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Your Rush ECHO for Friday 2-18-2011

Your Rush Limbaugh Echo for Friday, 2/18/11
Student NOTES from Institute freshmen, not 'official'
Opening: "3rd day occupation in the WI capital"
Segment#1:    The American people are not going to stand for this
That is how it reads in the headline of the USA Communist Party newspaper.  None of this was supposed to happen in the new era of 'civility'.  Open-Line Friday allows you to call in to make the host look good, or eMail:
Have any of you heard how poorly paid the WI teachers are paid?  That's right, they are not poorly pay, way out of line to those in the private sector. I thought we were teaching to not bully in public schools.  Democrats are the bullies!
"Free" health benefits for public sector employees (many of them teachers) get $2,200 for 300,000 employees, you do the math.  Governor Walker wants use the public fund wisely and ask them to pay half.  They have a balanced-budget amendment in the constitution of Wisconsin and if they don't listen, they will need to be laid off.
Have you heard Scott Walker talk about the $3.6billion debt/deficit his Democrat predecessor left?  If he did like Obama blaming Bush, DbM [Drive-by Media] would call him a cry-baby.  Obama has taken the side of the unions.
OH, NM, TE are next and that is why WI is the tipping point.  Obama says that the AZ law is an assault on those in America.  What is an assault is the assault on "state's rights".  Obamacare is unconstitutional.  We have a pattern here of bullying and blatant disregard towards state's rights. 
The honorable Barack Hussein Obama, Hmm,hmmm-hmmmmm, apparently didn't study the constitution when he taught law.  He thinks Saul Alinsky was a Founding Father.  Then he wants 'civility'.
Maybe the WI Democrat legislators fled in the short yellow bus felt Irish since they ended up in a bar in Illinois.  They leave the dirty work to a bused in bunch of agitators.  The president intercedes in a state matter, just like he did in AZ.
Let you and the American people see who the radical is.  We saw them take Stimulus (your dollars) to make a slush fund for Democrat elections.  It is public-sector unions against the people in the private sector who pay them.  This country is in a free-fall mess of Obama's making.  This is a political fight that Americans will win.
They see that Barack Obama is not the Gipper Ronald Reagan;
>>> They see he is not the comeback kid, but on the way out.
S#2:  Obama should speak against bullies like he did against Tea Party
On this program (re: riots in Greece) we asked which side would Obama be on?  Would he be trying to quell the union mob or would he be with them throwing the Molotov cocktails?  Now we find out.
Bottom Line:  The union freeloaders have as much chance of winning in the long run as do those in Spain, Greece, or France.  They cannot win since we do not have the money.  They have a balanced-budget amendment to their constitution.
We are either on the side of these union people or we are on the side of the country and state.  To survive, budgets and spending has to be cut.  Wisconsin can't print any money.  Didn't Obama oppose Tea Party rallies because they were against the government?  Now unions protest the gov't and he flip-flops.
>>> WI governor Walker tells Obama to stay out of his business.
Segment#3:  Most of the union workers in Wisconsin are at work
Deranged Liberal is writing the FCC because I haven't taken a phone call.  They swarm Boehner's house, "Don't tread on me; no taxation without representation." 
((Clip-Walker:  I am staying and encourage Democrats to show up for work.  You cannot have a conversation if the other side doesn't come in.))  If somebody gets hurt, God forbid, will media blame Obama?  Talk radio doesn't encourage this.
Public servants are now protected species, like snail darters.  They make calls to whip up the protest, "Get in their face;  bring a gun" Obama inspires them.
((Clip-Walker:  The vast majority of our 300,000 employees are showing up for work and doing the job they were paid to do.  We have to solve the deficit.))  We don't have the money;  even kicking the can down the road doesn't change the inevitable.  Governor Walker tells them we have reached the end of the road.
He is asked about those hit hardest.  ((Clip-Walker: That is not true with firefighters.  Millions and millions of taxpayers also have a right to be heard.  Asking employees to pay half of the national average for healthcare is a reasonable request.))  He nails it.  This is what the voters in Wisconsin wanted to change.
((Montage:  We are making history;    We have lost 'democracy';   we are being tossed out.))  Do these students learn nothing?  "I want my healthcare";  so go earn it!  They are trying to make themselves out to be oppressed.
>>> These freeloaders are not in Egypt but in the land of opportunity.
Seg#4:  What has Obama done for you lately of any benefit?
CBS Mark Knoller is saying there needs to be restraint (from the mob) and we do not know if he is talking about Egypt and the Middle East or here in America.
Those of us on the Right have tried to fix the train wreck coming.  We wrote letters to elected officials;  then we had rallies in polite ways and watch the lies.  Then we elected those that promised to fix it. 
When that didn't work, we went through the courts and Obamacare was declared void since it is unconstitutional.  You ask what has led to this?  Meanwhile, the real bullies are on the left.  They encourage chaos.  They seem to want civil war and their leader encourages them.
Nobody wanted Obamacare and Democrats lied about it.  They had to be extra-constitutional and yet they say, "Tea Baggers poise a threat to our way of life."
Caller:  What about teaching the children?
        The last thing they care about is the education of children.  They have been getting by for years on that rhetoric.  It is all about the adults and the children are just pawns. 
>>> "Little Guy" does not find a friend in Democrats.
Seg#5:  This Democrat tactic to flee did not work in Texas.
KFI news: Gov Walker calls it 'theatrics' more than anything else.
Seg#6: $89,500 compared to $61,000 average in the private sector
(Theme Music) "We must start living within our means", Obama.  He should be encouraging Gov Walker but he isn't. Instead, he encourages buses of protestors.
If the WI teachers were poorly paid, DbM would plaster low pay in headlines.  FoxNews reports their salaries, $89,500 compared to $61,000 average including benefits in the private sector.  It is not sustainable to make this much more than those paying them.
Democrats from Texas fled to New Mexico to avoid a vote, didn't work. They wanted to avoid redistricting. There is a picture of the Best Western motel for WI Democrats, right next to a bar.  Michelle Malkin does a good job, "line on the pavement, No more!"  We elected people who said they would stand up.
((Reading Michelle Malkin:  They are still making out like bandits even after the proposal.  El Presidente is organizing the protests rather than helping.))
>>> Their job is to educate children, not make jackasses of themselves.
Seg#7:  Gov Walker should say, "I won — get used to it!"   Obama did.
These union teachers are acting against the students, the parents, and those that pay their salaries.  They should be docked for their illegal absence.  They lied about being sick. "I won", Governor Walker should say — the words of Obama.
Caller-Georgia-gal:  I would like to have their job; I'm 26.
        Your friends should question their professors; have them listen here.   Would you be willing to work for $89,500/yr?  That's what they make in Wisconsin.
>>> Have them get info from somewhere besides Comedy Central.
KFI news: "We need the budget; not people laid off", Gov Walker.
Seg#8:  Democrats are not representing children, parents, tax-payers
Scott Walker told voters what he would do and Obama didn't.  Scott Walker has a bigger mandate than Obama said he did;  52% to 46%.  (Obama had 52% to 45% by hiding his Agenda.)  State troopers in WI have been told to bring back one Democrat to hold the vote.
Many of you are out of work and are watching — they do not support you.
Democrats want you to believe "the little guys" are the union people.  I submit to you "the little guy" is the poor slub paying taxes to support the $89,500/yr union teachers. 
((Clip-Montage: Democrats are at an undisclosed location, Etc.))  Media knows where they are.  ((Clip:  I'm a senate Democrat and support union workers paying some of their benefits.  They were not asked.))  It's the union leaders that don't want to negotiate.  They lose some power to negotiate every year. 
> Single Democrat, Jim Holperin, shows you he knows public opinion.
Segment#9:    Republicans will lose votes if they go wishy-washy
Never again can it be said Obama was a force for unity and good.  If he meant it, "live within our means", he would side with Governor Walker.  WI constitution legislates a balanced budget.  Obama is as contemptible as those carrying signs. Don't doubt me.
I have a message to Republicans, "Don't worry about Independents".  They left Obama because of fiscal irresponsible of Obamacare.  They won't be back.
Caller-coed: We walked around the WI capital and signs say "Care about us like we care about your children" as if they will teach better with more money. 
           It is encouraging to hear you [age 17, home-schooled]
Caller-still:  They are asked to put in a very little amount.
>>> Like in Egypt, Obama wants them to tear up their constitution.
Seg#10:  There just needs to be one Democrat in the chamber.
Jim Holperin does not have to vote; Republican have the Majority.
>  >  >        That is why he can say anything that he wants.
S#11: Tea Party people are better investigators than State-Run Media
(Music) We'll get to other news; has great headlines today.  House wants to defund the Obama Czars;  passes an act to block Fairness Doctrine.
Egypt will allow two war Iranian ships to go through the Suez canal.  Just look at how quickly dividends have come democracy in Egypt.
14 Democrats threaten to stay out of Wisconsin for as long as it takes.  There are 33 total, with 19 Republicans. They just need one Democrat to be in chambers to have a quorum.  Justice Brothers are there?
Senator Jeff Sessions talks about the budget item, interest on the debt.  ((Clip-Geithner:  That's right.  It is not sustainable and what is the alternative plan?))  ((Clip-Session: It is not a plan to win the future, but to lose the future.  That's your plan!))  Geithner sounds threatening, "Yes, what could you do?"
Clearly, Geithner and Obama think the public is on the side of "Spend, spend, spend" and want Republicans to tell the public, not them.  It is tantamount to dereliction of duty.
Snerdley wonders if The Justice Brothers rode in the limousines of the Muslim Brotherhood to get to the Madison WI protest.  Will they go to Ohio?  Will it be like Mrs Clinton's bus going from state to state to state?
The Tea Party is doing the job that ought to be done by state-controlled media.  They go and find the senators and post it on YouTube.  ((Clip: Why didn't you do your job in the legislator?))  Jim Holperin says his job is to run away. 
>>> We used to expect 'the-watchdog-of-America' to find this out.
Seg#12:  Do Liberals think money grows on trees?  Just print more?
I have no doubt this program is blaring in parts of the mob in WI.  You want mob rule?  How many people belong to unions, 12% or 13% in government?  We have more people than you.
Caller: "Community Reinvestment Act" wasn't the cause.  Jan McCaskey said there was a run on the bank that would cause world collapse.  Chuck Schumer had a run on IndyMac to help Obama. 
     PA Paul Tandorsky walked his comment back.  "Not the kind of money market funds you think of, consumer markets."  They claimed $500billion disappeared over night and we checked and found out it didn't happen. 
Community Reinvestment Act was to blame.  Bankers were forced into making loans; they had to become creative; they sold assets, amounting to insurance, kicking the can down the road.  'Derivatives' were to spread the risk around.  Think of Liberalism as spreading rot in a spiral upward staircase.  It collapsed.
The Bush Adm tried 17 times to remove the rot.  Every time, they were raked over the coals as "mean-hearted" like Gov Walker.  Money ran out.
>>> Anytime you find problems, look to unions and Liberalism.
Seg#13:  Wisconsin teachers have cushy vacations and tenure
Heritage Foundation is applying pressure in Congress, "Here is how you can cut the Budget."  Those in DC are our employees and some need to be fired.
Caller-WA:  Remember how rock-and-roll was played for Noriega to blast him out?  This show needs to be played loudly to the Democrats holed up in Illinois.
           Snerdley, remember the women-in-combat argument?  We proposed the first women Amazon Calvary Battalion.  When women are housed together for a long time, their PMS becomes synchronized.  Put Feminazis together and then send them in at the right time.  They might surrender immediately. 
If blaring this show to Democrats is too much, how about blaring prayers like they do in Cairo?
Apple Steve Jobs got to Silicon Valley to meet with Obama;  Apple is not unionized.  Google CEO, and Facebook-guy Zuckerman, plus others, not unionized.  Obama wanted them to help lay out the 2012 tech blueprint, like tax money paying for everyone in America to have internet.
Caller: New teachers in WI start in with three months off, and party like animals.  Then they get tenure after three years — not like my hard-working Mother.
       Where do they get the money for partying in Hampshires?  I had not factored that in, very interesting.  What else might it explain?  [Teacher student abuse.]
Big news, but not unprecedented:  boy student refused to wrestle a girl and she wins by forfeit.  He thought he must treat her like a lady.  This is not new even though it is big news.  The boy student is an evangelical Christian.  Megyn Kelly discussed it in a panel discussion on FoxNews.
Once this gets started, it does not easily go away.  This never happened when we were that age.  I had to do ballroom dancing under a drill sergeant;
>>> These guys get to roll around on the mat, it's sanctioned.
Seg#14:  House just defunded Planned Parenthood
Judge Vinson is being asked by The Regime to clarify his ruling voiding Obamacare.  2011 payment rate changes affect 100,000,000 Medicare payments every month.  States do not want part of it because it will bankrupt them.  States are to continue and implement Obamacare?
"You tell the states they have to continue what you said was unconstitutional", The Regime lawyers tell Judge Vinson.
>>>   >>>   >>>    Time will tell and we are watching it like a hawk.
Seg#15:  They did it .!.   House Republicans bar 'individual mandate'.
They bar federal money from being used to enforce the 'individual mandate' of Obamacare.  The House Republicans are on a 'tear'.  Next, no $$ for Abortions by denying money to Planned Parenthood.
>>> On that, we end a sterling week of Broadcast Excellence.
Closing:   Have a great weekend and we'll see you on Monday.
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From the Rush Limbaugh Morning Update: "Who to believe?"
On Wednesday, the CIA director, Leon Panetta, told a Senate intelligence committee that if we ever capture Osama Bin Laden or other Al-Qaeda leaders, they'll likely be sent to our Air Force base in Bagram, and then to Club Gitmo. Now, that's welcome news for me; I have a thriving merchandise product line featuring Club Gitmo apparel.
But other people, ladies and gentlemen, are not unhappy. Said an ACLU honcho: "If this is the direction the administration is thinking of going, it is very disturbing." So-called human rights groups expressed worry that Obama is retreating from his pledge to close Gitmo, and they don't like the hint that he may use our air base in Afghanistan. An appeals court ruled last year that Bagram is beyond the court's reach, so terrorists could be held indefinitely and interrogated there.
Well, the regime quickly "clarified" Panetta's remarks, insisting that Obama has every intention of closing Gitmo, but they had to admit that "many countries are either incapable or unwilling" to take the terrorists, and "we require some mechanism to be able to detain them ourselves."
Before the regime seized power, I predicted Gitmo would not be shut down. On his first day in office when Pharaoh Obama signed his little Executive Order, I again predicted Gitmo would not be shut down. And today, one more time, I predict Gitmo will still be open when the regime is a distant memory. 
So, who you going to believe? Hint: Pick the guy with a track record for being right. Don't doubt me. 
Read the Background Material on the Morning Update...    [[Heard AM on radio across America]]
Quote Gems from Rush Limbaugh dot com:
"Judge Vinson gave us all Obamacare waivers. He ruled the whole damn thing unconstitutional!"
"This is not a democratic movement whatsoever in Wisconsin. In fact, they are trying to stop democracy. They're doing everything they can to disrupt legally elected representatives from doing the work of the people, and Obama and his organizations are encouraging this."
"So all the Senate Democrats in Wisconsin got on a bus and left the state to avoid the vote today. They probably went to bankrupt Illinois. Good. Absolutely fine. Way to go, Democrats. Keep it up. This is the exact kind of stuff we need people to see you do out in the open."
"Folks, I don't think the people in Wisconsin -- the unions, the teachers, and some of the protesters -- got the memo on civility. Have you seen what's going on? I mean, this is Greece." 
"I don't know what to tell people, anymore. There isn't any money for these unions. In your own home when there isn't any money, what do you do? Do you go on strike against your own family?"
"'Workers' is a Marxist term I also object to when being applied to people who go to work in this country. We have entrepreneurs. We have employees. We have associates. 'Workers' exist in China, in the old Soviet Union, in North Korea, and in Cuba."  

"'What do you mean freeloaders get a free ride, Rush?' Look, when somebody else is paying for most of what you get in life, you're a freeloader -- there's no other way to describe it. It might sound a little harsh, but that's why passions here are what they are." 
"Schools do not exist for unions to have jobs just like corporations do not exist for members of a community to have health care benefits. That's not the purpose, folks."
"You know damn well that old Barry is monitoring 'tensions' in Madison, but he's not solving problems. Obama's busy worrying about 2012 because all that matters to him is that his most dependable voters -- public sector union members -- get serviced. He feels their pain because their pain is his pain." 
"The president of the United States talks about 'winning the future' with trains and windmills. Now, if this were 1835 that would be a sure winner, but it's 2011."
"Here it is Thursday, folks. This week is going by faster than some of these Middle Eastern regimes. Now they're tearing up Bahrain out there. I'm sure Obama saw this one coming, too."
"This is the second anniversary of Obama's Porkulus bill. Yup, anniversary number two, folks, and in the two years of Obama's stimulus we have lost 2.6 million jobs." 
"Obviously Obama has BDD: Budget Deficit Disorder. It's akin to Attention Deficit Disorder -- one becomes bored with a task after only a few minutes unless doing something enjoyable, and one has no ability to listen. I think that pretty much sums up where we are."
"Governor Walker is listening to the people, the people who elected him. He's doing what the people of Wisconsin want. He can't print money like Obama can, and this is the thing these union people don't seem to understand."
"We are at the breaking point, and just like in Greece, you tell the freeloaders the free ride is over, and they just raise hell -- they just can't handle it."
"Why are public employees exempted from all of this sacrifice? It's times like this, folks, when the disconnect between liberals and the people become very, very clear."
"For once we have some people with some guts who don't act like a bunch of little sissies, afraid to offend people by standing up for what they believe. And this is not just going on in New Jersey and Wisconsin, either. This is happening in many towns and states, and it has been going on for quite a while." 
"Who's vilifying public sector workers, Obama? We just don't have the money to pay them!"
"By the way, has anybody claimed that talk radio is responsible for what's going on in Wisconsin? Not yet, but let's wait and see what happens there before they do." 
"You guys in Washington, keep your hands off of our football and keep your hands off our baseball. When you get serious and responsible about a budget, then we'll talk about some of this other stuff."
"I don't want to come off as insensitive here, but being that I live in Literalville, since when did state employees take on the status of war veterans?" 
"This is a 'Repeal Walker' sign in Wisconsin, and those are crosshairs on the face of Walker, right between his eyes. Yeah, this bunch protesting in Wisconsin obviously did not get the memo on civility." 
"When you as an individual join a union, you are essentially saying good-bye to yourself as an individual. You can work as hard as you want, you can be better than the next person on the line, but it isn't going to matter." 
"These public sector unions, folks, let's just describe them accurately: They are monopolies, and they are organizing against the taxpayers, the people who pay them." 
"Let me put this in a political context for you: I oppose liberalism wherever it is. I oppose liberalism because liberalism is what has destroyed prosperity in this country." 
"There's nothing sacred about what we do to anybody, so hy should there be something sacred about liberals do? Why are they hands off? If it's liberalism, we think it's a problem." 
"Obama wants to change the rules so that the ballot's not secret anymore, so that he can coerce people into joining unions. Now, if unions are so great, then why do they need card check? Why do they need coercive elements and techniques to get people to sign up for one?"
"I was made to wash the family cars. I could've looked at it as volunteerism, but I didn't. I looked at it as a chore that was designed to teach me a lesson."   [Subscribers get other half of gem quotes]
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February 18, 2011 Posted by Scott at 5:49 AM
As the unions staged their productions in Madison this week, seeking to get the governor and supportive legislators in line, many of us turned to Patrick McIlheran's Milwaukee Journal Sentinel column to understand what was happening. I also called Pat to ask him how to follow events in Madison. He took my call and patiently made several recommendations. I caught him on a busy day and I'm sure that he left out a few observers whom he would have included on further reflection. In any event, here are his recommendations, in no particular order:   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~
I asked McIlheran if he thought Governor Walker had the spine to see the current crisis through. Pointing to Governor Walker's record as Milwaukee County Executive, Pat had no hesitation in saying that he thought he did. The Weekly Standard's Steve Hayes is a Wisconsin native. Steve also cites Governor Walker's record on this point.
See also Katrina Trinko's post at NRO's Corner: "Walker: Wisc. won't be bullied." Trinko's post draws on Greta Van Susteren's telephone interview with Governor Walker last night (video below).   ~~~
JOHN adds: Check out, too, today's editorial in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Wisconsin's biggest newspaper. It is titled "The Dems' Tantrum." Some highlights:
In a snit, Senate Democrats run and hide - making a mockery of the democratic process. Democrats in the state Senate threw a temper tantrum Thursday - essentially they took their ball and went home.
Actually, they didn't go home. They apparently went to Illinois, just out of reach of their obligations.
State Sen. Lena Taylor (D-Milwaukee), apparently with plenty of time on her hands Thursday afternoon, posted on her Facebook page, "brb," slang for "be right back." Too bad she and her colleagues weren't.
One leading Democrat - Obama was his name, as we recall - put it well after winning the White House in 2008: "Elections have consequences," he told Republicans at the time. Indeed they do. The Democrats' childish prank mocks the democratic process.
Meanwhile, some Wisconsin teachers decided to make a mockery of their own profession by penalizing their students after an irresponsible call to action by Mary Bell, the chief of the state teachers union. ...
Both Senate Democrats and teachers should get over their snits and get back to work.
Newspaper editorials are not always a reliable guide to public sentiment, but this time I think we can be confident that the Journal Sentinel's reaction is in sync with the mood of voters.       
By Michelle Malkin  •  February 18, 2011 10:46 AM
This is a critical moment in the nation's battle to dig itself out of debt and free itself from the iron grip of public union monopolies. As you know from reading this blog, the Wisconsin showdown has been a long time coming. I remind you that there are many brave workers exposing the corruption and costs of compulsory unionism. Today's syndicated column gives an overview of the Big Labor battle in Wisconsin — now spreading to Ohio and Indiana, where the DNC/OFA are organizing the community of grievance-mongers kicking and screaming against overdue reforms.
Like someone famous always says: Change is never easy.
***   ~~~    ~~~    ~~~       
Responsible Adults Cannot Ignore These Numbers
   I knew we were in for real budgetary trouble with Obama, but his recent statements on the subject make me wonder whether he is so brainwashed with liberal ideology as to be divorced from reality — or worse.
   Based on his tireless rhetoric, it would appear that he thinks -- contrary to all evidence, including the failure of his $868 billion stimulus package to create jobs -- that even more spending would finally lead to jobs. This, though even his economic advisers have warned us not to expect unemployment levels to reduce to acceptable levels for years.

   In the meantime, as wrongheaded as he is about government spending's creating jobs, he's outright delusional about what he's doing to the national debt -- and that's giving him the benefit of the doubt.

   On our current course of runaway discretionary and entitlement spending, we will bankrupt the nation, yet Obama refuses to get serious about meaningfully curbing discretionary spending and is obstructing and demagoguing entitlement reform.

   If this doesn't get your attention, then you are asleep, in denial or irresponsibly apathetic. For if you were engaged, you would have heard or read about Obama's stunning statements on the budget earlier this week.

   He said, with a startling degree of casualness, "We will not be adding more to the national debt. ... We're not going to be running up the credit card any more."
~~~    ~~~    ~~~
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TG Daily - Mark Raby - ‎1 hour ago‎
IBM's supercomputer Watson proved that it's able to understand human language enough to stomp out the best contestants in Jeopardy history like they were a couple of high school freshmen.
FINALLY:  Learned from Glenn Beck     (FNC)
Three groups want New World Order.  You have (1) the United Nations people (one world government; open society; Non-government agencies; NROs, lots of money and power); (2) Caliphate; United Islam Nations, with Muslim Brotherhood, (Religion/Mosques) and help from Google in Egypt;  (3) "Workers Union" or "State Capitalism"  (good olde-fashioned Communism; unions; community organizing) !
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