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Your Rush ECHO for Thursday 1-20-2011

Your Rush Limbaugh Echo for Thursday, 1/20/11
Student NOTES from Institute freshmen, not 'official'
Opening:   REPEAL got more votes than Obamacare.
S#1:  Conservatives have laid mine fields for defenders of Obamacare
It is not political theater in the House but laying mine fields.  Senator Reid is afraid of all the Democrats in the Senate that would repeal Obamacare. That is why he will not call it up for a vote.
Both of the Clintons went to the you-know-Hu dinner;  it was the first time they probably had dinner together since their daughter Chelsea got married.  Moochelle My Belle Michelle Obama wore her red dress.  Barbra Streisand was invited, "I one time worked in a Chinese restaurant", she explained.
In the spirit of new tone, shouldn't Harry Reid allow the Senate to vote.  Everybody wants them to work together and most Americans want repeal of Obamacare.  Dingy Reid is standing in the way.  Three Democrats in the House voted to repeal.
Reid can read the tea leaves and knows it would go against them (especially in the 2012 election).   Obama might even vote to kill the bill to save his job.  Clinton did the same so they could come back later and fix it.
"A One-Party Autocracy is Sometimes Preferred" is article in DbM.  Author explains that you get more things done.  Isn't that what you have in China?  Thomas L. Freidman of The New York Times was then on TV and asked.  ((Clip:  There is only one thing worse than the one party in China;  it is a one party democracy.  We need the right people to run with a vision of the future.))  This is the lead column.
I am ashamed to say: some of my friends left the golf course to hear him say that.  I said, "Why do you want do dumb-yourself-down?"  Freidman makes no sense at all.  When one party can stop the other, isn't that two party democracy?  How do you have one party and call it a democracy?  That doesn't matter to The Elite, as they are dazzled.  It is all absolute nonsense!
Usually, the translator will pause to hear what Hu says and then translate for the audience, but they just kept going.  Sid Caesar was a genius for impersonating foreign languages he did not understand.  CA legislator Leland Yee says I insulted the ChiCom community and demands that I apologize. 
((Reading-Yee:  He insults one quarter of Earth population.  His comments are indicative of his bigotry that has lined his pockets.))  Comments?  Did someone translate my Chinese to see they were mocking comments.  3,000 years of Chinese culture blown up in 18 seconds.
We have been translating Kim Jong-ILL for ages, and also the other USSR leaders.
>>> I could have translated Hu but didn't:   "We will bury you!"
Seg#2:  Now passed, the electorate/voters see how bad it is
Did anyone translate Dingy Harry when he called Hu a dictator?  What that translates to is "Dictator!"  Is that civil?  Senator Harry knows that defending Obamacare and "Voted against Repeal" would help lose elections for some Democrats up for reelection.
If Democrats were to vote against repeal, there would be a record.  So Harry Reid is against holding the vote citizens want for two reasons: (1) it might pass and repeal Obamacare;  and (2) it forced Democrats to defend their positions and vote.
Senator Reid and other Democrat leaders know they can't defend this monstrosity and that most people want it repealed to start over.  It they stick with it they will show the people which Democrats they need to toss our of office.
>>> They know in their hearts that Obamacare is rotten and
>>>>>         needs to be done away with.
Seg#3:  Rush Limbaugh is keeping the AZ liberal sheriff in the news
Obamacare just got a shellacking in the House; the vote was 245 to 189.
I have a question about protocol and respect:  Hu was not wearing a black tuxedo and a black tie going to a black-tie dinner.   Should we be offended?
BBC TV report got touchy on human rights.  The Chinese public were not allowed to see what Hu said.  Yet I have been accused of 'blowing up' Chinese culture.  Oooops, I should not say 'blown up' according to CNN John King.
((Clip: Rush Limbaugh took aim at Nichole Kidman term 'gestational carrier'.  He lashes out at an unexpecting target.  Limbaugh didn't stop there.))  You at Inside Edition need to get with the Feminazis when they call pregnancy is a disease.
Sheriff DipStick is not happy again today.  ((Clip:  Our server almost came to a halt due to Rush Limbaugh.  One said, "I want to come and scrap the dung off of you before they put you in the ground."))  I do not give out eMail addresses.
((Clip-on:  Just wrong for people to be elected to Congress;  we are going to do it, no matter what it takes;  people are sick of not taxing the elect;   we elected Obama to get rid of the Bush tax cuts.))  Sheriff, the Bush Tax Cuts were extended by Obama.  We are surrounded by the uninformed like this sheriff.
Sheriff, it was Obama's idea to extend the Bush tax rates.  Just enforce the law!
>>> The AZ sheriff is clearly operating above his pay grade.
Seg#4:  AZ sheriff Clarence Dupnik is riding fame into ruin
((Clip of Sid Caesar, agitated and speaking Japanese)) blowing them up.
Caller-CA: Yee pushed through, "It is legal to speak a foreign language in your own business."  They didn't know?  It's San Francisco.  They also legislated on your tire pressure to not contribute to Global Warming.
        He is running for mayor of San Francisco [to replace the gay-guy].
Caller-AZ: Sheriff Dupnik is riding the gravy train to stay on TV.
        If we are promoting anything, it reveals ignorance. 
> Quest for fame, to some, is a poison and can be totally destructive.
Seg#5:  More of us are getting mowed down due to Moochelle
At her encouragement, more people are walking to work, now in danger.
>>> Those are my [uncivil] words—not those of your station.
Seg#6:  The congressional Steve Cohen is not the billionaire
(Theme Music) The Moral Compass of Drive-by Media is something to behold.  ChiComs hold the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize winner in prison as they blame Sarah Palin for things she has not said.  Obama tells the head of the depraved ChiCom society that we are pleased with the progress in China.
Jimmy Carter and Algore have also won Nobel Prizes for peace and were attending the dinner honoring Hu.  [They should be in prison also, shouldn't they?]
Steve Cohen on Capital hill  ((Clip:  You repeat the lie, you repeat the lie, like 'blood libel' and Gerbil said it enough for Hitler and it lead to the Holocaust.))  ((Clip:  I don't think Republicans are Nazis; but Republicans use lies over and over.  Somebody has to stand up.))  We could point out Bill Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Obama and Reid telling countless lies.
Congressman Cohen, read Newsweek magazine, "The Case For Killing Granny" in support of Obamacare.  It is a take-over of one sixth of the private sector in America.  Your own media, every step of the way, has defended Obamacare.
Anderson Cooper, CNN 15, talked about the public discourse and Cohen's comments  ((Clip-Cohen:  Say it over and over and people follow.))   Congressman Cohen, the American people know what is in Obamacare and want to repeal it!  If there are talking points that are lies, they are found on your side.
The majority of the American people see the truth because they read it!
We knew what was in the bill before it was voted on (unlike some who voted.)   How many Democrats voted for repeal in the House?  It was three, more than the slim margin to pass it.
Who are the 'new Jews', Congressman Cohen?  It is Tea Party people.  Do they libel themselves?   Anderson Cooper points out his prior KKK references.  ((Clip-Cohen:  Many of them were in office;  I walked among Tea Party people and they were very angry.  They had signs of Obama with Hitler symbols.))  Those signs were created by people like you who infiltrated the rallies.
There is no condemnation from Anderson Cooper and he just allows Congressman Cohen to continue on and on.  "Yes, I am doubling down on my comments."
F. Chuck Todd also talk about Cohen  ((Clip:  All the civility comments are coming from Senators, throwing insinuary bombs.  It is the only way they can get noticed.)) 
> Not one word of condemnation from F-Chuck
> > >      only that it be put in context.
Seg#7:  Can NFL Chicago Bears win the nod to play in Superbowl?
Caller-Sacramento: You validate us; Don't give Hollywood the time of day.
       I find it interesting, not "defending" myself.  I was illustrating and find it ridiculously funny.   I am happy to illustrate ignorance stupidity on the Left. 
There is much more in this Repeal Effort than you see.  Obama is going to have to resort to extra-Constitutional means to get his agenda through.  He uses executive orders and czars.
President Obama has said he will go to the Superbowl if the Chicago Bears win to go.  It is a security nightmare even without him.  He will want to make the day all about himself and knows that liberal sports media will support him.
>>> No other sitting president has ever gone to a Superbowl.  
Seg#8:  Rush Limbaugh predicts that Steelers will beat the Jets
Did Joan Rivers get the Obama memo?  She was uninvited to the dinner?  ((Clip-Joan: Because of what we said about Sarah Palin; she is a Nazi [laughter].))  That is their continuing 'civility'. 
This is not insignificant stuff here!   They are patently absurd .!.
If they sit around and say this is destroying our society, they had better damn well be consistent about it.  It is their side that talks like this.  What about Abortion that Liberal support?
((Montage-Democrats:   Healthcare repeal is a matter of life and death;  it is a choice between life and death.))  That last was Princess Pelosi.  These people do what they can to tear down our society.  ((Clip-David-Gregory))  Will he get Nancy Pelosi to defend their apocalyptic rhetoric.
Caller-Nebraska:  Mocking Chinese?  What of 'swords' on Saturday Night?
           Have you seen Mickey Rooney (complete with buck teeth) in "Breakfast at Tiffany's"? 
Caller-NH:  You are a great American, sir.  Steelers can beat Jets?  [Will]
Caller: Obama may enjoy the Superbowl and not be criticized.
          Every president knows when they go to NYC they create a nightmare.  His reelection campaign has already begun and he is going to spend a billion dollars on it.  The Superbowl is the most TV moment through the world. 
Obama wore a Steelers jersey and you never hear him talk about the Bears.  I'm just suggesting.  There will be over 100,000 people in there.  You may have 7,000 people that will not see the game, selling too many tickets—they will watch in concourses. 
Get this, I went to George H Bush's 80th birthday party in Houston.  I didn't want to wait for all the singing and dancing and left for the airport.  I tried to beat the crowd and had to sit there for two hours because the airport was shut down while POTUS is on the ground.  No, I could not have taxied to Dallas (staff making jokes.) 
There are reasons sitting presidents don't go to such major events.
> > >  Civil thing to do is invite friends to WH for popcorn/big-screen.
Segment#9:         Obama politics
Does Obama even care about football?  I thought Obama was a fan only of the Kenyan soccer team.  Civility?  He has said nothing about 'civil discourse' since his one comment four days after AZ shooting.  His own party violate his memo—he says nothing.  He will repeat his comment in the state of the union address.
>>   >>   >>    Where are the comments about the nine-yr-old girl?
Seg#10:  GM to invest $540million in Mexico for green engines.
>>>   >>>   >>>    Who owns GM?  Obama and The Regime do.
Seg#11: Keywords
(Music) General Motors is owned by The Regime.  Presidente Felipe Calderon says it will create 1,000 jobs for them.  GM is owned by Obama and UAW.
John Boehner has put out a press release ((reading: After meeting with a bipartisan group of leaders in Congress and China leader Hu.  . . .   Finally, we raised our concerns about human rights violations in China including denial of religious freedom, and the use of coercive abortion as a consequence of the 'one-child' policy.  When it comes to the rights of their citizens, especially the unborn, Chinese leaders have a responsibility.  And the United States has a responsibility to hold them to account.))  Can you imagine Nancy Pelosi saying that?  Would she or Obama lay it out this way?  No!
Yesterday, Harry Reid called Hu a dictator;  today, pictures shaking hands, smiling.
Independent Socialist in Congress Bernie Sanders notes that the history hall of Smithsonian Institute gift shop has miniature statues of past presidents, made in China.  "I was not aware that the collapse of our manufacturing base had gone that far." Hey, Bernie, you should notice the party with whom you caucus.    [search on 'Frum']  "We Just Witnessed The Media's Test-Run To Reelect Barack Obama", writes William Jacobson.
Daily KOS and leftwing bloggers tied Sarah Palin to the AZ shooting ((reading on: is an example of success we should not forget.  When she tried to defend herself, she was savaged again.  When she made the term 'blood libel' she was blamed by others who have used the term themselves.  Barack Obama stood back and let others lay in;  then four days later he said, "We need civility."  It is about their desire to elect Obama at any cost.  If Palin is taken down, then no Republican will survive.))
If I might summarize:  the Left is terrorized by Palin.  They know she would wipe the floor with Obama.  There are smart people in both parties because of the threat she poises to their power.  If Republicans sit by, they had better be prepared for other Republicans are savaged.  If they shut up and sit by, then give Obama credit, then we have more idiots than we would want to know.
Elitist Republicans are being played.
They don't want us to be 'civil', they want us to be cowed. 
>>> They want us to look silly for even defending ourselves.
Rush adds that you should notice what happens to cows.
Seg#12:  It is irresponsible for media to not recognize truth
Caller: I heard you open on August 1, 1988.  Your iPhone App is great 'Rush'.
Caller-CA: Preventative medicine saved my life.  We need Obamacare.
          Obamacare kicks in not until 2014.  If you are right, people are going to be dropping like flies. We are not even talking insurance—we are talking welfare.
I live in 'Literalville' and not in 'Platitude Land'.   If people with preexisting conditions are destined to die without Obamacare, then show me the statistics.  I hate to see people falling for falsehoods.  It is absolutely irresponsible.  Life expectancy in this country continues to increase.
It doesn't mean you can't get insurance in 'higher-risk pools' but nobody is signing up for the higher premiums.  You score no points with the truth.  They get emotionally attacked to 'preexisting conditions' and no amount of truth will help.
>>> The lack of noticing truth is both frustrating and irresponsible.
Seg#13:  You must read the article today of George Will
Promoting Obamacare, do you remember them saying people were dying with no insurance?  Has that number gone down now that Obamacare has been passed?  [Reading studies: 103 people die every day in US without insurance.]  If you don't have insurance, you have Medicaid.
We do more to save lives in emergency rooms to save lives.  We spend literally a fortune to save anyone's life, including illegal aliens.  They still make these arguments.  Obama's healthcare destroys the great care in America for all of us,  even those of us who would pay for it ourselves.  [Rush is agitated over the last hippy caller, misinformed.]  Leftists are shameless.
"The Government Disease" is a great article of George Will.
((Reading: Gov't is inefficient when it tries to do too much or to do that for which it is unsuited.  Today, there is no barrier to adding government because it is already doing whatever you think of.  Government squanders limited resources.))  Democrats read the newspaper and find any imaginary need to pass a new law, mentions Summers quoted in the article.
((Reading on: They migrate from the private sector to the public sector.  Democrats support the Public Sector where prices are rising;  and Republicans support the Private Sector where prices are decreasing (observed Tip O'Neal).))
George F Will writes a brilliant article.   And I might add that they use fear and brow-beating to obtain their agenda. 
>>> Obamacare could consume us all.   Do not sit by.
Summers: Former Obama adviser says gov't is under resourced. Read more:
Seg#14:  Has Obamacare helped you in any way today?
The caller in San Francisco got his treatment because  we didn't have Obamacare.  If and when Obamacare kicks in, he would be on a waiting list, called 'rationing'.
>   >   >      But he is swept away with Democrat talking points.
[Rush does the ad and mentions the golden-code: 'Rush']
KFI Radio has Rush talking during commercial time for
Seg#15:  The Hutch will weigh in on Superbowl picks tomorrow
The wait time in Canada for a colonoscopy is six months. Add to that, "as the secretary will determine."
>>> "We will repeal it", says Republican Mitch McConnell.
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From the Rush Limbaugh Morning Update: "Right Direction"
Hey, folks, we have some great news! The US unemployment rate is "steady" at 9.6 percent. You think 9.6 percent is a disaster? No way! It's good because it's "steady."
New job numbers are out. Or, I should say new job-less numbers. First-time claims for unemployment again jumped "unexpectedly" by 35,000 to mark almost a half-million new claims -- the highest level since October.
What's this? The new report says the December numbers were wrong? There were actually fewer jobs created in December than originally reported?
Ah, don't be discouraged by that news; expert economists tell us the economy is still moving in the "right direction." Just a few more years, and some of you who don't have jobs might find some. They're just around the corner. Don't forget: We're fundamentally "transforming" America to take advantage of all of those new "green jobs" out there.
Speaking of which, here's another item. Evergreen Solar, Inc, one of America's solar panel manufacturers, announced today that they're cutting 800 jobs at their Devens, Massachusetts plant. Under Democrat Governor Deval Patrick, the state dumped 58 million taxpayer dollars in subsidies to keep the company running because, he said, it played a vital role in the future of alternative energy in the state. Company executives cited operating costs as the reason for the layoffs.
But don't worry. We're moving in the "right direction," folks, especially when it comes to "green jobs". You people looking for work, just be patient. Your time will come. This decade. Or the next. Maybe. Maybe in China -- you never know.
Read the Background Material on the Morning Update...    [[Heard AM on radio across America]]
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"The vote to repeal Obamacare is not the fulfillment of a campaign promise. It is an attempt to fix something that will destroy the US economy. It is an attempt to fix something that will harm the US health care system." 
"And CNN wonders why they have 54,000 viewers at eight p.m. We have that many on the corner of Fourth Avenue and wherever in Oshkosh!"
"We have community access channels on local cable. In New York, they are porn channels -- Robin Byrd, Al Goldstein, and a bunch of other boring stuff." 
"Bush only had a few state dinners, and I don't blame him. I mean, how many of you really enjoy putting on a tuxedo to go eat?"
"If the Republicans would simply announce the specifics of what they want to cut and then be prepared to deal with the stuck-pig reaction that they're going to get, they would win this next election in the biggest landslide there has ever been."
"Obama's up there telling the press corps that China has a very different political system than we do. Maybe, but not for long." 
"NBC has decreed that NBC will not have an audience by virtue of its programming." 
"I don't think I'm the only one that recognizes how evil communism is. I think a lot of people recognize how evil it is, it's just that there aren't many in the Democrat Party."
"This state dinner tonight better not be too opulent. If the regime goes overboard with all kinds of opulence and expense, you know, Hu Jintao's going to say, 'This is not why we gave you the money. I can get this at home.'" 
"You know, I think Sheila Jackson Lee is a preexisting condition, if you want to know the truth. But that's just me.
"What in the heck is a 'digital literacy opportunity'?" 
"And now, ladies and gentlemen, we turn to utter brilliance. Rare do we have the opportunity to share with you such clarity of thought, such unique insight, such special intelligence, but listen to yesterday on the floor of the House of Representatives, Texas congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee." 
"As we say here at the Excellence in Broadcasting Network, if you're not living on the cutting edge, you are taking up too much space." 
"Obama said this morning that the last 30 years of our relationship with China have been a time of estrangement. Now, am I wrong, or haven't our relations with the ChiComs improved quite a lot since 1980? I mean, we practically sold them our country! What more could we do?" 
"After John King's on-air apology last night, I wonder if CNN will soon issue an apology for their 20-year program entitled Crossfire."
"By the way, Sargent Shriver has passed away at age 95. You would think after all he did for the Kennedys and the Democrat Party he would have finally been promoted to lieutenant, but no, he was Sargent Shriver his entire life." 
"Can anybody name for me any product or service the federal government does not regulate or tax directly or indirectly? Is there anything?" 
"From Las Vegas: 'Senate majority leader Dingy Harry branded Chinese president Hu Jintao a dictator on a local TV talk show Tuesday night.' I'm not used to this kind of clarity and honesty from Dingy Harry."
"Just to be clear, folks, we're still not certain whether Harry Reid meant his comment about the ChiComs being a dictatorship in a derogatory or complimentary way." 
"We're waiting on the new opinion audit, though I'm not expecting much of a change. I'm documented to be almost always right 99.6% of the time, and you'd have to be right a ridiculous number of times to move it up to 99.7." 
"What's the human rights community around the world to think about the way we're bowing down to the ChiComs while their Nobel prize winner is in a gulag?"
"The fact remains that the majority of the problems we have on the cultural and economic side are simply the fault of Democrat policies, pure and simple. It's time to fix all of this, and that's what the November election was all about." 
"There isn't one entitlement that came in anywhere near to its promised projected cost. They all cost much more. And there isn't one that has succeeded, either."
"I know exactly how to fix MSNBC, but there's no way that I'm going to say it on this program. I'm through doing stuff I don't get paid for. Those days are long gone."
"Don't tell me there aren't places to cut here. There are responsible, reasonable, and certainly excessive places to cut. We could cut the number of government vehicles by 25%; cut government office space by 20%." 
"You know, we had a slogan, 'Just say no,' right? We should change it: 'Just say cut.'" 
"Wolf, let me ask you a question: Given that John King has apologized for the phrase 'in the crosshairs' on CNN, do you think you might change your name? I mean, Wolf Blitzer? Nobody thinks of the reindeer when they hear that name. 'Blitzer' sounds like big-time force being used to overcome an opponent." 
"Yes, Hu is coming to dinner, but Hu is not cooking."   [Subscribers get other half of gem quotes]
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January 20, 2011 Posted by Scott at 7:05 AM
After Senator Joe Lieberman announced yesterday that his current Senate term would be his last, Republican Jewish Coalition executive director Matthew Brooks responded by lauding the Senator's accomplishments and expressing gratitude for friendship across the political aisle:
Senator Lieberman is a true mensch and a great American. He showed that it's possible to have a successful political career while doing what you feel is right - even when what's right is not what's in your political best interests. Time and again, Senator Lieberman put principle over politics. He was a role model and a shining example of all that's good and decent about public service.
He's been called the last of the Scoop Jackson Democrats, but he is one of a kind and irreplaceable. We'll dearly miss his friendship - and the leadership he showed through more than two decades in the Senate.
A friend and fellow RJC member wrote yesterday to comment: "A classy statement. And not to be uncivil, but when was the last time, I wonder, when a Democrat group, paid tribute to a retiring Republican?"       
Next steps need to be to defund and demoralize
izoneguy Wednesday, January 19th at 6:30PM EST (link)
ObamaCare now needs to be defunded & deconstructed.
The dems need to be embarrassed, demoralized, & humiliated.
That is the "new tone" I want to spread.
The problem with Obamunism is that eventually you will run out of ink at the printing plant.
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