I win, you win."   NO!  When he wins, you lose.
Everything is about HIM.  I still want him to fail.  ((Parody Obama singing:  I'll bring it down.  I sent them out to tell the banks to lose.  I'll say something more and bring the stock price down.  I'll bring it down wooosh.  A little more pain will help you get your mind right.  Woooosh.))    He's going to fight more for healthcare reform.   Good!    
Bloomberg sees Obama as anti-corporation-investors-business. He is viewed favorable by only 27% after his one-year Jihad against Capitalism.  Who are these people?  Are they carbon-traders. 
Enquirer Magazine is wanting a Pulitzer for their coverage of John Kerry and his love child.   Pulitzer started in 'yellow journalism' to improve his family name.
((Clip-from-past:   John Edwards was like Clinton, thinking on his feet and fooling people naturally.  In Edwards case, he may not even know what he is.  He may have become what he wishes.))  Andrew Young at first claimed he was the father of Riley Hunter's baby.  It's been 2.5 years. Stephanopoulos was surprised?  He worked for Clinton! 
Let's go back to 1993 and Clinton in his War Room talking to Jennifer Flowers.  ((Clip-Wm:  Just deny it and we have no problem.))  John Edwards didn't have Carville and Stephanopoulos.  It's hilarious.  ((Clip-Stephanopoulos:  If you do this, you will never work in Democrat politics again.))  He is counseling a bimbo.
If John Edwards had had Stephanopoulos, things may have been different.
>>> But George Stephanopoulos is busy.  He is working in Media now.
Segment#12:    Obama is not going to stop 'speechifying' for you
Extending unemployment benefits creates more unemployment.  And unions are supporting Obama attacking banks, no surprise there.  It's based on class envy to tax banks.
Hugo Chavez of Venezuela says USA caused the Haiti earthquake.  So now we have an earthquake weapon.  Some third-world countries criticize USA for helping Haiti, sending our Military in.
((Clip-Obama-Ohio:  We had to take steps, etc,  banks created a mess.  We would have been looking at a Second Great Depression.))  So now, after saving the banks, he is now going to creame them.  ((Clip-Obama:  Let me make this perfectly clear:  I ran to rebuild this Economy, create your jobs.))  He ran to destroy our Capitalist System, and he is exceeding way too much.   ((Clip-Obama:  This is not about ME  --  this is about you.  They way to boost your poll numbers is to do nothing  [audience is laughing with him.]   ))    Every line was about him.
Why would he need to say it isn't about him.   Do you realize how much better off we would be if he hadn't done anything.  ((Clip-Obama:  I will not stop fighting for you!   [wild applause.]   I'm not going to stop fighting until there are JOBS for everybody.))
>>> Substitute "fighting for you" with "speechifying for you".
Seg#13:  Literally NOTHING has improved under this President
He keeps talking about supporting people that work hard.  What has he done on that?  He only supports himself.   All this townhall meeting is: It is his first campaign speech of 2010.  Women tell me of "could-of, would-of, should-of" guys.  They may be good looking but are always making excuses. 
Gov't numbers show 600,000 people left the work force in December. 
((Clip-Obama:  So long as I have some breath in me, Etc.  I will work for when hard work is rewarded.  We are having a fight right now  --  we want our money back, and we are going to get it back, each and every dime.))  These banks have already paid TARP money back, with interest.  What has he done for YOU?
Caller:  David Axelrod said IF Obama runs in 2012?
        Don't read too much into it:  he was just being 'humble'. 
The only way he would not run, would be if there weren't any elections.  He will want to continue with his Agenda.  [Socialism/Fascism] is what he has been taught and believes.  His name should be, "Mr Depression".   He is raping the banks on purpose.  He will do the same to oil companies.  His paradise is right out of Mao.  He misuses the language but means Nationalism.
Obama always wants to do the biggest this or that.  DbM is making fun of him talking about himself in the third person.  After one year, he is out of tricks and he has to return to Teleprompter.  Instability is taking over in his mind.  Tell me one thing he has benefited.  Where are the 'shovel-ready' jobs?  It all went to state workers.  He spends and spends and spends.  Nothing improves.
He demeans people that actually create jobs and help others.
>>> Obama bullies people in successful businesses to control them.
Rush says he has no concept of the role of POTUS or of his own abilities.
Seg#14:  Rush will be a judge for the Miss America Pageant 1-30-2010
Obama says, "We want our money back!"  Millions of Americans are having buyers' remorse and say, "We want our Obama-vote back!"  [ad on BG oil.]
Try this, all over the nightly news:  Salt reduction could save lives.
That little girl on the Morton Salt cartoon will become a national symbol.
Caller: I was at WH and got in conversation at a party.  Hairdresser for Michelle Obama was invited to the event.  He talked about some details.
>>> I misread the clock, can we call you back on Wednesday?
Snerdley will get her #;  Rush is in LV for Pageant on Mon/Tues.
Seg#15:  See you on Wednesday; Mark Steyn will be here Mon/Tues.
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       "The Rush Limbaugh Show" and "EIB, Excellence In Broadcasting".
From the Rush Limbaugh Morning Update: "Pay Up!"
   My friends, before the Massachusetts vote, State-Controlled Media reported that if Scott Brown won, President Obama would "double down" on the health care takeover; ram it through there. Well, the Democrats were onboard with that, too. Now, after the political tsunami struck, the Democrats are in total disarray.
   Barney Frank, whose district voted for Brown, at first bent over backwards, announcing that "respect for democratic procedures must rule out any effort to pass a health care bill as if the Massachusetts election had not happened." A day later, though, he bent over forwards, apologizing for his first remarks and signing onto Democrats' "Plan B." This would force House members to vote for the Senate bill unchanged, then send it over to Obama. But Nancy Pelosi says she doesn't have the votes for "Plan B," so Barney and his "ram-it-through" (ahem) Democrats are totally screwed. (Ahem. Not a pretty sight, either.)
   Meanwhile, in an ABC interview, Obama called for a scaled-down bill, containing "those elements of the package people can agree on." Then White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer was sent out with a correction, explaining that Obama "would prefer Congress to pass the comprehensive package" after all, and "hasn't given up on that option."
   I mean, all of this is delicious! Total chaos, the perfect storm, and abject failure -- and you Democrats have only yourselves to blame for this. You refused to listen at town halls, you ignored the polls, and you demonized everyone who tried to warn you off. And now you want agreement? Well, fine. Let's agree on this: You blew it. Now you're going to pay. And you are going to pay dearly in November. You have noooo idea.  
Read the Background Material on the Morning Update...   [Subscribers get all the gem quotes]
Quote Gems from Rush Limbaugh dot com:
"The American people are still rooted in entrepreneurism, freedom and liberty. Nothing -- not the left, not Obama, nothing -- can tear them out."
"Freedom is awaking from its coma because of a huge, huge, huge Supreme Court decision.  Yes, you heard right."
"I have always said that elections have consequences. House Dems do not have the votes to pass the Senate bill.  It's an amazing thing what one election can do, just one election."
"If anybody needs to give somebody tips on being a maverick it's Scott Brown telling McCain how to do it."
"The Lurch could not make the oceans boil.  The Lurch couldn't cause a ripple in a bathtub, even getting in it."
"If liberals only changed for two weeks after 9/11, [then Stuck-on-Stupid, again.]
"If all it took was two weeks for liberals to revert to who they are after 9/11, what in the world makes anybody think that the Scott Brown victory is going to cause a permanent change?"
"You notice how fast the rats are deserting the ship after one election?  After one election, everybody's running away from this bill faster than I've seen anybody run away from a bill at all."  [Current Obamacare is dead, RIP.]
"This is the way the Democrats operate.  They love you when you elect them, but when you don't see the light, when you haven't done the right thing, you become their enemy."   ["Let's compromise and you do it my way."]
"Obama did not lose touch with the American people.  He just exposed himself to be somebody he was not in terms of who they had voted for." [Subscribers get the other half of the gem quotes]
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"This is the Big One [tablet] Apple has been working on for three years"
KFI:  "Look for Brett Favre vs Peyton Manning in the Superbowl."
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Learned from WSJ Online:
The Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that corporations may spend freely on political campaigns, easing decades-old limits on participation in federal elections. Obama vowed a forceful legislative response.
Sen.-elect Scott Brown arrived on Capitol Hill and met with several members of the Senate. The timing of his swearing-in was still in question.
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[3min YouTube Obama singing, by Paul Shaklin]
Another Note on Citizens United
A friend and colleague points out that, "almost lost in the shuffle of liberal criticism of the Supreme Court's decision [in Citizens United v. FEC]" is the position taken by the ACLU in the case. The ACLU, "darling of the left and the Obama Administration," wrote an amicus brief in the case. It argued that
The broad prohibition on "electioneering communications" set forth in Section 203 of the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002, violates the First Amendment, and the limiting construction adopted by the Court in WRTL is insufficient to save it." Accordingly, the Court should strike down Section 203 as facially unconstitutional and overrule that portion of McConnell that holds otherwise.
The ACLU took no position on whether Austin should be overruled. Even so, it is a bit jarring to hear President Obama, former Constitutional law professor and purported defender of our basic freedoms, attack a First Amendment decision that is fully consistent with the position of the ACLU.
By Michelle Malkin  •  January 22, 2010 09:10 AM
   [Great graphic here, w/McCain:
            the only way to fix our broken system."]
  The question isn't why Sarah Palin is helping John McCain. The question is: What are you doing to stop him from cementing his Big Government Republican legacy?   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~
Surfing the GOOGLE-SPHERE: (news)-(leads)-(idiocy)-(lunacy)
Atlantic Online - Derek Thompson - ‎1 hour ago‎
The same day Obama decided to formally declare war on Wall Street's biggest corporations, the Supreme Court ruled that corporations can spend unlimited sums of money to elect their favorite candidates and defeat their enemies.
USA Today - Emily Bazar - ‎49 minutes ago‎
Players in the abortion debate gathering in Washington, DC., and around the country Friday are focused on the prospect of a health care overhaul.
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Senator "Chuck-U" Schumer
Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY). Limbaugh used this nickname primarily during the investigations into the run on IndyMac Bank, in which the Senator was involved.[101] Federal regulators pointedly cited US Sen. Charles Schumer, D-NY, in explaining the bank's failure.  Rush Limbaugh uses the term often, like when Senator Schumer said he would hold hearings on the Supreme Court for striking down parts of McCain-Feingold campaigning rules.[102]
Postscript Errata:  Did you notice my $400billion (!) error yesterday?
I said Democrats were raising the Debt by $1.5Trillion, but it is $1.9Trillion!
Glenn Beck says it now will move up to the incomprehensible $14.2TRILLION.