Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Your Rush ECHO for Tuesday 11-16-2010

Your Rush Limbaugh Echo for Tuesday, 11/16/10
Student NOTES from Institute seniors, not 'official'
Opening:   Guilty of 11 of 13 Rangel ethics counts.
Seg#1:  Rangel ethics   /   Food insecurity   /   EU   /   World   /   Obama
He is an embarrassment to the Democrat Party because he got caught: you are not supposed to get caught if you are a Democrat.  Will it be a resume enhancement?
"Food insecurity" is the highest since tracked starting 15 years ago.  It's not the food that is insecure, but people having difficulty feeding one or more of their members.  I'm just reading this for the first time.
Three food government measures have proven failures.  If Obama had just listened to me on how to stimulate the Economy, things would be different.
Ireland is on the brink;  Greece, and Portugal;   ChiComs may impose price controls.  Nobody knows where this is headed.  Our POTUS Adm is not taking steps to weather the coming storm.  It is not reported but there is major food shortage in China. 
The UN tries to help Haiti with their cholera.  Dow Jones is below 11,000 now.  China is fighting their inflation and that has a ripple effect.  So far QE2 has had the opposite effect: it is an absolute mess.  Obama will stop in and visit America for a few days between Europe and Asia. 
AK Lisa Murkowski with perky Katie Couric ((Clip-Murkowski:  I am not one that wants Obama to fail.  If he does well then America does well.  We have to stop sitting around the table talking but do something.))  I would trade Lisa Murkowski to Democrats for Heath Schuler and gain IQ points.  Lisa, Obama IS doing well.  He wants to dismantle America and is succeeding.   What the Hell was this election if it wasn't blocking Obama?  Holy Smokes. 
WICK, Food Stamps, School lunches  ((Reading: 18% more are participating and food insecurity is still rising.))  How do you even calculate hunger?  Everybody on a diet is hungry.  Are we morbidly obese, fat slobs, needing Mrs Obama to save us, or we are hungry?   You can't have it both ways.
Single-parent homes are more food insecure than two-parent homes.  Liberals never address that problem.  Why is that?  Liberals want to give more to single-parent homes and thus encourage more welfare dependence. 
>>> The government has taken over the role of Father and Husband.
Segment#2:     Democrats are unsettled and unsettling
We see people plotting in the Democrat Party to get Obama out of the way.  Politico and others cite 'un-named' Democrat sources.  Something is going on.  There is a push to get rid of some who hold jobs installed by Pelosi.  The 42-member Congressional Black Caucus wants to make sure the job created for Clyburn is not a 'token' position.   Steny Hoyer got the #2 position Clyburn wanted.
>>> Everyone knows of the friction between Clintons and Obamas.
George Miller, Laura DeLora and Louise Slaughter are among the Pelosi cronies.
Seg#3:  Teleprompter and POTUS didn't deliver the euphoria
Contrast that Charles Rangel is a slam-dunk hearing against him.  The Black Caucus is taking hits and the President can't even stay in town. 
You knew that sooner-or-later a naked scan would be on YouTube.  Will you be able to tell who had an abortion?  What about breast implants?  Can you buy pictures on the black market?  If a man needs to be circumcised you can tell.  There already has been a fistfight when a man 'not greatly endowed' was made fun of at his office.
If this scan program reveals abortions it will be shut down quickly by Liberals.
((Clip: What about the promise to not have lobbyists in the White House?))   Richard Wolf is an Obama apologist.  His book reveals a lot. 
Sean Hannity said Obama advisors do not like taking back economic news because he gets upset.  Holy Smokes, I see him smiling and offering himself as the solution.  Why are Democrats so unhappy?  They are getting everything they want, 70% of it.    Reason is that it didn't bring the euphoria they thought it would. 
((Clip-British-accent-Richard-Wolf:  Obama has a foot in both camps and the Primary sets up for what happens next.))  He dumps on the Clintons and he is being used.  This WH was Hillary's.  It was automatic until the articulate Black guy showed up.  She was ordained.  There are daggers out in both directions.
I don't know Doug Shoen, I'm sure he is a fine guy.  He was a high-ranking Clinton pollster, now at FoxNews.  Today he says that the Democrat Party is not getting it.  My instincts say the far-Left bunch want Progressivism but they do not want to get shellacked. Some were willing but most were not ready to pay this kind of price:  Governorships and losing the House.
You contrast where they wanted to go and results, and one guy
>>> didn't hold up his end of the bargain:  Barack Obama.
Segment#4:  We have not heard the last of this full-body-scan flap
Caller-SD:   iPhone went viral on Internet.  We say, "inner-thigh check" and not "groin check".  We delete the image immediately, viewed in a different room.  It is not tillilating but like something out of Terminator.
>>   >>    That's you, but what about other people?
S#5:  Gizmoto finds 100 Atlanta photos, released with heads covered.
>   >   >        There is probably a reason they care named Gawkers.
Seg#6:  Make no 'compromise' with those willing to destroy America
(Theme Music) Snerdley seems to be in a good mood today.  I scan subject lines on the subscriber eMail list.  Where was NFL football player Mike Vick 18 months ago?  He lost everything and went to prison.  He was burning with desire to get it all back.  He reflected on his life and is now a totally changed person.  Pre-game spitting and taunting to Eagles players?  After un-choice words by the Redskins, the Eagles said they were fired up and were like a bunch of pitbulls.  Even the dogs were cheering for Vick, a Tweet said, now taken off. 
Agents break the news of amount of contracts:  $40million including perks, and ESPN runs with it.  Now it is learned that the actual contract is $3million plus, guaranteed.  What will ESPN do now it is shown they were wrong? 
From Hill.com we read Democrats pressure Obama to get tougher with Republicans so they can win Independents in 2012.  Let's examine.  He didn't go far-Left enough?  What did the Independents do?  They ran away from Leftist Obama.   They had no idea that was what they were voting for.  It is insane to say that going even further left is what will bring in Independents.  Adam Green wants to go further left.
You people on the Left really are certifiable.  If we elected a Conservative who accomplished 70% of our Agenda, we would be ecstatic.  How you can be unhappy amazes us, except for the fact you are always miserable.
You have taken over auto companies;  banks;   Obamacare;  Porkulus.
And Motor Trend magazine calls the Volt the car of the year, selling but a few.
Obama gets 70% and you Leftists are mad he doesn't move faster.  It just shows that Leftists will never be happy until they take over America.  What you also see is they lie.  This is a great Conservative opportunity! 
>>> It makes no sense to 'compromise';  Leftists need to be defeated.
Seg#7:  Sarah Palin breaks viewership record of Learning Channel
TLC, Learning Channel, had Sarah Palin series breaking their record.  It is more than any cable channel except for special events.  5,000,000 viewed it and people will hate her even more.
AK Lisa Murkowski  ((Clip:  She does not have intellectual curiosity.  I don't think she enjoyed governing in Alaska.))  She has enough intellectual curiosity to figure out that Obama is destroying America. 
Compare anything Sarah Palin says to this:  ((Clip-Murkowski:  I do not want Obama to fail.  If he succeeds, then America succeeds.  [Etc.]))  How brilliant is that?
Caller-gal:   Scanning at airports?  I have answers.  I raised football players.  If an adult is wearing whitie-tighties, then junk is held up. 
            What about abortions?
Caller-still:   Miscarriage would appear similar to one w/abortion w/cleaning.
            That will be comforting to many of that persuasion.  Look what you learn.
> What will they do if they find jewelry-piercing down there?
Segment#8:       Leftist Lunatics are Stupid Simpletons
Caller:  People take advantage of Welfare and spend on wrong things.
        Big Government deprives people of initiative.  It is a swindle.
Caller-MO: Left is in the position Conservatives were, not getting everything.
        Where is Obama compromising? 
Caller-still:   Bush compromised on Education, and Amnesty.
          Bush gave them Medicare Part B.  Obama should get in their face.
Obama's base was never that big;  the people he loses are the people he lied to.  His base is academia, media, and the Black Caucus of Congress.
>>> You can't compromise with lunatics.  To boot, they are not smart.
Segment#9:     Nancy Pelosi backed Murtha over Hoyer.
START Treaty?   Are we back in the 1970s?  Ask Heritage.  There is absolutely no reason to have a nuke treaty with the Russians — they lie and never keep promises/treaties. It is another reason [hippies] should be happy w/Obama.
Caller-WA:  You are putting pressure on my marriage.  Since I took early retirement my wife cannot call me when your show is on.  She handles rental properties near Martha's Vineyard. 
           If she is a 'Liberal' you should be happy to listen here instead.
Caller-still: Jim Clyburn, how did he become Majority whip? Won 30 seats for the Democrats.
          So Pelosi put in Jim Clyburn over Rahm Emmanuel.  Pelosi backed Murtha over Hoyer.
Over in the Senate, Reid has created a position for the 'rich Jewish guy'.
>>> You need a scorecard to keep track of everything being said.
S#10: Dingy gave for new position for Chuck-U Schumer :: hilarious.
Seg#11: Rush Limbaugh shows where Colin Powell is very wrong
(Music) Politico reports Dingy Harry Reid wants to hand Chuck-U Schumer a role to handle Messaging.  He wants a coordinated nucleus for press releases.  How could they possibly lie better?  Chuck-U can lie better?  Democrats reward loyalty?  It is almost as funny as what they consider 'loyalty'.
Durbin and Schumer wanted Dingy Harry's gig if he lost in NV.  Now Dingy wants to keep his enemy close to keep an eye on him.  Or you could say Schumer needs to toe the line of Dingy Harry.  Schumer has to say "Yes" and join the Dingy Team.
Larry King hosted ((Clip-General-Powell:  Someone who believes in a strong defense policy, low taxes, small government.   But a moderate Republican is also open to [Amnesty] and those not doing as well as the rest of us.))  So someone who is down for the struggle.  That is 'elite-speak' using code words:   "Clearly, Larry…" 
Next, Larry King asks him about Tea Party  ((Clip-Powell:  I thought it would be a passing fad.  They are concerned about the future of the country.))  Translated: they poise a threat to us in the Ruling Class.  
Only 26% of the people in the Politico Poll think Obama will be reelected.   And 77% think Tea Party candidates will not be able to bring change to DC. ((Clip Schoen:  The stature of Sarah Palin has increased;  Republican Party is out of touch.))
((Clip-Powell:  Some of the things Tea Party talks about are unachievable.  What service are you not going to provide?  You have to eliminate things.))  A 10% across the board would do it.  This is a straw-dog argument. 
Because of baseline budgeting, a freeze would be a HUGE reduction. 
>>> You've got to cut spending because we don't have the revenue.
Seg#12:  What about the shenanigans of Democrat womanizers?
Senior Editor of Politico says new members of Congress, even ugly ones, will find woman in DC wanting to hit on them.  What about this?  Who knew?  What about our attractive Republican women?
>>> Will Politico track ugly Republican men to rat them out?
Seg#13:  Rush Limbaugh cares about America and not just himself
Politics is 'show business' for the ugly.   We tell spies to not be seduced by the good looking women in Russia.  You ugly freshman look out for press showering you with attention because it isn't real.  Who knew?
Caller: Hunger issue in Seattle, harassed to get into the lunch program.  There is no way they all need it, just to avoid providing a lunch.  They want to sell their EBG cards after the program starts.  I went back to school in programming web dev and we don't want a handout from the State. 
         It is good to not run around looking for benefits.  Good for you!
We saw England hippies rioting because their tuition was going up.  eMail said, "Why do you care?"  I care about USA, not just me.  It is our country we are talking about here.  Will we survive as we have known America?  I want everyone to have the same chance to succeed. 
Humanity is being robbed to tell people they are dependent. It offends!  We only get one life and what a blessing to be in America.  It tears at my heart to see this.  It bothers me to see the unused and wasted opportunity and talent.  Then I see a president going overseas telling them USA will never again lead the world.
They have been born into this mentality:  life is unfair because there are Republicans and so Democrats have to give us Big Government.  No, they do not love you as much as you seek your own opportunity.  You are a statistic to them. 
The more independent you become, the bigger threat you are to them.  Think back to the teachers that demanded more.   Liberals do not want to get the best out of you because they believe it doesn't exist.  You are to be managed and propagandized to vote the right way every two years. 
It is like thousands showing up in Michigan to get a voucher.  Liberal Democrats look at it as a measure of success and it is the exact opposite.  That is the reason I care so much about it.  Look around the world to see people escaping to come here.
It ought to make people wake up —  but no, Democrats want Illegals.
>>> Democrats make people dependent, never caring about them.
Seg#14:  San Joaquin Valley farmers begged for water
Are there even four incoming new Democrats?   Do you think anyone hit on Henry Waxman?  I know of the fear you have of losing computer pictures.  Fear it before it happens and get Carbonite.com and use the code 'Rush'.  Backup offsite.
Caller-CA: In San Joaquin Valley they begged for water and Boxer saved the salamander instead.  They put crops in our gasoline tanks.
>>> Illegals coming here because of food prices skyrocketing.
We put their crops into our car gas tanks.
Seg#15:  Open-Line-Friday tomorrow on Wednesday.
Closing:   Mark Steyn will be here Thursday & Friday. [Plan ahead!]
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From the Rush Limbaugh Morning Update: "Soul Searching"
While Obama was in Asia, getting sand thrown in his face by the South Koreans, his staff has been busy. According to the Washington Post, most of his top aides stayed home, and have spent the past two weeks trying to figure out what went wrong in the November elections -- and they think they have the answers.
It wasn't just "poor messaging," which was the first excuse they rolled out. It was also, they say, their own failure to live up to the high expectations set by Obama's presidential campaign.
His aides have come up with a plan to get Soul Brother No. 1 -- Imam Obama -- back in the game. They have to win back independent voters. To do that, they're going to forge partnerships with Republicans on key issues. And they're going to make progress on changing the way Washington works. And they're going to try to make tangible improvements in the economy. (Yeah, one more time.) Obama and company realize they can't keep selling the excuse that things would have been worse, if not for their policies -- because nobody bought that.
Two weeks of soul-searching, and that's it? These guys still think their central problem is messaging or managing expectations. Obama governs like a hardcore liberal, and even after getting shellacked in the midterms, he's still talking like a hardcore liberal -- because he is a hardcore liberal. 
The country is not liberal, though, and that is why -- despite the all soul-searching -- he will continue to fail. Yes, I said it again.
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November 16, 2010 Posted by Paul at 9:11 AM
I haven't written about the Federal Reserve's QE2 program, a loosening of monetary policy for the purpose of stimulating the economy. The reason for my silence is straightforward --- I don't know whether QE2 is a good idea.
Initially, I was surprised by the vehemence with which Sarah Palin and other Republican politicians lashed out at the program. For it was not clear to me that these figures have a significantly better idea of the intricacies of monetary policy than I do.
Recently, however, conservative economists who do understand monetary policy have weighed in against QE2. In a post below, Scott points to an open letter to Ben Bernanke published in the Wall Street Journal and signed by prominent economists.
On the other hand, Ramesh Ponnuru has been reading economists who support QE2, and finds force in their arguments. Ponnuru cites David Beckwith, Scott Sumner, and Josh Hendrickson. He concludes:   ~~~   ~~~
~~~   ~~~   www.PowerLineBlog.com       
By Michelle Malkin  •  November 16, 2010 12:10 PM            Photo via NYPost
Wake up, Charlie.
Just in: "Harlem Rep. Charlie Rangel did break the rules and was convicted this morning of 11 of the 13 ethics violations leveled against him by a House panel. The decision came a day after the 80-year-old lawmaker and former chairman of the Ways and Means Committee walked out of the proceedings to protest his lack of a lawyer."
Devil is in the punishment details, of course.
Full House ethics committee will determine consequences. I know. Don't hold your breath.   ~~~   ~~~
Charlie's "angels" on the committee include Congressmen Ben Chandler of Kentucky, G.K. Butterfield of North Carolina and Peter Welch of Vermont. All have received donations from Rangel.
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