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Your Rush ECHO for Wednesday 2-2-2011

My error; corrected to ::  US District Judge Roger Vinson .!. true American!
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Your Rush Limbaugh Echo for Today, 2/2/11
Student NOTES from Institute freshmen, not 'official'
Opening:   When Obama runs in front of the mob
and claims 'Leadership', he is responsible now.
Seg#1:  Pharaoh Obama uses the 'god-reverb' from the White House
This thing in Egypt was under cover until social media (Twitter and Facebook) was what broke it.  "Hey, this is fun. Come join in!"  Anderson Cooper was punched in the head ten times.  I don't know what side they thought CNN was on.  Katie Couric is flying over — will they punch her?
The Egyptian dictatorship under Nasser was far more socialistic and oppressive.  The despot in North Korea is far more oppressive than Mubarak. Food shortages also led to this. The Muslim Brotherhood did not start this. They joined in as 'Johnnie-come-lately'. 
Feb.2nd is groundhog day.  I saw my shadow when I got up and that means that you will have two more weeks of civility on this show.
((Clip-Obama:  It must be peaceful;  and it must be now.))  So Obama claims credit now.  Did you notice the Pharaoh-like, god-like reverb?  It was at the White House.
Here is Obama talking to the protestors ((clip: an inspiration to us in the United States.  To the young people, we hear your voices.))  We did not hear the young voices in Iran.  This is all media manufactured.
DbM David Rodham Gergen, before the Pharaoh spoke  ((Clip: I'm not sure what President Obama can say that will not be thrown back in his face. How can he walk the tightrope and still be a leader.))  What tightrope?  What does DRGergen know?
The mob wanted new leadership, not Mubarak, and fine:  Obama makes it happen when he didn't.  Signs are written in English.  These are now Obama-guys.
Here's Gergen after the speech.  ((Clip: Obama wants to see transition, but he supported orderly transition and Mubarak said he would.  [Mob] wants him out now.))  You here Democrats in the WH say they 'worry'.  Did David Rodham Gergen go home and 'worry'?  Will you, Snerdley?  We can do nothing about it.
>>> I worry more about Obama than I worry about Egypt.
With Superbowl coming Sunday, the Hutch will join Rush on Friday.
Rush also announces that some Pittsburg Steelers will call in.
Seg#2:  "Democrats' [Rush] strategy backfired",
Magazine writer Wilfred McClay writes about me and this show.  He raises questions that have not been asked before, except by Zev Chafets.  I recommend you read it, linked from our website.
I get tired of Liberals in media trying to rewrite history. Also their nutty theories, like when a woman is shot in Arizona and Sarah Palin and I are blamed.
When Obama claims leadership in Egypt and the Middle East, then he takes ownership of what happens.  It is reported Iran is close to a dirty nuke-bomb.
>>> F. Chuck Todd is not happy with how Obama is handling it.
Segment#3:                   It's Unconstitutional
((Clip-DbM: Obama's comments were obsolete.  What Obama says at this point is meaningless to them.))  It is not working out.  Obama wanted them to go home.
House Republicans unveil today regulation to nullify the EPA on carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases.  The Supreme Court allows them to do this.  The American people do not want the Obama Agenda.  Republicans, Independents, and Democrats reject it by massive margins. 
Dingy Harry refused to bring up the repeal vote, so Republicans use other means to bring Obama Agenda down.  [Vote tomorrow, see Powerline below.]  Nancy Pelosi said it was "silly" to say Obamacare is unconstitutional.  Now we see a federal judge did not think it was 'silly'. 
CNBC John Carney asks if we face a quiet Constitutional crisis.  And I'll add another question:  "Did The Regime do this on purpose?"  They knew the commerce aspects of Obamacare were unconstitutional.  There was no xxx clause and so all of Obamacare is found unconstitutional by one federal judge.
26 states want no part of Obamacare and just one AG can ask Judge Vinson for a judgment.  Judge Vinson thought implementation would cease rather than defy his court. 
Is The Regime throwing us into a Constitutional Crisis, on purpose?  I am compelled to point out once again that Obamacare hires 16,000 new IRS agents not 16,000 new doctors.  Why?  If you are not opting in, they will get the money from you with a fine and Pelosi's jail. 
It's unconstitutional — but The Regime is ignoring a major court decision.
>>> Imagine Nixon or Reagan telling a federal court to go pound sand.
Seg#4:  Obama uses "Rules for Radicals" by Saul Alinsky
The badger state Wisconsin declares themselves free from Obamacare.  So a state AG says, "no law here that we can see" until an appellate court decides differently.
The judge can't act on his own but needs one of the 26 AGs to ask for an injunction to enforce stopping implementation.
Caller-WV-gal: A little mad at you about the excellent article.
         I said I 'heartily' recommend it, not 'hardly' recommend it.
Caller-NC: Obama didn't even note orderly Tea Party rallies.
         You are just a bunch of hay-seed hicks wishing you could live in area 51 in New Mexico.  Before Obama was inaugurated, I didn't buy into his comments about bringing people together.  I know what he is:  Obama is a Saul Alinsky, Leftist, radical.  He sees Conservatives as his biggest enemy.  You don't exist to him.
>>> To Barack Hussein Obama, your ideas are not even there.
Segment#5:    BHObama will try to keep his radicals in check.
Seg#6:  Global Warming Hoax-and-Fraudsters predicted "No snow!"
(Theme Music) Obama is tired of hearing any opposition from Fly-Over-Country protesting his Agenda.  In the olde days, you would not hear any opposition to a Democrat president.  There were only three TV channels to watch, all the same.  It is not the same today.
Algore has posted on his blog "Al's Journal".  Increased heavy snow fall is consistent with Global Warming.  ((Reading on:  Snow has cold and moister. A rise in global temperature can cause violent storms.))  Nobody believes it anymore.
We were in Dallas for clients and you couldn't get in.  They have wind-chill below zero and Superbowl teams had to move indoors for practice.  We helped expose the Hoax and Fraud of all of it.  The whole movement is against Capitalism. 
It is as we said all along: the new home for pro-Marxist Communists.  For a guy that pretends to be so scientific, his quotes never include read data.  It is Clarence Page that wrote Global Warming could cause freezing storms.  Gore cites it as scientific community evidence, which it is not. 
Clarence Page is not even a pretend climate scientist, he is a journalist.  Ask Dr Spencer, "Did you forecast 20 yrs ago that Global Warming could cause colder winters?"  People used to 'buy' this, until we exposed it.  Now the evidence is colder winters which people can see.
Go back 11 years to the Hadley bunch.  We were warned by University of East Anglia that snow would soon be a thing of the past.  They led the Hoax.  ((Reading: Within a few years, winter snowfall will be a rare and exciting event.  Children will not have the joy of snowflakes.))  You can't expect Algore to worry about details.
>> That was as recent as March 2000, children won't know snowflakes.
Segment#7:      We deserve better
((Clip: It's like the more points you score, the more points you get.  They think we approach a mini-ice-age.  Is there any answer they don't own?))  They claim Warming is responsible for whatever happens. 
FNC Stuart Varney asked why this Warmer left Green Peace.  ((Clip: They were adopting positions in science I could not support.    ...  it is more about globalization and anti-capitalism than it is about the environment.  Children are going blind when it could easily be solved.))  They enforce poverty.  ((clip-on:  Climate is warming and that is a good thing to grow more food.  There are not facts to support it will be dramatic.)) 
The more people prosper, the less they need government.
It is by design and is hideous what the Global Warming movement does.
There are gut-level economic issues going on in Egypt.  Socialism has failed all around the world, and thinking Americans want to know why anyone would want to try it here.  Where is the benefit from the bailouts?  Just with public sector unions.  Gov't Motors is now owned by The Regime. 
This is their reward for helping transform America away from Capitalism.
Caller: Bush said, 'Bring it on'.  Obama says, "Do it now."
          Bush was leading;   Obama is reacting after the fact.  For Obama it is all "me, me, me."  He tries to 'own' the action of a mob for his own political ambitions.
>>> Obama has no moral authority and
>>>   it is not good for us around the world.
Seg#8:  Environmentalists escape reality to claim CO2 is a pollutant
The attempt by Al Gore is evil and irresponsible.  He personally profits as people suffer and die. It is all for the advancement of a cause.  They have yet to be right about anything, and yet they claim credit for whatever happens.   Republicans are shutting down EPA. 
It is a shame that Egypt news overshadows what Republicans are doing.
((Reading: Republican legislation will reset the EPA dictates.))
You exhale carbon-dioxide, CO2, and that is a greenhouse gas poison?  The Creator did this to us?  It makes no sense at all.  We cannot change anything by not breathing.  Plants need carbon dioxide to survive.
February 1979 I remember the snow.  24 inches of snow fell at my Father's home.  I had to drive back to Kansas City, MO, back to my PR job with St Louis Cardinals.  Now the Drive-bys portray this storm as Armageddon.  If it convinces them there is no Global Warming, then I am fine with it.
Caller: Congratulations you your wedding, Kathryn was stunning.
       She still is!
Caller:  Wives of nation leaders are stunning.  Etc. Where is ideal weather.
       Where on Earth is it being done right?
Caller-Carla:    Obama is acting like his religion is Muslim.
       He says he is a Christian.   Do you know where he was born.
Caller-still: There are two sides of any story, and then there is the Truth.
>>> Caller, "Our town in Idaho has no stoplights."  Rush, "That's tiny."
Caller makes the point that in real America, you can get away from it all.
Seg#9:  If citizens refuse, would judges enforce the unconstitutional?
Are we not in an economic downturn?  There is no impact in manufacturing and industry slowing with less Global Warming?  Will they not celebrate this?
Caller: Will Obama still fine people now it is unconstitutional?
           I don't think a judge would side with the gov't.  Are we living under a dictatorship?
>>> If a judge enforces against Constitution, it is worse than thought.
Seg#10:  The law is voided;  there is no fine;  no change until 2014
Obamacare would take affect long after The Regime gets voted out.
>>> You don't need to defend yourself from not obeying a non-law.
Seg#11: But the three aspects of rioters are still there
[[ED:  We see (1) anti-Mubarak;  (2) good pro-Mubarak;  and (3) Mubarak gov't thugs.]]
(Music) Camels roll into Cairo Egypt even as Obama tells them they get what they want.  Robert Fibbs speaks ((clip: 'Now' means yesterday or today.  I want to be clear, 'now' means yesterday.))  Put yourself in the press room listening to Gibbs.  "You Egyptian rioters go home — I, your Pharaoh, have spoken to Mubarak and everything you want will happen." 
((Clip: It was a colossal mistake to not have the Severability clause.))  Take the mandate away and the bill falls anyway.   At msNBC they find someone ((clip: Clearly we will provide healthcare when it is needed whether they have insurance or not.  It will be decided at the Supreme Court.))  It is all irrelevant.  He is a legislator.
Austin Goolsby last Wednesday at the House, Ways and Means Committee, testimony  ((Clip:  Not a new tax [but new expenses].))  For those making less than $250,000 per household, Obama said there would be no tax increase.  ((Clip: It gives here a simultaneous reduction in healthcare.))
>>> All of these things are increasing the costs.  People see it.
Obama, Barack, Mubarak, Hussein, MuBarak, just saying, "nothing here, move on."
Seg#12:  Review of one Liberal always being wrong, still revered
Caller: Your website has half-way countdown to Algore's doom prediction.
       So five years ago, Al Gore said we had less than ten years, arrogant.
Rachel Carlton got DDT banned and millions have died of Malaria.  Julian Simon made a bet with Ehrlich about metals increasing in value.  Paul Ehrlich wrote "The Population Bomb" and has not been right about anything.  So the Left holds him up as a Guru to this day.
Caller: Look at all the earmarks.  Can we have investigations?
         We are going to !     Darrell Issa asked for documents and the Whitehouse told him to go to hell.  It is a natural reaction in the Executive Branch, but the Legislative Branch has oversight.  It is all in the works and The Regime has a lot to hide.
You keep asking and keep them on defense; same with Obamacare repeal.
>>> Keep sending it up and make Democrats defend bad positions.
Segment#13:    Death Panels?  Nothing to see here, move on
Does Obama value talking to the people rioting more than telling American citizens how the rioting affects American interests?  Does he think he can affect the mob?  That is what he told the mob.  600 injuries today, plus camels.  Some Democrats say Obama is walking a tightrope and has not done the right thing.
"Yeh, I hear ya;  change can't be done over night; go home", says Pharaoh. 
DbM says the Repeal Obama bill is mainly symbolic but puts Democrats on the line when it comes to reelection for some.  Mitch McConnell tells Democrats to vote with him and Republicans, "it is a chance because it is ruled unconstitutional."  You are not hearing it because of Cairo.
It is like when they told us there were no Death Panels;
and then Democrats moved to remove them.
((Reading Politico)) They attempt to club Republicans over the head to say it is everyone's responsibility.  Who wrote this?  David N.   Nice try, pal.  First say it is judged unconstitutional, and then blame Republicans.  Obama telling everyone they must buy is the [stretch].
>>> Score big points, $20 Sherri's Berries, unique large strawberries.
Seg#14:  One average volcano puts up more soot than all humans .!.
Caller: In 1816 a volcano brought no summer in New England.
        What would Global Warmers have said?  "It is an illustration of what we must do."  They would find a way to say Man damages more.  Mt Pinatubo put up more gunk than all humans combined.  People are vain: one the one hand, we are no different than a slug or a kangaroo rat, but on the other hand, we have the power to destroy Earth.
It boils down to this:  everybody wants to matter and make a difference.
This clambering for fame;  somebody comes along and says, "You can save the planet" then you try to get everybody else to be an environmentalist also;  then you become an actor, or vice-versa.
Caller:  Since Obama suggests to Mubarak to resign, I suggest (as a member of the Tea Party movement) I suggest that he resigns.  He hurts America.
        0.3% of Egypt gets Mubarak to step down;  60% here don't have a voice?
>>> There is no way Pharaoh Obama even hears the Tea Party.
Seg#15:  South Dakota puts up a protest-bill:  everyone must own a gun.
>>> If you can do it with healthcare, why not guns?
Closing:   See you tomorrow;   check no the Superbowl.
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From the Rush Limbaugh Morning Update: "Loud and Clear"
You know, folks, it's no small matter when 26 of the 50 states join together to oppose a law imposed upon them by the federal government. It's also no small matter when those states are joined by the National Federation of Independent Business, America's most influential lobby for small businesses, to oppose the federal government imposing a law that harms their sector.
The law, of course, is Obamacare, and US District Judge Roger Vinson ruled that it is unconstitutional to force Americans to purchase health insurance or face punishment. Bottom line is, the court agreed with outraged citizens from every state who understand that Barack Obama, Dingy Harry, Nancy Pelosi, and the Democrat Party do not have the authority or the power to force their will on us -- as if we are helpless subjects, and they are third world dictators.
Now, in a delicious bit of irony, the judge used Obama's own words against him. In a footnote at the end of his ruling, Judge Vinson wrote: "In 2008, then-Senator Obama supported a health care reform proposal that did not include an individual mandate because he was at that time strongly opposed to the idea, stating that 'if a mandate was the solution, we can try that to solve homelessness by mandating everybody to buy a house.'"
The battle won't be over until the question of the constitutionally of Obamacare is eventually decided by the Supreme Court. But at least on one day in America, freedom rang loud and clear.
Read the Background Material on the Morning Update...    [[Heard AM on radio across America]]
Quote Gems from Rush Limbaugh dot com:
"Republicans must continue to pursue repeal of the whole Obamacare law. None of this, 'Well, there are parts of it that we like.' Forget that. No deals, no negotiations. Kill it."
"The New Castrati is saying, 'Well, we have two other federal judges who said that Obamacare is constitutional. What about that, what about that, what about that?' Here's the true answer, and don't doubt me: it means nothing."
"This is not an occasion to look for common ground. This is an occasion to build upon a decision that rules the fundamental building block of Obama's reason to be president unconstitutional."
"Mr. New Castrati, if they can force us to buy health insurance, they can force us to buy broccoli. Once you get this in your head that they can force us to buy health insurance, what's to stop them from making us buy a stupid electric car?" 
"I'll tell you, Judge Vinson's reference to the original Tea Party was just a really great poke in the eye to the Democrats and the media. I mean, he could've cited any number of examples, but to take that one... That was just, 'I'm gonna jam this in the nearest orifice I can find, and I'm not stopping!'"
"Obama's a constitutional scholar, folks. Or, more properly, he taught how to subvert the Constitution to a bunch of ACORN-types when he was in Chicago." 
"I'm getting e-mails, 'What about Punkin, what about Punkin? Are her feelings hurt? My gosh, you never even talk about her anymore!' Okay! All right! I'll tell you about Punkin!"
[Check the website, "[pet cat] demands top billing."]
"From the Jerusalem Post: 'A leading member of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt told an Iranian news network that he would like to see the Egyptian people prepare for war against Israel.' This is a peaceful bunch of people, right?" 
"I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry about this, folks: 'According to the White House, Janet Napolitano briefed Obama this morning on government preparations for the latest bout of winter weather.' Why doesn't he just mandate everybody go out and buy a snowplow?" 
"Yeah, The Haney Project is sort of like the health care bill: you have to watch it to find out what's in it."
"Long live Ronald Reagan, long live Judge Vinson, and long live all of Reagan's appointees."
"The Republicans are now closing ranks with the Democrats on this Egypt business so that we can present a unified front. There's no, 'What happened here? Who is the Muslim Brotherhood? What's really going on?' They're not using this as an albatross to hang around the administration's neck -- as they would be doing to us." 
"We have a majority of states, 26, that agree with Judge Vinson's ruling. And according to polls, two-thirds of all Americans agree with Judge Vinson, and yet the White House and the State-Controlled Media call this ruling an outlier. So who's really out of touch?"
"This is not chump change. This is not insignificant. Imagine if Nixon had defied the judiciary, as Obama is doing now, during Watergate. Can you imagine the hell that would've broken loose?" 
"It's one thing to want to repeal Obamacare because the American people don't want it. It's one thing to repeal it in the context of democratic principles. And it's a whole other thing to have a federal court rule the whole thing unconstitutional."
"Losers would sit back on their laurels and say, 'All right, we'll just watch this thing traverse the courts.' Winners would make sure it gets over the finish line, and they wouldn't rest until it did."
"We have three branches -- legislative, executive, and judiciary -- and the executive cannot tell the legislative or the judicial what to do. However, this bunch thinks they can." 
"We have an increasingly lawless president. 'Did you mean to say that, Mr. Limbaugh?' Yes, I did, Mr. New Castrati. We have an increasingly lawless president." 
"The Republicans should repeal the law whether or not it is unconstitutional because it is a disaster. This cannot be forgotten, folks. This law, Obamacare, destroys the American health care system, and it destroys whatever is left of the nation's Treasury." 
"You can come out of your hole for a couple of weeks, for now the era of Reagan is alive and well, and may have saved the United States from a transformation to pure, unadulterated socialism." 
"If you can mandate that everybody buy health insurance, what's to keep President Palin and a Republican Congress from mandating that you buy a gun and shoot caribou with it?" 
"They say Mubarak hasn't listened to his people. Really? He-he-he... Is this regime listening to us? We don't want and have never wanted their health care!"
"Many of us are saying, 'It's about damn time somebody applied the brakes to this bunch, and not just this bunch, but everybody who thinks the federal government's powers are limitless. Screw them!'" 
"Let me tell you when the job crisis is going to be. The job crisis is going to be in 2012. And you know why? Because no president has ever been reelected with an unemployment rate over 8%." 
"People do think that presidents are above the law, and we've had some presidents who think that they are above the law -- particularly if they are confused and think that they are on some moral crusade that supersedes the law."
"I think, folks, that we should proudly play up the fact that Judge Vinson is a Reagan nominee. Well, the left loves Reagan now. They've been invoking Reagan since the buildup to Obama's State of the Union show." 
"Do you remember last year when a reporter asked Nancy Pelosi if the Constitution allows the federal government to force people to have health insurance? She said, 'Are you serious?' As though she thought that was one of the stupidest questions that she's ever heard. Yeah, we're serious! We're damn serious!
"Maybe we could get Mubarak to tell Obama that he shouldn't run again. I wouldn't mind that. In fact, I'd like to see that."   [Hear here! One dictator to another.]   [Subscribers get other half of gem quotes]
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Learned from WSJ Online:
> The Nuts and Bolts of the ObamaCare Ruling
According to the government's theory, wrote Judge Vinson, 'the more harm the statute does, the more power Congress could assume for itself under the Necessary and Proper Clause.'
Google opened a new Web-based marketplace for applications that run on mobile devices powered by its Android software, one of several moves by the Internet company to keep up with rival Apple.
                        App Developers Tap Rising Demand
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February 2, 2011 Posted by John at 10:04 AM
   Sen. Mitch McConnell has apparently succeeded in forcing a Senate vote on the repeal of Obamacare, which he has offered as an amendment to the Federal Aviation Administration reauthorization bill. Harry Reid says the vote will take place between 5 and 6 p.m. tomorrow, eastern time.
The Hill reports that heavy pressures are being brought to bear on Democrats who are up for re-election next year: ~~~   [Read on at ]   
February 2, 2011 Posted by Scott at 6:28 AM
I haven't seen it noted much, but the Los Angeles Times reported the position of the Obama administration this past Monday on the participation of the Muslim Brotherhood in a future Egyptian government:
The Obama administration said for the first time that it supports a role for groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood, a banned Islamist organization, in a reformed Egyptian government.
The organization must reject violence and recognize democratic goals if the U.S. is to be comfortable with it taking part in the government, the White House said. But by even setting conditions for the involvement of such nonsecular groups, the administration took a surprise step in the midst of the crisis that has enveloped Egypt for the last week.
The New York Times adds that White House staff members have "made clear that they did not rule out engagement with the Muslim Brotherhood as part of an orderly process" of transition to a new government after the departure of Mubarak. The Times helpfully explains that the Muslim Brotherhood "renounced violence years ago." Funny that the Brotherhood's Hamas branch (i.e., "one of the wings of the Muslim Brothers in Palestine") hasn't gotten the word.
If you want to get a fix on the Muslim Brotherhood that will take you beyond the useful idiocy of the Times (and the Obama administration), you can check out the Hamas charter, or Andrew McCarthy's "Fear the Muslim Brotherhood."
UPDATE: Dore Gold has more on the Muslim Brotherhood.       
By Michelle Malkin  •  February 2, 2011 04:03 AM
My column today spotlights the left-wing/New York Times alliance against Chick-Fil-A. Anti-corporate/anti-Christian blogs + MSM advocacy journalism = job-sabotaging smear machine.
Chick-Fil-A isn't the only one in the restaurant industry targeted by the progressive mob over the past month.
The SEIU has been waging open-borders attacks on restaurant chain Chipotle simply because the company complied with federal immigration law and fired employees unable to provide valid documentation that they're here legally. Less than two weeks ago, the Purple Army dispatched its goons to Minneapolis to disrupt business at a downtown Chipotle. Similar protests were staged at Chipotle locations in CA, CO, CT, DC, FL, IL, NY and VA. Judging from this video, the Big Labor business-bashers are having quite the party making a living by impeding the work of others:
While the White House rushed this week to promote entrepreneurship and help businesses grow, the administration should have been telling its radical allies to do the economy a favor: Leave law-abiding American businesses alone.   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~       
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Chicago Tribune - ‎1 hour ago‎
By Tribune staff report People take pictures of an empty Lake Shore Drive on Feb. 2, 2011. (William DeShazer/Chicago Tribune) One of the biggest snowstorms in Chicago history has paralyzed businesses across the region.
Fox News - ‎Jan 29, 2011‎
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