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Your Rush ECHO for Wednesday 1-5-2011

Your Rush Limbaugh Echo for Today, 1/5/11
Student NOTES from Institute freshmen, not 'official'
Opening:   They are going to do it — I like it .!.
Seg#1:  Obamacare and The Regime Agenda are unconstitutional
Republicans are going to read the Constitution on the floor of the Senate.  Look at it as a exorcism as Democrats get up and leave the chamber.  It's all ready the middle of the week.  ((Reading W-Post:  Renews debate over original intent of the Founding Fathers.))  News media is calling it a stunt when it is dead serious.
When was the last time that a bill of any substance was taken to repeal?  Prohibition? It is a birthday present to me to vote to repeal Obamacare on January 12th.  Everyone just assumes DbM knows what they talk about.  Dana Milbank writes and doesn't know how the Deficit will be affected by appealing Obamacare.  We were lied to before.  ((Reading: Republicans will expand the Deficit by repealing Obama healthcare.))  Is he stupid or caught up?
The Conservative Calvary coming to Congress is as historic as electing the first Black president and needs to be heralded as much as he was.  I watched cable TV and one Democrat after another was asked what they will do.  DbM will still treat Democrats as the 'powers that be' and Republicans as cockroaches. Don't expect their approval.
W-Post Jason Horowitz  ((Reading: Founders said, "Let there be a Constitution" and saw that it was good.  Etc.  Reading the Constitution on Wednesday will construe to some that it is the word of God.  They are reading it like it is a sacred text.))  This is great, quoting clowns.  ((Reading on: he has studied and memorized the Constitution like the Talmud.  It is total nonsense and propaganda to claim the Constitution for Republicans.  It was imperfect as shown by amendments to abolish slavery.))  No one is worshiping it, you fool.  We are rescuing it from people like you.
They read the Constitution and tell us it means the opposite of what it says.
((Montage of DbM:  Republican fetish for Constitution;   Need for a religious document.))  So much of Obama Agenda and Obamacare is unconstitutional.  So what if the Constitution is revered?  What threatens DbM/Democrats? 
((Clip-on:  The same people fetishizing the Constitution are falling over themselves to amend it.))  Democrats have ginned up the courts to do what they can't pass.  Those coming in now will swear to support the Constitution. 
>>> "It will be the first time some Senators have heard it."
Seg#2:  Abraham Lincoln spoke of those that pervert the Constitution
Fetish?   "Tea-bagger", Democrats say.  These are perverts perverting the Constitution.  Did Abraham have a 'fetish' for the Constitution?  "We the people . . .  over throw the people trying to pervert the Constitution.   . . .   It is the only safeguard of our Liberty." 
How many critical Democrats know that the first Thanksgiving was to give thanks, not to the Indians, but for the signing of the Constitution. 
>>> Democrats show us how much they fear the Constitution.
C-Span shows swearing in;  (they then sign the book and keep the pen).
Seg#3:  Activist judges are tools for progressive Liberals
Democrat advisors are dropping out of the sky like birds;  Robert Fibbs is not 'leaving' the WH, but will be working of reelection of Obama.
Here it is:   cats manipulate sickness when upset.  ((Reading))  I've learned a lot from my cat.  [Page wrinkling sounds, as Rush sometimes likes to do.]
((Reading other news items:   Scalia speaks out with bombastic Michelle Bachmann.))  So Liberal hacks are not noticed, but reading the Constitution does.  Anthony Scalia interprets the Constitution as best he can.  He accepts Congresswoman Bachmann's invitation to talk about separation of powers.  I love it when 'women-activists' (Femi-Nazis) are 'seething'. 
Scalia says that women and [homosexuals] are not automatically protected by the Constitution, but that it is up to the legislative branch.  "You don't need the Constitution to reflect the wishes of the people."   Nobody ever thought the 14th Amendment thought it covered sexual orientation.  (Same with 'death penalty' and 'abortion' which Congress can legislate, or not.)  The Left uses activist judges to get what they cannot legislate.   When it is time for Pelosi to give Boehner the gavel, I would love to see her refuse. 
They would need to ply the gavel from her hands.  "I refuse to give up the gavel to these perverts that want to deny SocSec and starve your kids."  She will say that in private. 
>>> When Princess Pelosi was sworn in, it was not a stunt
> > > > > >  to have five grandkids on the front row?
Seg#4:  Democrats look at the Constitution as a cumbersome fence
The former great Time magazine calls reading the Constitution, a mockery.  Democrats can only win by lying and changing the rules.  That is why they hate the Constitution, the mother of all law and rules. The Constitution tells Democrats what they can't do, and they hate that.
((Reading Boehner on turning down Reid saying "Don't even bother because we will not pass that in the Senate.))   Republican repeal will 'cost' $143billion.   All of this is predictable, proposing to raise the debt ceiling.  The last thing they care about is working together.
>>> Not even one syllable of Truth comes out of their mouths.
S#5:  Darrell Issa sends letters to 150 corporations & trade groups
Democrats are ticked off when Issa sends letters to corporations
to help him identify where gov't regulations are hindering hiring.
>>> No, we can't have him identifying where the problem lies.
Seg#6:  If Sarah Palin is 'stupid' then White House is double-stupid
(Theme Music) Hi. How You. He, he, he.  :-)   J   ;-)    I'm back and all is well.
As they worked to get Obamacare passed, strategists had Democrats drop the phrase, "it will lower the Deficit" because nobody believed it.  They were double-counting.  CBO estimates were made on new taxes being collected.  It was made up to give cover to Congress.  Even Pelosi said, "We have to pass it to find out what is in it."  They had to keep the cost under $1trillion to win PR battles.
Even the CBO admitted that the only way Obamacare would save money would be to make the cost of not joining very high. 
Democrats are upset about so many things, reading the Constitution;  Scalia speaking to congressmen;  etc.  Darrell Issa sent letters to identify restraints on recovery.  ((Reading: unconstrained gov't regulations by Czars.  Some Democrats want to support it, others do not and say it protects big business.)) 
When Democrats take 'listening tours', that is praised as listening to constituents.  Once again, Democrats hate the private sector. 
Last week, Democrats tried to sneak in Death Panels, once again, with "end of life discussions."  People got wind of it, Regime denied it, but pulled the requirement. Sarah Palin coined the term.  Clueless?  Whitehouse now says they will get rid of Death Panel discussions.  Showing, once again, how "stupid" Sarah Palin is, [NOT].   She coined the term in a Twitter comment.
>>> How can WH pull something that wasn't there in the first place?
Seg#7:  Even our youth recognize the greatness of our Constitution
[Where is the "Live Stream" from DittoCam today?]     [[Coming in now.]]
If you are going to have doctors talk to senior citizens when they are in the hospital, what are they going to say to them?   It is rationing!  Democrats can't wait for them to get out of the way for younger Democrat voters.  What kind of counseling is needed, politically?
Steny Hoyer offered his insights into Tea Party people  ((Reading: They have unhappy families.  Compromise is necessary to move forward.))  Just keep insulting the people that shellacked you.  They want 'compromise' only when they lose.
Caller: Arrogant Democrats?  They don't recognize the Creator and lie.
          They are not 'godless' — they just have gov't as god. 
Caller: They answer to us;  they don't want their work undone.
          They will be even more vindictive if in power again.
Caller-gal-14:  I am a Rush-babe. Constitution is what this country is.   Mockers couldn't mock without the freedoms we have.  What would we be without the Constitution?
          Exactly!   We would be like other [dictator] countries.
Young-caller-still:  We would not have the Edison bulb and other inventions.
         They tell us what they fear with criticism: Palin, Constitution, laws.
What does the Constitution do?  It gives us individual liberty and freedom.  That is the big threat to state-run progressivism around the world.
>>> We are proud of you—don't let any teacher change you.
S#8: Democrats don't give up;  Republicans need continuing resolve
Caller:  al-Qaeda and Democrats have common rhetoric.
Caller:  Beat Liberal Democrats over the head for distain of Constitution.  They put warning labels (reported by Fox News in June 2010) for children reading the Declaration of Independence.
Read that part again:  The disclaimer goes on to tell parents that they "might wish to discuss with their children how views on race, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, and interpersonal relations have changed... before allowing them to read this classic work."
Now we say, "You are not going to take over my country, pal!"  People are now up to speed on who is opposed to them.  New Media is in full swing.  After two years of pure openness of who these people are, look at the opposition and spanking at the last election.  It needs to be repeated over and over in elections.  Fear is replaced with determination and laughing at these people.
>>> Learn from the past to not let up when you win one election.
Seg#9:  "Pelosi opened her book and did not have a gun in it", Rush
"This is for the men, sweet baby" and she protested as they were speaking off the air at ESPN.  Ron Franklin is gone.  I was once reprimanded for calling a radio station employee, "dear".  She didn't complain. 
Caller: Interviewed Democrats say they want to focus on Economy.  Didn't Obama say he would focus on jobs like a laser.
         He said it again yesterday.  Nobody is fooled by Democrats now.
((Join-in-progress, Pelosi:  Congratulations to you [Boehner].   We all come with respect for each other.  We celebrate this month John F. Kennedy; I was there; inspired us for generations.))  She must not have remembered what he said.  Did you hear her cite the Constitution?  She has a 'fetish' for it—I cannot believe it.
>>> Pelosi is referring to the Constitution like it is a religious text.
Rush wanted Grandma Nancy to be the 'bitter-clinger' that she really is.
Seg#10:  I guess JFK had a fetish for the Constitution too.
>>> JFK declared war on Communism in his inaugural address. 
S#11: Always the gentleman, John Boehner assumes House leadership
(Music) It was the most 'classy' I have ever heard from Pelosi.  ((Clip-live-Boehner:  I am honored and humbled to serve.  We gather in a great time of challenge: spending has caught up with us [etc] and hard decisions will be required.  No longer can we kick the can down the road.  We were elected by people who want [change].  [[Wild applause]]  ))   Drive-by Media will not like partisanship.
((JIP on:  Serving is a temporary privilege.  I am but the care-taker in the People's House.  It is about them, not us.  Honor is our heritage.  Let's start with the rules change—part with some of the rituals.  We will dispense with 'bigger bills are better'.  Three days to read in public before vote;  constitutionally sound;   oversight;   new reforms making it to easier to cut budgets.))  He refers to Democrats being returned from dust back to dust.
((Join-in-Progress still:  Common truth.  We will honor our pledge by listening;  firm on the Constitution;   in a manner to restore debate with Minority;   openness, missing in recent [term];   comes with a restored responsibility: you will not have the right to disrupt the proceedings. . . .  House will be a place where the will of the People is done.  Guidepost to those that follow.  As you take the oath today, you do so mindfully . . .  trust . . .  do your job well regardless of your political party.  You can [approach me].  We can disagree without being disagreeable.))  Fat chance!
Look at those Democrats!    If looks could kill.   [Rush is talking along as Congressman Boehner speaks platitudes.]   That scar tissue reference was a dig at Nancy Pelosi.  When he said they would get along, the camera went to Steny Hoyer and Democrats were shooting daggers.
This is what it is all about in America: the peaceful transition of power.
>>> I was hoping Pelosi would stand up and cling to the gravel.
Seg#12:  Republicans were not hypocrites on judicial nominees
So far, no gun fire in the US House of Representatives.  We can finally say former speaker of the house, the most unpopular ever, Nancy Pelosi.  435 new fetishes swore to uphold the US Constitution.
Editor Joy Anne Reid (who is she?) was asked about Sarah Palin.   And she starts laughing, "Not electable."
((Clip Rosanne Barr))  Modeling her career after me, I'm flattered.
Caller-OK:  Harry Reid will try to dismiss the filibuster rule in Senate.
       It goes beyond judicial nominations.  There is a constitutional reason with judicial nominees because it also affects the judicial branch.  People on our side calling Republicans hypocrites are wrong, in my humble opinion.  Each house of Congress can make their own rules.
Republicans were totally right to oppose the filibuster of the president's judicial nominees because that goes to all three branches of the federal gov't. 
W-Post E.J. Dionne thinks like a Liberal that he is on olde Constitution, saying you don't have to abide by it today.  They have no interest in working with Conservatives.  All they want to do is rule as Stalinists.
>>> Progressive-Liberal-Democrats have to be defeated,
>>>>>>>>>      every election!
Seg#13:  Do Americans believe Pelosi on $1.3trillion savings?
The only reason we have the 60-vote rule was Democrats putting it in after their big majority after Watergate, 1975.  In the 1960s, you had to stand up and not stop talking.  So they got a rule for 60 votes to stop someone who was not speaking.
They are cry-babies since they can't now get to 60 votes as a minority.
Nancy Pelosi is speaking again.  ((Clip:  Our seniors are not paying for their prescriptions, etc, [Obamacare] saving $1.3trillion.))   She says not one thing that is true and she may believe it.  Has she even read Obamacare, 2,000 pages?
((Clip-Pelosi:  God bless you, Speaker Boehner.)  Will the Left be happy?
Black Caucus swore in their members before they were sworn it.  ((Clip-S.Lee:  Violence and crime, all impact the Black family.))  She is ripping Obama and his policies, unknowingly.   She says we have a nightmare, but we are on the case.  This woman has indicted herself, The Regime, and Obama.
Danna Bash was on Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer.  ((Clip:  2,000 staffers have lost their job with Republicans coming in.))  So?  
>>> That's nothing compared to CNN lost jobs if Democrats don't win.
Segment#14:  Princeton Prof is not as articulate as Barry Obama
[Rush has a red t-shirt seen on DittoCam, but missing the 'EIB' logo, FYI.]
[[ He looks excellent, rested, in good humor;  Hawaii was good for them.]]
What did the Black Caucus swear to uphold?  What is their 'fetish'?
[CF: Conservative Allen West presses to be present:
((Clip-Black-prof-Cornel West:  We did not get the leadership we thought we would.  Obstructionism on the Right was pushing Obama to the center.  We are now in deep trouble.))   "He surcame too easily."  Look it up in Urban Dictionary.   Ask Jessie Jackson or Al Sharpton.
He was a professor at Harvard, now Princeton  ((Clip-on:  ties to corporate America.  Will Barack Obama and do damage like Clinton?  Or will he be a Lincoln and stand up for little people?))
> > >   We'll keep an eye out and let you know.
Segment#15:   Professor West's thesis was on Marxist thought
W-Post headline "After losing House, Democrats try new strategy: Bipartisan."
>>> We'll see if Marxism thought has the word 'surcame'.
Closing:   And we will see you tomorrow.
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From the Rush Limbaugh Morning Update: "Vacation News"
Okay, so there I am, I'm on vacation, I'm minding my own business, I'm not bothering anybody, miles away from Washington, when bam! News stories start hitting about Obama being called "one of the most corrupt presidents in modern times" on my radio program... in October! Critics sneer that such language is "typical of the demonizing talk radio political culture."
But, again, the comment was from last October, before Democrats got skunked in the elections; now in January it's being treated like breaking news.
Darrell Issa, the incoming House Oversight and Government Reform chairman, called into the program on October 19th to reassure me (and you) that Republicans will take their oversight role seriously. During the call, Issa ticked off various instances of the Obama administration bypassing the law and the Constitution -- something they've done since they've been in office, with not a shred of concern from Democrats in the House at the time.
By the way, what prompted Issa to call was my concern, based on news reports, that he and other Republicans would compromise with Obama, instead of standing up to him.
What bothers liberals is not what Darrell Issa said on my program. What really worries them is that Issa and other House Republicans will use their newly acquired power to finally investigate Obama, and put a stop to his extra-Constitutional power grabs -- that's why Issa is suddenly under attack, in January, for some October remarks.
As for me, you libs can keep the mindless attacks coming. They haven't stopped me so far, and I promise you they never will.
Read the Background Material on the Morning Update...    [[Heard AM on radio across America]]
Quote Gems from Rush Limbaugh dot com:
"As for me, go ahead, you libs -- keep the mindless attacks coming. They haven't stopped me so far, and they never will."
"I could not believe that they canceled an NFL game because of a snow forecast, and Governor Ed Rendell, a liberal Democrat, started sounding like me. Where has Rendell been all of his life with this kind of attitude?" 
"Guess what, ladies and gentlemen? January 12th, as many of you now know by heart, is my birthday, and House Republicans have set January 12th as their day to vote on a repeal of Obama's health care law. Good." 
"We even have some Republicans talking about the brilliance of Michelle Obama's food policy. When is the need to pander to these people going to end?" 
"Some people thought it was insensitive of me to say that the birds died because they hit the debt ceiling. Well, let's find out how many of the birds were females -- they might've hit the glass ceiling." 
"People are asking the question: Could Obama actually be doing what he's doing to the economy on purpose? It may sound crazy to ask the question, but it's not crazy to ask the question -- it's late to ask the question." 
"Speaking of Greece, did you know this? Greece is going to build a giant wall on their border with Turkey to control immigration. Google it. You'll probably get some Obamacare website at first, but keep looking."
"If the left had been successful, I'd be long gone. If all that was said about me over all these years was true, there wouldn't be a penny spent in support of this program, folks, but it's just the exact opposite." 
"Folks, I have to be wrong about some things, otherwise people are going to think I'm a witch. So I choose to be wrong about insignificant things like the Philadelphia Eagles, because it's a strategy to make me look human."
"The feedback that we're getting on our iPhone app is as positive as anything we've done, short of the show itself being on. We're really proud of it, folks."
"Well, you know who I am. You've been waiting with bated breath for this day. I've been gone for not quite two weeks, and so there's a lot of golf stories and NFL games to catch up on, so get ready." 
"You know, people get upset when I talk about me all the time, but it is news. What, Snerdley? No, they don't get upset when I talk about football. Only four or five people get upset when I talk about football."  
"What bothers the left is not what Darrell Issa said on this program. What bothers them is that Issa and a lot of House Republicans will use their newly acquired power to finally investigate Obama."
"I still don't think people understand exactly who this cavalry is, but it's not the usual suspects showing up. These people are committed Tea Party-type people, and they are hell-bent on their purposes and accomplishing them."
"I'm sure you heard about this while I was gone -- well, maybe you didn't. I mean, what reason is there to listen to the radio when I'm not here?" 
"The biggest impediment to Barack Obama is the Constitution of the United States. It's the biggest roadblock in his way, and that's also true of the American left at large." 
"When I hear Republicans say that they want to work together to get things done with any liberal Democrat (particularly Obama), red flags go up. There's no working with these guys! There's just beating these guys." 
"There aren't any benefits to Obamacare. All you need to know is that over 200 companies, in order to stay in business, have been granted waivers from having to follow the law of Obamacare."
"If you ever, in your life, encounter somebody who has just recently made a lot of money, ask them what they most fear. I'll tell you that seven out of ten times -- if they're honest with you -- their answer will be that they're scared to death that the government is going to come take their money. Not tax it, but come take it." 
"How many birds do you think die annually because of windmills? 100,000. But we don't hear about that because windmills are liberal ideas."
"The only thing that was different about me and my vacation and being a Democrat is that I paid for it. There wasn't one benefit, nor did I run around hunting for any."
"Have you noticed that every guest, it seems, on cable news is a 'strategist' now? I don't care who it is, either. If Betty Crocker was on there, she'd be identified as a Republican or Democrat 'strategist'." 
"The left cannot advance their agenda by promoting it, and the left cannot get elected by being honest about who they are and what they believe. The left requires villains. The left must demonize people." 
"For the past two weeks I have lived like a typical Barack Obama Democrat voter: I was completely oblivious to the news and the real world."  
"Not long after Obama was immaculated, the media trotted out the fact that I am the leader of the Republican Party. Look, I don't mind it, but what it means is that no other Republican's speaking up. And if any other Republican were speaking up, I guarantee you -- he'd be the demon."  
"I know that when I tell you I'm a harmless lovable little fuzzball, I am. And I know that I am one of the nicest guys you will ever run into."
"Just a heads-up here, folks: the news media is now claiming that repealing Obamacare will cost hundreds of billions of dollars and hurt the economy and jobs. These people are laughably shameless."
"Don't even get me started on the sanitation union in New York. You want to talk about an utter waste of money... I mean, behind every problem of significance in this country is a public union."   [Subscribers get other half of gem quotes]
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Learned from WSJ Online:
The first clear pictures of what appears to be a Chinese stealth fighter prototype have been published online, highlighting China's military buildup just days before U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates heads to Bejiing to try to repair defense ties.
House Republican leaders drew fire after saying highway and mass-transit programs should no longer be shielded from budget cuts.
            Graphic: New House Leaders
                        Hot Business Issues on Capitol Hill
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January 5, 2011 Posted by Paul at 11:52 AM
   Sen. Jim DeMint has declared that even with a balanced budget amendment, he will not vote to raise the debt limit because he did not help create the debt problem. DeMint also encourages freshmen Republican members of Congress not to support raising the debt ceiling for the same reason.
   From an analytic standpoint, I don't think DeMint's position makes much sense. Legislators should support the best practically available response to a problem whether they helped create it or not (for example, freshman legislators should not refuse to vote for funding the war in Afghanistan merely because they didn't vote to "create" the war and might not have done so). And a package that raises the debt ceiling in exchange for robust spending cuts and budget balancing is the best available response to the fix we're in, a reality that DeMint does not deny. After all, as Peter Wehner points out, "a federal default. . .would have catastrophic economic consequences, since the United States depends on other nations buying our debt."
   From a practical standpoint, however, I think I understand where DeMint is coming from. The deal he says he would oppose is one that might not require his support, and the support of Republican freshmen, to pass. In this scenario, as the rightscoop suggests, DeMint believes he and others like him should not have to go on record as supporting the raising of the debt ceiling.
  Even so, I think Republican freshmen should think very carefully before adopting a "hell no" position on raising the debt ceiling. On an issue as consequence-laden as this one, their constituents, as a group, may well expect them to put the obligation to vote for the best practically available solution ahead of the desire to make gestures that signal their ideological purity.       
By Michelle Malkin  •  January 5, 2011 02:38 AM
Photoshop credit: No Sheeples Here
No matter how you rearrange President Obama's inner circle, it still looks, smells and tastes like a rotten Chicago deep-dish pizza.
Ready for the latest topping on this moldy old pie? It's a possible chief of staff slot for Wall Street banker/lawyer/wheeler-dealer William Daley, brother of outgoing Chicago mayor/machine politics mastermind Richard M. Daley (also the former boss of White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett and first lady Michelle Obama), whose retirement paved the way for former Obama chief of staff and Chicago mayoral candidate Rahm Emanuel. Phew.
The White House is reportedly looking to manufacture a "pro-business" aura with Bill Daley, who holds a "corporate responsibility" executive office at J.P. Morgan and once headed the U.S. Chamber of Commerce — the latter, a left-wing hate object and Obama punching bag leading up to the midterms.
But the Beltway-based Chamber of Commerce is too often a fair-weather statist lobbying organization. It supported the TARP all-purpose bailout, the auto bailout and the bottomless, pork-filled stimulus package, all of which have forcibly redistributed money from taxpayers and small businesses to politically connected special interests (including Daley's J.P. Morgan, which was most recently swept up in a massive pay-to-play bond scheme in Alabama).
Daley has about as much real experience creating jobs as Da Boss now sitting at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave — which is to say, less than a thimble full. (It's a New Year. I'm being generous.) In 2009, the head of Chicago's sanitation department implicated Daley in a hiring corruption scheme tied to his brother's mayoral administration. The official was convicted; Daley shrugged off the federal probe. "Even if it happened — and I'm not saying it did — things were different. There was nothing illegal about that stuff."
~~~   ~~~   ~~~
"Bill is a friend of mine," Emanuel told reporters at City Hall on Tuesday. "We worked together when I was in President Clinton's White House. … He remains a good friend of mine, and he's quite capable."
Clearly. And if it was fitting to have Daley machine guys running Obama's Chicago Way White House, isn't it even more fitting to have a real, honest-to-goodness Daley in there running things?
Still, we shouldn't stop with just one Daley. Rich will need a job, too. He can't spend all his time on corporate boards or at Grand Beach on the phone with Rahm, telling him what to do.
How about Richard Daley, attorney general?    [click to see]
Chicago crony flashback: The resurrection of Rod Blagojevich
Chicago crony flashback: No shady banking buddy left behind
Chicago crony flashback: Corporate shills for hope and change
Chicago crony flashback: The shady Shorebank bailout       
GOOGLE-SPHERE Surfing:  (news)-(leads)-(idiocy)-(lunacy)
Fox News - ‎11 minutes ago‎
The 112th Congress brings a lot of new numbers to Washington, including 94 freshman, of which 85 are Republicans and nine are Democrats.
Reuters - Augustine Anthony, Kamran Haider - ‎38 minutes ago‎
ISLAMABAD (Reuters) - The assassination of a senior member of Pakistan's ruling party over his opposition to a blasphemy law has highlighted the religious fervor that can make the Muslim country so hard to ...
FINALLY:  Learned from Glenn Beck     (FNC)
Welcome to 2011 and this program has a 'new attitude'.  Things are about to change:  Debt hits $14Trillion; we are getting to the 100% of 'debt to GDP' that every nation fears; FCC rules to have 'net neutrality'.  Experts [DbM/Democrats] said it wouldn't happen but it did.  They couldn't get it through Congress or the courts and so they want around the Constitution.  Crude oil could hit $100/barrel this year.  The more money we print, the higher the price.  Does anyone report that?  You oil companies had better wake up and speak up to defend yourselves. Oil rigs are opting to leave for Mexico.  The oil drilling moratorium was oil company death sentence: when it is gone it is gone.  "Energy prices will necessarily skyrocket", Obama said.   Unemployment and personal bankruptcy.  [Glenn Beck has a 'red phone' in studio for Whitehouse to call if they have facts wrong.]
Words are meaningless, unless they affect what you do and how you change.
The Left is calling for violence;  I am asking for non-violent personal change.  America is at crossroads.  Our collective intuition has told us to wake up and use common sense.  Last year, I told you to prepare (but I am not a guy to 'hunker down' and just take it.)   I was born at this time for a reason—and so were you!  I owe the idea of 'America' to my children.  The required fundamental transformation of America is the polar opposite from Obama's.  The change required is within you.  "America is great because America is good", Totka said.  The individual American is good, just, honest, great, and God fearing.  [Glenn walks to his wall posters of Thomas Jefferson "Faith", George Washington "Hope", and Benjamin Franklin "Charity".  It is deep and well-thought-out philosophy that has the proof of 200 years, but it is being challenged from our classrooms to the Oval Office.  "America has never been great" is a lie that can not be allowed.
Today on this show, we draw the line in the sand like the Alamo.  Are you with America or are you against it.  Choose as individuals and put those choices into action.  We have to demonstrate to our children and ourselves that it is not politics, policies, parties but rather it is people.   We have to get to real life.  Join us.
Look at our history and where we have come: we are not "a nation of cowards" when it comes to race as Eric Holder says.  Many Americans are ignorant of our history but they are waking up to change the world for the better.  We are out of time to wait for the next Ronald Reagan; we must lead by discovering America within ourselves.
When we rediscover the ethics and principles that made America great in the first place, we will be exceptional again.   Work within your family and share around you.
[Assistant turns the posters over from "Faith, Hope, Charity"
to E4: enlightenment, education, empowerment, and entrepreneurship!]
Glenn's company Mercury Radio Arts will focus on E4 for next 12 months.
[[[  Great and passionate information;  announcement tomorrow, Thursday.]]]
"7 Wonders:  (1) Courage;  (2) Faith;  (3) Truth;  (4) Compassion; 
       (5) Friendship;  (6) Family;  (7) Common Sense" by Glenn Beck,
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The 7: Seven Wonders That Will Change Your Life
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((Clip of cheers as John Boehner is now majority leader in 112th US House.))  All of them speak of fulfilling promises.  Now, the hard work begins. 19 Democrats refused to vote for Pelosi to lead, as she listed her accomplishments. Be realistic on what lies ahead. Obama-media-mania will lash out at Conservatives doing their jobs.
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