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Your Rush ECHO for Friday 2-12-2010

Your Rush Limbaugh Echo for Friday, 2/12/10
 Student NOTES from Institute juniors, not 'official'
Opening:   Obama's secret plan revealed .!.
Seg#1:  Minus 10% change the Global Warming people are correct
Yes, his secret plan is to get me to retire — but I won't until everyone agrees with me.  That may happen soon.  Did you see it snowed in Rome?  It is fun to watch Global Warming people try to convince us that snowstorms increase Earth warming.  So MythBusters went out and compared temperatures.  The temperatures are not warmer causing all the snow.
CF: on "Too cold to snow?"
When there is less snow, the Warmers say it is because of Global Warming;
When there is more snow, they say the same thing: Climate Change by man.
You cannot have it both ways or you contradict yourself.  ((Clips))
It snowed in Northern Florida and Alabama.  Global Warming?  These people have no idea of what they are talking about.  ((Clip-Boxer))  Purely political — We've seen none of her doom predictions.  All their models failed.
>> Both more and less snow due to [AGW]?  It doesn't pass smell test.
Remember:   Man can do next to nothing to change Earth.  It's the sun!
Seg#2:  Rush Limbaugh identifies criminal political corruption
Global Warming Hoax borders on criminal political corruption.  Just play their own words to make them look like fools.  But they are dangerous.  Think of the money and time that need not have been spent.  UK Telegraph Elizabeth Badinjure is a Feminazi in France.  Does she say Global Warming is turning women into slaves to save the Earth?   French feminist Elizabeth.
Only 2% of likely voters trust gov't to do the right thing.  The McClatchy Poll shows Congress is less popular than Obama; his numbers are falling.
Patrick Kennedy is not going to run again:  Camelot or Cam-a-not?  Some say he could move back to MA and run against Scott Brown later.  Won't happen.
ClimateGate shows Global Warming is a total hoax.  Algore is nowhere to be found, not even in the igloo that Senator Inhofe built for him by Congress.   More and more Americas now agree with me and hope Obama fails.
Dingy Harry has pulled the jobs bill.
>>> Thankfully, Republicans are locked out.
Seg#3:  What do Liberals mean when they legislate 'Fairness'?
This is how the trick works:  the jobs bill was filled with pork and when Dingy Harry removes that it is still spending $15billion for nothing. 
Who has done more damage?  Bill Ayers or the Global Warmers?  BBC has $12.5billion of their retirement fund invested in Climate Change.  Those eMails were first sent to BBC and they sat on them.  The whistle-blower had to send them to another source to have them revealed.
From the UK Telegraph:  ((Reading:  A diet of tofu will do more harm than continuing to eat beef.  The beef substitutes do more harm in Britain because they are imported.))  Who are these people to tell the rest of us how to live?
Thomas Sowell writes in  ((Reading: The word, 'fair', has done more to harm us than any other word.  The word now means nothing.  College tests were said to be unfair, but it was not the tests but Life.  Life is not fair.))  The Left uses 'fair' to sucker others into supporting their Agenda.  Who is against clean air and pure water?  Same with fairness. 
((Reading on:  Even in the same family there are differences, not fair.))
((Reading on:  Nature's discrimination dwarfs man's discrimination.  Environment and lay of the land make nations different.  Literacy vs illiteracy had a huge impact on history.))   Fairness is impossible.   No two people are equal.
You can have equality of opportunity;  but not equality of outcome.
>>> Don't fall for their false liberal 'fairness' anymore.
Seg#4: For those that seek and work, American opportunities are there
I'm patient;  it's been 21 years on the radio;  someday you won't doubt me.
[Rush is pointing out that as first-born, stats favor his IQ over brother David.]   Snerdley is the second-born.  We need someone to redistribute the snow across the nation.  Why does the East coast get all the snow and blizzards?  Does Hawaii have an unfair advantage? 
Caller: Will you reach the point in your life that you will have everything?
          When I was ten I wanted to be 16 and drive;  etc.;   when I had my first house (a little shack) the guy that sold it to me said, "Don't worry, no one will let you make any money until you are 40."  It's changed since then.  I'll let you know if and when  it happens (to have all I want) but it hasn't happened yet. 
My parents would not believe my life now.  My Father thought that to have this kind of life you had to inherit wealth. He thought I failed because I didn't graduate from college.  They grew up in the Great Depression, WW I, and WW II.
>>> Whether or not you want to access opportunities they are still there.
Segment#5:   Gov in NJ has frozen their spending.
> KS senate tells federal gov't to stop passing mandates.
Seg#6:  "Roll Back Pelosi !"    should be the new slogan
(Theme Music) Snerdley asked if this is it for a Kennedy in Congress;  if my Dad heard that, it just might bring him back to life.  ((Reading: NJ governor is listening to the people to make tough decisions and stop the drunk-sailor spending.))  When this happens across the nation, Obama will look less attractive.
Of all the budget freezes, they told 240,000 people in DC to stay home since they were 'non-essential'.  Why do we have them on the budget?  We have $1.6trillion deficit and $3.6trillion in spending.  What was the budget in 2007?  It was $2.5trillion in a good year.  We could fix the deficit by just returning to spending what we did just three years ago. 
The Liberals are squealing like stuck pigs but NJ Gov Christie is doing exactly what people elected him to do.  He takes on rich union contracts and I love it.  All of the wasted stimulus money went to states so they would not lay off union workers.  Now they may have to as the money runs out.
Say it together:   say it with me, folks::   Roll Back Pelosi !
From UK Guardian,  how did this hoax happen?  Phillip Campbell from Nature (Editor in Chief) was on the panel to look into Hadley Climate Unit at the University of East Anglia.  But he said there was nothing to suggest a cover-up.  He is now forced to resign.
>  >  >      [Another Global Warming person is forced to resign.]
Seg#7:  Team Rush had to dig deep to find the Bloomberg transcript
The banks are unwilling to loan $4million to start projects housing to get it started.  VP Biden makes another foolish comment.
Democrats are in total control of Congress, with damage like never seen.
Caller: Will Blue-dog Democrats switch to Republican after seeing Obama?
        A number of Democrats already have, or announced they will.   Some of them will just quit.  There will be a major upheaval for them to watch. 
I printed the Bloomberg story with Obama saying his buddies are at JPMorganChase and Goldman Sachs.  It is over 15 pages long and shows his arrogance and total ignorance of how businesses run. 
Did you ever see the Rodney Dangerfield movie "Back to School"?    He is a successful businessman trying to get closer to his son by going back to college.  The tweed-suit professor doesn't like Dangerfield moving in on the blonde student.  The condescending professor is at the chalkboard saying how business works.  It's funny when Dangerfield makes mincemeat of him.
Of course, the professor tells the multimillionaire he can't possibly know.
>>> That's what we have with professor Obama and it's dangerous.
Rush adds:  the people that elected this guy owe us big time.
(This is a Bloomberg article by two authors, but not the long transcript.)
Seg#8:  John Stossel reports card-check is alive and well w/o vote
Best wishes to President Clinton who is now back home.  He didn't have to face the Death Panel from ObamaCare.  He can be thankful for that.  [Previously, Rush said Ted Kennedy got the best medical care that he tries to destroy.]
Caller: What I was taught in a Liberal family turns out to be just the opposite.
           There is no litmus test of Abortion or *GAY* marriage in the Constitution to be a Conservative, social issues.  These should be solved at the state level.  These social issues should be decided by votes of the people.  One reason they do not have the controversy in Britain is that they voted on it.
We have tracked down that segment of the Dangerfield movie, bleeping out a few words, and you will be able to hear it real soon.
John Stossel writes about forced unionization.  ((Reading:  She thought she owned her own business, but now she learns union dues are being taken out from the state subsidies for home daycare businesses. The union does nothing for her.  Only 6,000 of the 40,000 voted in the union vote.  Michigan isn't the only state;  14 other states recruit by force.))  This woman didn't even know.
>>> We don't need 'card-check'    they are already doing it.
Seg#9:  Work to be a successful person and you will have employment
Look at the 180,000 people out of power in Dallas.  [Drudge Rpt.]
And remember the last summer that was not as hot as Algore predicted.
((Clip-Dangerfield:   Etc.   "Where to build our plants?"  "Fantasyland!"))
Unemployment among the affluent is only 3%.  It's just not fair.
Caller: At the end of Camelot, the illegitimate son comes back to destroy.
         Paul Shanklin could put that together —  call it Cam-a-not. 
>>> The last Kennedy [Patrick] is leaving Congress/Washington.
Seg#11: In memory of MLKing, Obama will not abandon ObamaCare
(Music) It is open-line Friday and we have lots to do.  You control questions.  From Real Clear Politics, Democrats are going south on Obama. ((Reading Jay Rockefeller:  I am beginning to not believe in Obama anymore.  He is not believable to me and many people.))   Look around you, sir:  he does not like the coal industry in your state. 
American Thinker Suzanne Hiller  "Why Obama Cannot Drop Healthcare Reform"  ((Reading:  For Obama it is all about finishing the work of Martin Luther King.  Minority  people make up half of the uninsured.  It is not about economics, it is about equality and fairness.))  There is a chip on his shoulder like she points out.  I don't doubt her for a minute.
((Reading American Thinker:  George Halverson met with Obama and others like Kathleen Sebelius.  Etc.))  At the end of the piece she says Obama is disingenuous to say Republicans have forwarded no ideas.  ((Reading on:  Each party is looking through polar opposite glasses.  Obama's policies reflect who he is and his Hope and Change.  He will forsake the Constitution.))
I don't doubt any of that:  Obama is a far-Left radical.  They want to control every aspect of our lives and Obama isn't going to let it go.  Pelosi says it is a done deal.  You can't have many Republicans in a room with one President and expect him to change and not have the last word.
>>> On this, Republicans should be proud to be the 'party of NO'.
Seg#12:  NFL Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb is still discussed
Caller:  People who are Pro-Life teach their kids the Constitution.
         And Pro-Abort family-children can't be taught anything. [dead]
((Clip-Rockefeller:  Obama is starting to be unbelievable to me and others.)) 
Here is a question that just will not go away, about McNabb in PA.  ((Clip: It was a polarizing issue;  McNabb was overrated nationally, just crazy.))  Is he still working there after saying that?
If they zap you out of there, call me — I'll have some ideas for you.
Caller: I talk to God everyday; but talk to Rush, rarely.  Obama tax credit?
>>> Whether Obama wants you to fail or not, he is causing failure.
This caller is a small business owner.
Seg#13:  How Obama is inviting the next attack on America
How Obama is skirting disaster and inviting the next attack. [Libs hate it!]
[Rush plays the clip on msNBC Scarborough Show of a Liberal shouting over the author and not letting him respond.  "So Bush invited the first attack?"]
Courting Disaster: How the CIA Kept America Safe
and How Barack Obama Is Inviting the Next Attack    is the book title.
Marc A. Thiessen is the author.
When I heard Obama say that small business people have enough profits to pay their employees if they just get small business loans, I was left speechless.  "My policies are not anti-business", Obama says.  He thinks he is the best thing that has happened to this country.
((Reading:  Two things bothered him as he talked to us:  1. The snow "I can't believe I have to shut down the government for this.))  He didn't. It was the office of Budget, etc.  ((Reading on:  2. That banks are not loaning to small businesses.))  How anti-business can you get beyond cap-and-tax?  ((Reading: Obama thinks his policies have been misunderstood.))  He thinks you are stupid and need to be told, "Let me be clear."  Then he makes up invisible straw men to knock down.
((Reading on:  A staffer sent an eMail to CEOs to tell them Obama loves business.))  We'll link to it via  2 hrs after show ends.
>>> You will conclude, like I have, that Obama is clueless.
Seg#14:  Rush doesn't mention Olympics, just Superbowl withdrawal
Get this from just now.  Dick Durbin blasts those in DC who do not know how to motor in a snow blizzard.  He said this from the floor of the Senate.  ((Reading:  Parents here must take their infants to show them snow with shrieks in the background.))  Senator Durbin, turn on your local news to see panic of the forecasters.  Then watch them do their reports on how bad it is.  Blame the media.
Caller: Great Success sending to my Mom.
>>> I don't mind admitting that I am tired after this week.  No Superbowl.
Seg#15:  Conservative Republican senators ask Reid if it is true
Eric Cantor just sent a letter to Dingy Reid about a deal already w/Obama.
>>> The letter goes out this afternoon to ask Reid if it is true.
Closing:   They say they want to plan their next strategy.
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From the Rush Limbaugh Morning Update: "Restless"
   A few days ago, I told you the Democrats are having trouble raising money from Wall Street. Their usually dependable rich Wall Street donors have been turned off in droves by Obama's anti-bank, anti-capitalist class warfare. In fact, JP Morgan has refused to give money to Democrats, while donating to Republicans.
   Well – get this. The largest gay rights group in New Jersey voted unanimously to stop giving contributions to all political parties – and they're asking their members to follow suit. Republicans are unaffected. They never gave money to Republicans. The group says Democrats have abandoned their civil rights promises to gays. Their anti-Democrat campaign is called, "Don't Ask, Don't Give" – and New Jersey gay Democrats hope it spreads. Nationwide. They say they are tired of being an "appendage" of the Democrat Party. No further comment needed.
   Meanwhile – labor groups are absolutely furious, livid, gangsta-mad at Democrats. After the tens of millions spent getting Obama elected and giving Democrats huge majorities in the House and Senate, there's little to show for it. No "card check," no liberal activist lawyers on the National Labor Relations Board, and they almost got sold out on health care.
   John Gage, head of the Government Employees union, complains that labor is "getting thrown under the bus again." The head of the steelworkers union says: it's no use pretending anymore – they're going to have a hard time getting the union vote out in November.
   My friends, it appears the natives are restless. Bad for the Democrats. Good for America. 
Read the Background Material on the Morning Update...    [[Heard AM on radio across America]]
Quote Gems from Rush Limbaugh dot com:
"The only way this country is going to be restored to the country you think it is and it always has been, is to get rid of Democrats in power."
"A bunch of people just said to me, 'You've been doing this for 20 years, it must be like clockwork now.' I said, 'No, no, no. It is harder than ever to do this because every 20 minutes Obama launches another assault on this country.' Three of them laughed, and one of them frowned. So I said to myself, 'Home run.'"
"I guarantee you that Obama and his people are among the elites who think that you are stupid. And why wouldn't they? They fooled enough people to get elected."
"Obama continues to call these terrorists 'folks.' Has anybody told Bill O'Reilly about this yet? Because Bill O'Reilly owns the term 'folks.' I mean, Bill O'Reilly is looking out for the 'folks.'"
"Joe Biden was in the Senate for over 30 years, and he was a free-spending liberal. And Biden dares go on Larry King last night and say he 'inherited' all this? He helped create it!"
"Believe me, we've looked at a number of different ways of fixing the DittoCam feed, including ripping it all out and starting all over. We even thought of calling a Democrat tort lawyer."  [Delay will be fixed maƱana.]
"'Obama in crisis'? Well, if David Gergen thinks that, then
everybody else in Washington does — guaranteed."
"From the Huffing and Puffington Post: 'Core Chicago Team Sinking Obama Presidency'. This is a theme that's been popping up all week, that it's Obama's Chicago advisors that are ruining him. They forget that Obama himself is a Chicago thug. You can't separate him from Axelrod." 
"Meghan McCain is just an airhead. I don't know what else to say." [She thinks she's 'progressive'.]
"To all of you leftists who were so worried about George Bush spying on you, your guy, Barack Obama, wants to be able to monitor and track you via your cell phone. And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why I never use mine." 
"Agnostic? What in the world does Obama mean when he says he's 'agnostic' about raising taxes? I'm wondering if this is what happens when this guy doesn't have a teleprompter."
"I think what Obama and Biden should do is have a big wallapaloozing ceremony and name the New Madrid Fault after President Bush so it becomes 'Bush's Fault.' Well, that seems to be the only thing these people have to say." 
"I have a simple question: Who cares what Obama or his people say about the economy and what they predict for the future? They have been grossly wrong time and time again!"
"Senator Obama voted for every spending bill that came down the pike, so he cannot distance himself from all of this debt. In fact, he and the Democrats were asking Bush to spend more!"   [Subscribers get other half of gem quotes]
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When the Going Gets Tough, Part Two
February 12, 2010 Posted by Paul at 12:03 PM
   In our post about Rep. Patrick Kennedy's retirement, John asked whether Kennedy's decision means Democrats will hold the seat. Michael Barone's answer is: not necessarily.
   To be sure, the district strongly favors Democrats. It voted 65%-33% for Barack Obama in 2008 and 62%-36% for John Kerry in 2004. But until 1994, it was represented for three terms by Republican Ron Machtley. And in 1994, admittedly a great year for Republicans, Kevin Vigilante (brother of former National Review editor Richard Vigilante) ran a competitive race against Kennedy.
   Moreover, Barone considers the district quite similar to the one across the state line that Barney Frank represents. Although Obama and Kerry carried Frank's district by basically the same margins as they carried Kennedy's, Scott Brown ran about even in Frank's district.
   Taking these and other considerations into account, Barone concludes that Kennedy's district is "a possible pickup for Republicans." Although "the odds seem unfavorable [they are] not as unfavorable as the odds looked for Scott Brown" in early January, two weeks before he defeated Martha Coakley.
UPDATE: I should add that the main Republican challenger in Kennedy's district is state representative John Loughlin, who is said to be quite a viable candidate.       
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The mere thought of Valentine's Day may set your heart aflutter but it's the treats you eat on this most romantic of holidays that some say may keep that ol' ticker running smoothly.
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