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Your Rush ECHO for Tuesday 10-28-2010

  NOTES on Rush: Quick Quotes Tuesday, Sept 28, 2010

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From the "Rush In a Hurry" eMail note: 
Rush In a Hurry    Tuesday September 28, 2010
Obama Lectures His Voters as White House Aides Abandon Ship
Bam to libs: Buck up. (Rush 24/7 Members: Listen)
Why Are Democrats Spending Money to Beat Christine O'Donnell?
She's a sure loser, right? (Rush 24/7 Members: Listen)
Transcript, Video:  Rush "On the Record" with Greta  [See web]
"People often tell me what a great interviewer they think Greta Van Susteren is. Why do you think they say that? She asks a question and she lets the guest answer it." -Rush
"Rudy Giuliani was right to laugh at Obama during the Republican convention thinking that 'community organizer' somehow qualified him to be president. We now know quite obviously that it does not." -Rush
Gail: An "Independent" Who Was Seduced by Barack Obama in 2008
Fascinating call from a conservative who couldn't vote for McCain. (Rush 24/7 Members: Listen)
Listen to Ernie in Harlem, GOP
Elitist Republicans should hear this call on Sarah Palin.
(Rush 24/7 Members: Listen)
Is the Fed Pumping Up the Market? Wall Streeters buzz about Bernanke.
Do Libs Know What's Happening?
There's an earthquake coming. We're getting the first tremors out there now.

Obamacare Must Be Repealed

As planned, insurance companies are dropping coverage.
» Boston Globe:  Harvard Pilgrim Cancels Medicare Advantage Plan
» NRO:  The Anatomy of a Hostile Government Takeover
Rush's Stack of Stuff Quick Hits Page...
» Dems to Pass 20 Lame Duck Bills?
» First Lady Puts Lawmakers in Evil Thigh Squeeze
» Kaine: No Slight in Feingold Skipping Obama Rally
» SEIU's Andy Stern Under Investigation by FBI
» Rahm Emanuel Thinks He Has a Squatter Living in His Chicago Crib

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From "Rush Gem Quotes" via web:
"People often tell me what a great interviewer they think Greta Van Susteren is. Why do you think they say that? She asks a question and she lets the guest answer it."
"So the same guy who has taken at least eight vacations in the last year is calling his own voters lethargic. Yes, Barack Hussein Imam Obama, trying to buck up the Democrat base by telling them they're lethargic. Okay."
"Let me make sure I read this correctly: 'A bill to provide healthful school lunches for low-income children.' Don't we have about 25 of those already?" 
"So Emanuel's leaving town, Axelrod's leaving town, Romer's leaving town, Orszag's not only leaving town, but getting married, and Summers' leaving town. The only person left is Geithner, and nobody likes him." 
"Getting health care coverage after you are sick -- that is, with a preexisting condition -- is not insurance, it is welfare. This whole preexisting condition stuff has always been a joke."
"I don't think I'll be invited to election night coverage on any of the newscasts. Well, I wouldn't do it anyway. I have a party to host."
"'Making change happen is hard,' Obama said. No, it's not! It's easy as pie! We have seen how easy it is for you to destroy the American private sector. I mean, it's been a year and a half -- it hasn't taken that much."
"Rahm Emanuel wants to move back into his house, but somebody's renting it and won't move out? Can you imagine the F-bombs be tossed around here?"
"Hey, Axelrod? Instead of skating out of town, you need to take credit for all that you and your boss and your party have done. You need to take credit for destroying the American health care system, job creation, and home ownership."  
"Sarah Palin is our Xenia Onatopp."
"There's no doubt that the Fed is printing money; what else are they going to do to cover all this debt? They're making it easy."
"Well, I found out that Hank Haney is not mad at me; he's just partially mad at me. Sorry, folks: I just can't help stirring it up. You tell me to stick to the issues, and I'm going to talk about golf." 
"FDR, LBJ, and Obama had huge Democrat majorities. How many more experiments of this sort do we need to prove what a failure they are?" 
"The regime is learning here that government does not create wealth. Government cannot create wealth. All government can do is confiscate it."
"Do you remember how Rahm Emanuel, when these clowns first got to Washington, said that a crisis is a terrible thing to waste? And now what's Rahm Emanuel saying? He's saying, 'A crisis is a great thing to escape from -- I'm getting back to Chicago!'" 
"The administration also thought they'd be able to shut me up. That failed, too."
"At heart, Obama resents voters. I know he has this need to be loved and adored as the supreme leader, but at the end of the day, the ruling class resents that they even have to subject themselves to elections." 
"Let's live very briefly in a moment where McCain had been elected. Does anybody think we would be in this much debt? Well, I don't know. I'm just asking."
"Why are the Democrats in the Senate spending so much money on negative ads against Christine O'Donnell if she's such a sure, certain loser? Can the Republican ruling class explain this to me?" 
"Rudy Giuliani was right to laugh at Obama during the Republican convention thinking that 'community organizer' somehow qualified him to be president. We now know quite obviously that it does not."
"I mean this, folks: it's always a thrill and a delight to know that you're out there -- and I know it's the same for you knowing that I'm here." 
"I know people who were fooled by John Edwards, who couldn't believe what kind of guy he turned out to be, whereas I was not surprised. Well, he's a liberal, a Democrat, and to me, they all lie." 
"I've always thought moderates are just liberals who don't have the guts to say so, and I stand by that."
"Obama can go to all the college campi all he wants, and he can try to rev up the youth vote all he wants, but it isn't going to matter -- who he's lost are the independents." 
"Hey, try this as a new definition of a moderate: A moderate is what you get when you cross a Democrat with a human being -- and that's being charitable." 
"Obama was out selling a new beginning, and, of course, you and I know that there's been nothing new since Genesis, and it certainly isn't Obama." 
"There are people who get rich during times like this (the short sellers), and there are people who get rich during boom times, so the idea that people on Main Street are in sad shape because Wall Street's in good shape is typical, Democrat, leftist drivel."
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From the "Rush Morning Update":         "Rebranders"
Hey, here's a news story that brings back memories from the Clinton era of fraud and deceit, the Raw Deal. For Democrats, those were the heady years: their pals in the State-Controlled Media praised the virtues of lying, insisting that lies served the greater good. Democrat politicians were in awe, praising Bill Clinton for being "an exceptionally good liar."
Well, this week AP ran a story about other liars in politics. Nevada Congresswoman Dina Titus, for instance, is described as a "loyal soldier" who voted for the total Democrat agenda, including Obamacare and higher energy taxes. But she is campaigning as an "independent" Democrat who bucked her party every step of the way.
She's got plenty of company. Scores of other liberal Democrats, in every region of the country, are now running as so-called rebranders. Their campaigns are designed to convince gullible voters back home that for the last two years, they've been trying to fend off the Reid-Pelosi-Obama agenda in Washington -- when, in fact, they've been carrying Obama's water without spilling a drop.
Whatever trendy name the liberals give it, like "rebranding", the facts are these: Democrats are exceptionally good professional liars, but lying is not virtuous now -- and it never was -- and Americans want truth. And they want jobs. And they want prosperity. 
So don't bother trying to pick and choose among Democrats. If there is a "D" next to their name, fire 'em! You can have Obama and the Democrats, or you can have America -- but you cannot have both! 
Peanut gallery: Mighty change is in the wind. Be part of positive change.
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Your Rush ECHO for Tuesday 10-28-2010
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