Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Your Rush ECHO for Tuesday 3-9-2010

Your Rush Limbaugh Echo for Tuesday, 3/9/10

  Student NOTES from Institute juniors, not 'official'
Opening:   How much Pelosi-money goes to votes?
Seg#1:   Rush Limbaugh didn't say he would move from USA, yet
Good thing Stimulus/Porkulus money didn't go for jobs.  I warned you about Stupak who now says "Abortion" text can be worked out.  Changes near completion as Democrats fear reaction from small businesses.
The Senate Bill cannot be amended;  so how are these things added?
This is state-run AP and they are not even curious?  Explanation?
Politico and others in Drive-by Media are trying to link Eric Massa to me.  ((Montage:  Rush Limbaugh was talking him up . . .  offering to help him make his case to the public.))   I'm no champion of his.   He's not one of us.  He is further Left than the Senate bill.
I'm pointing out fractures in the Democrat Party.  Further, he was a 'no' vote against Obama Agenda.  He stood by John Murtha in besmirching the troops.  Michelle Malkin pointed it out to me.  Anybody who embraces this guy [is nuts] and it may be other Democrats, but it isn't me.
I wouldn't look for Dan Rather to be guest on Chris Matthew's show soon.
[Paul Shanklin parody, very funny, of their green-room conversation.]
If doctors are not permitted to opt out of gov't service;   and if they are not permitted to start their own practice;  I will be treated in Costa Rica when needed.  That started a firestorm in DbM, in a tizzy between Eric Massa and ObamaCare.
>>> US Doctors go to Costa Rica when they are dissatisfied enough.
Seg#2:  Rush cautions those that believe Eric Massa is a good guy
Democrats say they are adding part-time workers in calculation small business employment for benefits and penalties.  To what are they adding provisions?  It can't be the Senate version.  They are adding it to something else;  and it is not being voted on [Republicans excluded per usual.]
We have a legitimate kook who says he won't go quietly.  I think it is a rope-a-dope and anybody embracing Eric Massa is in for big embarrassment.  He was part of the Phony-Soldier-Reid-Letter.
At the end of the day we got $4.2million on eBay for the Senate Letter,
for the Marine and Law Enforcement [killed in honor] children college fund.
I hadn't heard of Eric Massa because he only ran for office last year. 
After it was over, Senator Harry "Dingy" Reid tried to take the credit.
Massa is against the Stupak Amendment;  he is for Single-Payer;   he is a loose cannon and risk to support.  ((Clip-Massa: Rush Limbaugh called them 'phony soldiers' never serving in the military. Etc.))  ((Clip-Massa:  Rush, you are a bully . . .  You want to go against Senator Reid . . . you want to support the failed policies of Bush . . .  you are a pompous coward  . . .  I'll go on your show any day and punch you out.))  I'll meet you in the shower.
>>> Eric Massa was trying to score points in his political campaign.
Rush suspects evil-forces are using 'rope-a-dope' so don't be the dummy.
Seg#3:  Rush exposes the possible 'rope-a-dope' / YouTube jumps in
Back in 2007, Jesse McBeth was sentenced to prison for poising as a vet when he never served.  Massa, new conservative hero?   I have done more to teach about Massa in the last five minutes than Massa ever did for himself.  He is a kook and an idiot. http://massa.house.gov/
He wanted to go national and now he has    as a certified kook.
George (webmaster), go do a total archive search to see if I ever mentioned Eric Massa before on this show. DbM puny effort to go against EIB is like trying to sink a battleship with bb-guns.   
((Clip-Massa-ad:  Together, we are going to clean up ethics in Washington.))
Client#9 Eric Spitzer supported Eliot Massa.   Massa is Leftist-Liberal.
These guys are Democrats first and are out looking for something personal on Bart Stupak www.house.gov/stupak/ Just remember, Stupak is also a Democrat first.  It is not a shock that he resumes talks and says prospects are good.
The Catholic Church has many factions, I know, and it probably took them five seconds to find someone who supports ObamaCare over abortion $$ restrictions.
>>   >>   >>      This is like reading the stitches on a fastball.
Seg#4:  Rush production team is able to search entire archive
In all our archive, (only on October 20, 2009), we played one sound-byte of Eric Massa and there was no mention of Eric Massa during the Phony Soldier episode.
Caller-SC: It is worse than Madoff. It they get hands on money stream . . .
>>> We are talking about $2.5TRILLION dollars in gov't Medicare/etc.
Seg#5:  We'll be talking to the "Architect" Karl Rove in the next hour.
> >  Democrats are attacking McCain in AZ — I thought them friends.
Seg#6:  Karl Rove answers questions about his new book and more
(Theme Music) We welcome to the show, Karl Rove (who has a new book).
Courage and Consequence    My Life as a Conservative in the Fight
Rush:  How did you deal with Matt Lauer, flipping out?
Rove:  One chapter quotes Democrats going against Hussein before Bush.
Rush:  That was also in 1998 when Clinton was leading the charge.
Rove:  Algore made that statement in CA "WMD throughout Iraq". 
Rush:  In your book you say you didn't reply at the time.
Rove:  In 2003 I should have sounded the warning; (busy w/campaign).
[ED: Moreover, secretly, to not embarrass Russia and France.]
Rush:  DNC had not gotten over "an election being stolen in FL".
Rove:  Democrats knew better than it was a giant conspiracy (Kennedy).
Rush:  You tried to work with Democrats;  they tried to destroy you.
Rove:  President Bush had to represent the office. Alito was harangued.
Rush:  If Kennedy did this w/Bork, why were you surprised on Alito?
Rove:  Ted Kennedy said Samuel Alito was against the American people.
>>> We'll be back with Karl Rove in a minute, on his new book.
Seg#7:  More extremely interesting insights from Karl Rove
Karl Rove's book is out today.  [Read more: www.RushLimbaugh.com ]
Rush:  What most surprised you w/running USA from Oval Office?
Rove:  It is an extraordinary place; you are not history, you are a part.
Rush:  One-on-one, Bush is a dynamo; where was that at the podium?
Rove:  I don't know; extraordinary recall; winning personal manner.  Yet . . .
Rush:  Were you shocked when they came after you [PlameGate] ?
Rove:  Media was so spun up w/me, then disappointed when not me.
Rush:  So it was Richard Armitage from the start, DbM knew that.
Rove:  I had no vulnerability; readers will be shocked what stopped them.
>>> Hold that thought (on Rove lawyer talking to P.Fitzgerald).
On the eve of 'indictment of Rove' the special prosecutor switched.
Seg#8:  More extremely interesting insights from Karl Rove
Rush:  You were about to say why Patrick Fitzgerald didn't indict you.
Rove:  It was not over Valerie Plame and Joe Wilson directly.  Read it.
Rush:  All this time he knew Armitage was the leaker.
Rove:  He also knew what I said to Charles Krauthammer. W-Post [bad].
Rush:  You, as a Conservative were a target;  Scooter Libby paid the price.
Rove:  Yes, five charges of lying. It's in the book: Powell's weird opinion.
Rush:  In modern times, has it ever been this partisan?
Rove:  POTUS is tone-deaf. His is not as represented. Shocking.
Rush:  Democrats want Republicans to cave — how does it work?
Rove:  Energy Bill was bipartisan.  22 applications for nuclear plants.
Rush:  Why not just go out and defeat big-government Democrats?
Rove:  Working with them has far-reaching [potential] for companies.
>>>>>      That's if there are companies left in America.
Interesting tidbits will be in the transcript at www.RushLimbaugh.com
Seg#9:  More extremely interesting insights from Karl Rove
The big question right now is about ObamaCare and 'reconciliation'.
Rush:  My contention is there will be no 'reconciliation' it will be passed as is.
Rove:  Nancy Pelosi has a lot of power in the House.  Promises made.
Rush:  And she has a lot of Porkulus money to spread around.
Rove:  What happens if some House members can hold out?
Rush:  You've met Obama, how many times?   [Senator visiting WH]
Rove:  We would hang and talk, he has charm, he holds  back.
Rush:  Whether he is smart or not, he is dangerous.  Cowboy it up?
Rove:  His worldview is wrong, Liberal, not 'Centrist'. At heart: it is dishonest.
Rush:  Obama is just Ted Kennedy Jr, the last Kennedy in Camelot.
>>> Karl Rove:  Thank you Rush, talk to you soon.
Segment#10:  Howard Dean talks about SEIU striking in NYC.
S#11: Democrat Dennis Kusinic  /  Hayworth vs McCain  /  Rubio vs Crist
(Music) Greetings, my friends, welcome back.  I promise we will take your calls.  Snerdley, they have been on hold for two hours.  Dennis Kusinic confirms his 'NO' vote in the House.   ((Clip-Kusinic:  This bill is not single-payer and doesn't get the job done.  If what I said sounded like 'no' you are correct.)) 
The single most powerful insurer in America is Obama, CEO, denying Medicare claims, far more than private insurance companies. Would anyone put up with Obama as CEO in the private sector?  The so-called 'benefits' don't kick in for four years.  That was so CBO (Congressional Budget Office) could score it under a trillion dollars. 
J.D.Hayworth runs against McCain in AZ;  and Charlie Crist is losing in polling to Marco Rubio  ((Clip-Crist:  He had a $250 haircut for a back-wax.  I get my haircut for eleven bucks, that's real fiscal conservatism.))  He is John Edwards.
In AZ, Hayworth calls McCain a rich hypocrite because he has healthcare but wants everyone else to have a lower denominator. 
> >  Rove respected Ted Kennedy; but I didn't respect him for anything.
Seg#12:  How long will it take for Porkulus money to buy House votes?
Climate Industry is a job loser, California studied it.  There is a hotly contested race coming in November for governor.  Going green loses jobs and raises prices.
Nancy Pelosi said, "We have to pass the bill, so that you can find out what is in it, out of the 'fog-of-controversy'."   It's what she said.
Caller-KY:  This Adm is an embarrassment, flipping Democrats.
        What is apparent is:  they do not have the House votes.   Supak notes there is no bill.  Jay Cost of Real Clear Politics has them at one or two votes shy.
Caller:  Yes, Massa is a kook.  He is against free trade but votes differently.
        As he speaks against Rahm Emmanuel he shows he is not all together.  The stories we hear about Democrats and kooky talk/votes are leagon.  All we have to know is that we have to defeat the.  Obama doesn't care that he is botching foreign policy with Iran.    Have you kept track of nations joining us against Iran?  How successful have the first three rounds been?  Not successful at all. 
It may be time for new thinking from Heritage Foundation.
They now have 600,000 members. Our show promoted that.
AskHeritage.org makes more sense than Sec.Clinton in S.America.
Barack Obama is the least knowledgeable in any room on any topic.
>>> And POTUS Obama brings a rapper to the White House.
Seg#13:  Will Liberal sportswriters side with Obama or 60million anglers
The sports media is as media as the DbM so-called 'main stream'.  What will they say about restrictions on fishing?  It is about to become a privelege for the wealthy.  I fished the first time as an adult with the Dr Rev Ken Hutchinson and Paul Westfall who won a trip fishing.  I caught a salmon but a larger fish gobbled it up. 
Sea Lions are going to be prosecuted, reading them Miranda rights.
Obama wants to curb 60million anglers.  Liberal sports pundits will be perplexed.  I bet they will come out against fishing as inhumane, and long overdue.
Caller-Tampa: Get rid of state-specific policies (they buy low and crash high.)
          So you have to pay $25,000 due to NYC mandate for their drivers?   Obama says you are [satire-word] America and have to stop it.   Snerdley, she is not mean-spirited — she is dealing with NYC.   Jennifer, I can tell you are aggravated.
> If you see NYC/drivers are hard to deal with, wait till NJ files w/you.
Seg#14:  Rush Limbaugh coins "Democrat-In-Name-Only, DINO"
I am in such hot water here from those in New Zealand.  I said I would go to Costa Rica for major healthcare.  I had said if things got too bad I would move to New Zealand.  We are not there yet and will tell you when we are.
Spectrum will increase broadband service under the eye of FCC.  They are going to give it away even though your grandchildren don't have the money.
Independents are running as fast as they can away from Obama (November).
Larry King asks Jesse Ventura about the Tea Parties and Conservatives  ((Clip-Ventura:  Rush Limbaugh got treated in Hawaii and praised it.))   It was a private hospital and I paid for it myself.   It was not single-payer government care.
Caller-NY: Will Gov Patterson appoint a Republican for revenge? [Massa]
        Interesting.  Or a DINO?   Democrat-in-name-only?
>>> Wouldn't it be interesting if he appointed  Harold Ford?
Rush coins a new term:  "DINO".   Mark it down.
Segment#15:  Red Wine may help waistline of women.
There has to be another reason besides just the wine.
Closing:   Maureen Dowd is happy with white wine?
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From the Rush Limbaugh Morning Update: "The Problem"
   Over the weekend, the Washington Post warned the Democrats that their "ethical lapses" might cost them majorities come November. This followed the resignation of New York Congressman Eric Massa, under investigation for sexually harassing a male staffer, and Charlie Rangel, stepping down from Ways and Means under the weight of his scandals. The steady drip of Democrat corruption stories puts the lie to Pelosi's promise to "run the most ethical Congress in history" and Democrats' promise to "drain the swamp" in Washington.
   I mean, look. This is the party that ruthlessly imposes higher taxes on play-by-the-rules Americans -- while elevating tax cheats to run the treasury and write tax laws. While claiming to champion education, they strip funding that allowed impoverished minority kids to access the same school Obama's kids attend. Democrats support giving Miranda rights to a terrorist who attempted to bomb an airliner on Christmas Day while they court marshal Navy Seals because a terrorist got a bloody lip while resisting capture.
   Democrat political appointees routinely bash free enterprise, insult religious groups, and criticize their own country. The president uses vitriol to bash American businesses on one hand while begging for campaign donations on the other. The Democrats refuse to admit manmade global warming is a hoax in order to raise taxes and control more industry. And they are still trying to impose their health care takeover against the will of the American people.
   The problem for Democrats is they have no "moral" authority because the liberalism has no moral underpinnings. The Democrat Party today is just a growing gulag!
Read the Background Material on the Morning Update...
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Quote Gems from Rush Limbaugh dot com:
"What's happened since Obama took over?  Everything is going to hell in a handbasket, and we're running out of handbaskets." 
"The F-word popularized by me when nobody else had the courage, gonads, and guts to say it, is now popping up everywhere across the political spectrum, as it relates to Obama."
"It was breathtaking, another Obama speech on health care.  No, it was not the same.  There were even more lies in this one. You would think that the insurance companies are causing the earthquakes."
"What a dull and boring Oscar ceremony last night.  There wasn't any controversy, no anti-Bush jokes, no anti-Republican comments, no anti-me comments.  It was dull and it was boring and it went 30 minutes long."
"How much have taxes gone up since the Democrats controlled Congress?  That's in 2007 when they took office.  How much has the deficit gone up since Obama was elected?  How much has home ownership gone down since Obama has been president?  And now he's going to use that same magic touch on health care.  It's just absurd to put this man in charge of any more of the vital organs of this country."
"Obama can scream about unfairness all he wants, but how fair is it to drive private sector jobs into the dirt and destroy small businesses or destroy home ownership?"
"Obama's out there representing us as though we're all getting screwed by these big, bad insurance companies.  We're getting screwed by incompetent leadership in Washington." 
"If the House passes the Senate bill, that's ball game, there is not going to be reconciliation.  There isn't time."
"Why would you buy automobile insurance if you didn't have to have it until a wreck happened?  You wouldn't, would you?"
"What Obama does not explain to us and has no intention of explaining to us, is how he intends to make government run health care different than all the rest of the federal government."
"For those of you Medicare, Medicaid, VA people:  Anybody ever denied you a procedure, test, medical device, medicine?  Or do you get everything you want when you want it in whatever quantity you want?  It seems to me I hear constant complaining."
"The biggest denier of medical insurance claims is Obama's insurance company, Medicare."
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March 9, 2010 Posted by Paul at 1:09 PM
   Politico reports that Steny Hoyer has "rebuffed" the White House on its March 18 deadline for a vote in the House on the Senate's health care bill. "None of us has mentioned the 18th, other than Mr. Gibbs," Hoyer said.
    Hoyer explained that the disagreement about the aborion issue within the Democratic caucus "has to be resolved" before there can be a vote. In other words, unless this issue is resolved, there is no chance of passing the Senate bill. And there will be no vote unless the Dems can win it.
    As to resolving the dispute, Hoyer said he has talked to Rep. Stupak about the issue. According to Hoyer, however, the conversation was brief and did not get into "substance."
    For his part, Stupak says he's "more optimistic" than he was a week ago about resolving the matter. I think he's saying that the White House should continue to court him, which it has every incentive to do in any event.
By Michelle Malkin  •  March 9, 2010 05:10 AM
Conflicting signs on pro-life Democrat Rep. Bart Stupak's stance on Obamacare negotiations:
Plus: At a town hall meeting last night, he told constituents that the briber-in-chief had invited him to the president's box to watch a Russian opera performance. Stupak said he turned down the invite.
Minus: He told an AP reporter in between meetings yesterday that he's growing "more optimistic" that he can cut a deal on government abortion funding in the bill that will make him happy.
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BusinessWeek - Susanna Ray, Andrea Rothman - ‎2 hours ago‎
March 9 (Bloomberg) -- Northrop Grumman Corp.'s decision to forgo bidding on the US Air Force's $35 billion refueling tanker program, leaving Boeing Co in.
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BONUS:  Learned from Sean Hannity    (radio)
Is Eric Massa is caving right now;  how many times will you be fooled?
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