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Your Rush ECHO for Tuesday 3-22-2011

Your Rush Limbaugh Echo for Tuesday, 3/22/11
Student NOTES from Institute freshmen, not 'official'
Opening:   Cute polar bear Knut :: up-and-died.
Seg#1:  We have innocents in a war on our southern border, AZ
He just up and died, before a group of children.  The DbM network wants Charlie Sheen back.  The feminist movement women say they don't want their daughters to dress in the manner they did.  We had told you the radiation in Japan came mainly from spent uranium exposed by the Tsunami.  Then there is golf.
The problem with Japanese food is that there is not enough of it.
Liberal peaceniks want the Nobel Peace Prize withdrawn from Obama.  Why do you think we are in Libya?  No, it was not from DbM pressure.
David Rodham Gergen on Zuckerman Brothers  ((Reading: The headsnapping change in Libya has everyone guessing on motivation for Obama.  Many of us believed that if only more women were in charge there would be less war.  Ironic that three women talked Obama into it: Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, Samantha Powers.  Leading male advisors were opposed to hitting Libya.
Of course male Liberals were opposed.  Liberal men are the new castrati:  feeling their woman side.  Talk about protecting innocent civilians in Libya!  There are a hell-of-a-lot-more people in other places.  George Clooney has been working for years to get USA into Darfur.  Clooney was barking up the wrong tree going to Obama — had he gone to Hillary, who knows the good we could have done.
We have innocents in Zimbabwe, Mugabe, and how about North Korea.
We have more 'innocents' under attack in Arizona than in Libya.  And Obama is talked into it by three women.  He is doing everything in Libya that he opposed.   Obama even laid out reasons for impeaching Bush. 
Harvard is supposed to be the place of all the Liberal answers: our president, DoD, State Department, they all came from Harvard, Yale, Ivy League.  We go in there to save face for Obama because he said, "You are out!"  And then Khadafy didn't go like he was supposed to.
We are being lead in a series of steps by people that believe USA is the problem.
>>> People in The Regime to not believe America is the answer.
Seg#2:  Obama goes against American-view — strategy of intervention
There is a reason for the murkiness in policy. 
How insulting is it to say there would be less war with women in charge?  They put little boys in pink rooms and gave them dolls and they still turn out to be boys.  Obama shares the views of making 'meals-on-wheels' overseas.  ((Reading: Obama [liked] Samantha Powers.))  They both follow Saul Alinsky. 
Whether it is Obama incompetence or his vast-Leftwing, Drive-by Media has to protect him from being exposed so he can get elected.  "He's so smart, you couldn't even keep up;  so don't even explore his associations." [Reading Stanley Kurtz]
>>> Americans want no part of "Meals On Wheels" intervention.
Segment#3:     Will DbM say Obama committed impeachable errors?
((Montage of US Presidents announcing war:  FDR: Dec 7 1941, a day that will go down in infamy.   Reagan: series of strikes against Khadafy.   Bush-1: Desert Storm, Kuwait; Bush-2 My fellow citizens, we move to disarm Saddam Hussein;   Obama:  Hello Rio.))  Snerdley says that was cold.  No, it was pathetic.
A renounced fashion model, Michelle-my-Belle is featured in magazines around the globe.  She is known for 'her innate sense of style.'  What did I tell you about all the DbM sympathy?  It is the way the 'NYTimes style book' says to report it.
If he survives this, can we move Khadafy from Col to General?  ((Clip-Obama:  There is international consensus, and we will stick to the UN mandate of a humanitarian mission.))  As we launch the missiles into his compound. 
((Clip-Obama: We anticipate the transition [missiles] to take place over a matter of days, and weeks.  The Pentagon will keep us posted.))  Eric Holder said Khadafy is a bad guy and doesn't deserve to be there. 
Wolf Blitzer was bending over backwards to excuse that Obama has no clue how long this will take.  ((Clip:  Is he up to speed on this?  General Mullen said differently.))  So Obama is not being advised properly, once again.
Long his secret, Obama can multitask: like eating a state dinner and being told we have a downed US Air Force F-15 jet in Libya, mechanical failure.
>>>  We had a true coalition after 14 months with Bush.
>>>>>   Obama called that coalition, "a phony coalition".
Segment#4:  Hillary Clinton is All-Way-Tired
Samantha Powers wrote a book at Harvard that impressed Obama so he hired her.  ((Reading: Hillary Clinton is a monster too.  She will stoop to anything.  The amount of deceit she has put forward got her in trouble.)) 
Get ready for the template that Obama can unite Ron Paul and Farrakhan.
((Clip-Obama:  What I do oppose is a dumb war.))  Ah-ha!  So we are in a 'smart' war and you are too dumb to follow the smartness.  Obama is so visionary and brilliant that even his own advisors cannot keep up.  Get Obama "Foreign Policy for Dummies."  It may explain why Hillary is leaving.  She doesn't want to run for POTUS, Sec.State, any of it.
Obama knew all the stuff he said about Iraq could be looked up and quoted;  that was why he was dithering.  David Rodham Gergen says three women talked him into it: Mrs Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, and Samantha Powers.
>>> Folks, it's pathetic.  However we got here, it is scary.
Cass Sunstein's Irish wife:   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samantha_Power
Segment#5:  Media fawns over the multitasking of Obama at dinner.
Seg#6:  More footballs will go into the endzone at kickoff time
(Theme Music) It's not my world anymore, everyone wimping out.  NFL moves the kickoff point to 35-yd-line to have fewer concussions. They'll always kick into the end-zone.  Why not just 'spot' the football at the 20-yd-line.  Oh, man! 
((Clip-Obama-from-the-past, 2002, antiwar speech.))   Guest who had stones tossed at him yesterday in Egypt?  ElBaradei.  Do we know yet if they were freedom lovers?
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mohamed_ElBaradei  Wasn't he the one the state dpt wanted?
Obama is president 44  ((Reading: Obama was updated throughout the meal in Chile at the state dinner.  Chief of staff Daley forwarded the information.  It illustrates his multitasking ability.))  Are you not dazzled?   Was Bush reading to school children as he was updated praised like this? 
This could cost us over $1billion;   the first day of Odyssey in Libya cost between $400million to $800million, and could run up to $4billion for six months. 
A genocide took place during 'no-fly-zone' with Clinton exercise in Bosnia.
>>>>    Pilots saw the newly dug graves as they flew over.
Segment#7:     Like Mother, like daughter
Caller-NJ: Now we see the importance of what Bush was trying to do.
        Is it clear yet if we had a 'pro-democracy' uprising in Egypt? 
Caller-still: That is why it is important for Whitehouse to be involved.
        Obama tried to get in front of the mob, wherever it was headed.
Sometimes I use satire to make a point:  there are more innocents in AZ, but do they have oil?   Who are they?  CNN hasn't told us yet.  That is how the head of our intelligence finds out.  He said he learns what is going on from CNN.
Caller: Did Europeans launch to prevent immigrants to EU?
        They see 'multi-culturalism' as a failure.  They saw that action was needed;  and they saw that Obama was dithering.
Caller-Dad: I'm raising teen daughters, their HS stories amaze me.  Dress.
        Does it worry you?   [Not my two; it's wrong; want to talk about boys.]
>>> Liberated women wonder why their daughters emulate.
"Why Do We Let Them Dress Like That?"  "Women of a liberated generation wrestle with their eager-to-grow-up daughters—and their own pasts"
Jennifer Moses in the Wall Street Journal
Seg#8:  What is the reason colleges have more women then men?
Paul Johnson disclaimed being an intellectual.  "People should come before ideas."  Post-feminist mothers don't like their daughters living the lives they lived:  "Here is how I dress, (sexually), come and get me — free love."  ((Reading: They congregate in front of the mirror, dressed in mini-dress.  They look at a flock of tropical birds.  Then they return to the dance floor, 12- and 13-yr-olds.  Etc.  I continue to be amazed at plunging dress lines.  Do we let them dress like prostitutes and then let them use our credit cards.  "Look at how hot my daughter is."  I have another theory:  the Moms are conflicted over their past.  We grew up with birth control, pressured by our peers to find ourselves in the bedroom;  [you can read the linked article].  Now, with the exception of Mormons and some Jews, they are not 'saving themselves for marriage'.   . . .  Not one of my friends say she wishes she experimented more.))
They might want to focus on education and learning in school. 
Compare and contrast this story about the Chinese Moms pushing their children to achieve.  There has to be a happy median. 
((Reading on))   The author doesn't like how they lived and don't want their daughters to fall.  Are they really the first bunch of mothers feeling this?  Back in the olde days, women went to college to find a husband.   [Satire next  ::  ]
>>> Men figured this out and stopped going to college.
Seg#9:  Khadafy refuses to be the coastguard for Europe
Caller-gal: President of Chile didn't leave when miners were trapped.
           Politico says Obama can multitask.
Caller: Bush worked on business from his TX ranch, not tax money to Rio.
           You have it pretty well summed up.
Caller-CA: Khadafy should answer for Lockerbie bombing. Go after him.
            That is clearly not the reason we went in. 
Nov 30, 2010, Khadafy demanded $6.5billion per year from the EU;  "Europe will become Black, overcome with different religions, and will change", he said.  He refused to be the coast guard for Europe.
> > Khadafy tried to warn them and now European Union turns on him.
S#10:  Imagine how nuts Left will go if Khadafy's WMD are not found.
Seg#11: Three women ganged up on Obama
(Music) Easter comes on April 24th.  We see a jump in food prices, 4%, that could hamper Easter.  Chocolate covered candy could cost twice as much.
Spider hybrid costs $845,000 and get 78 mpg; starting in 2013. It has two electric motors.  So the rich will have to buy this in quantities to bring prices down for everyone else.
Black population is going down in cities, as they move to suburbs.  ((Reading:  The loss is fueled by three trends:  leaving cities;  leaving South; etc.))  Another major reason is Abortion, 40% Black pregnancies nationwide;  and 60% in NYC end in abortion.  Let's just skirt it and not use the 'abortion' word, The Regime says.
"Polar bear Knut was in the water and then he was dead", said the trainer.  When Knut's mother rejected him, the zoo stepped in. [Hippy nuts] and animal rights people said that was wrong. 
Apparently, brain problems did Knut in.  PETA has a press release.
((Montage of The Regime:  If he stays in power, we cannot predict what he will do;   our mission is to protect civilians, not support either side.))   This is amateur hour and they contradict each other.  These are the smartest?  Harvard-trained, you know.  It was three women that ganged up on Obama.  ((Clip-Gergen:   Do we want the rebels to win?  It is not clear.  It is unacceptable.  We do not know what our policy is.)) 
Brit Hume factors in, "Failure is an option" unlike Bush.  There is mass confusion from the 'smart people on the Left.'   ((Clip-Kucinich))  That was Barack Obama and we now didn't follow the Constitution.  ((Clip-Nader:  If Bush should have been impeached, Obama should be impeached.))  ((Clip-Ed.Mahkee:  We are in Libya because of oil, our dependence highlighted.  This is the time for a great debate:  Japan and Libya:  What is our future?))  I wish we were going for oil.
((Clip-Farrakhan:  Why don't you organize respected Americans and ask for a meeting with Khadafy. You can't tell him to leave — who the Hell do you think you are?  [Raising his voice]  They will ask you to step down and out of the White House.  It is coming to America —  it has already started, in Wisconsin.)) 
How does Farrakhan feel about Khadafy warning Europeans to keep the Blacks out of there. 
>>> I'm not saying this.   I'm only quoting and playing clips.
Seg#12:  Liberals and Conservatives have two different sets of rules
NFL owners just proposed instant replay for every touchdown.  Brian says it is an opportunity for more commercials, "they want to grow the game."
Caller: Where is the stop for Obama from the Constitution?
             Very interesting Question!    We play by two different sets of rules.  You see this in Wisconsin: he won an election, won the senate by the book.  The guys on the Left do not play by the rules, with their activist Liberal judge.
New York Post article by Michael Walsh talks about it over the weekend.
>>> Does the Left think they can ignore our laws and rules?
Segment#13:     Progressives attack the honest judge Vinson
Activist judge in Wisconsin has an activist son.  She is a pure activist Liberal and a blog makes the case of why she is in trouble, and she is not!  It is like when Clinton was in trouble, legally, but he wasn't.  There are two sets of rules.
On our side, we convince people and then win elections.  [[Rush sees a woman with green makeup on FoxTV and can't stand it. Turns it off.]]  When we lose, we say, "OK, you won and we will do it your way."  Democrats never say that.
Who knows where the liberal activist judge will lead Wisconsin.  Gov Walker and Republicans didn't break the law when they passed legislation recently.  Sarah Palin is not the problem;  the judge in WI is the problem.  The state and the nation is out of money;  people voted.  Now, "to Hell with the Election."  What do we do?  We don't know what to do because we don't play by their rules.
All that people on our side do is to complain about the media.
Obama has said he views the Constitution as an obstacle.  We have a judge who looks to subvert the law.  Playing 'nice guy' isn't going to work.  The aggressor in any conflict sets the playing field.  It is a mistake to sit and wait.
We won!   Democrats ran away, illegally.   Gov Walker dealt with it legally.  Now that is stopped illegally.  If you are just going to sit on the sideline and wait, then winning elections doesn't matter.  Democrats are not going to let money go.
Democrats live for money.  They fight for it.  Tactics to deal with this are plentiful (in blogs and talk radio only.)   We, alone, are offended by Obama stepping on the Constitution.  His healthcare bill is declared unconstitutional and it is still being implemented.
>>> What does The Regime do?  They attack the judge.
[Here is Judge Vinson's ruling for you to read.]
Seg#14:  WI Judge Maryann Sumi is a Leftist Liberal Progressive
First car I bought was 1969 LeMans //  Now you have BG Products.
You will have 300,000 more miles from your car.
www.redstate.com/laborunionreport/2011/03/21/wisconsin-judge-maryann-sumi-her-seiu-afl-cio-political-operative-son/   She is conflicted all over the place;  it is said she 'fled the coop' after making the ruling.  It is not about ideas but union money, and nothing else.  A stupid rule is not going to stop them.
>>> And who will do anything about it anyway?
Seg#15:  Wisconsin union workers know they have a sweet deal.
Closing:   See you tomorrow.    [Editors have other business.]
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From the Rush Limbaugh Morning Update: "Analogies"
CBS News says the best way to understand Obama's speech to the Chamber of Commerce is to "think of the president as an aggrieved parent" and think of "the business community as the teenager who's sick and tired of the rules of the house."
In the speech, Obama declared "not every regulation is bad" or burdensome, citing political battles over seatbelt and child labor laws, and the creation of the FDA. CBS says Obama, in the role of the parent, is saying to the child: "You've told me before that I was ruining your life by not letting you stay out all night with your friends. But I think we both know I made the right decision."
Obama told the Chamber he's "sensitive" to concerns that over-regulation is killing jobs and growth, which CBS claims is like a "sympathetic parent" acknowledging the challenges kids face in high school.
Obviously, Obama's overtures to the business sector are attempts to position him as a centrist in 2012. The fact is, for two years Obama governed as the most anti-business president in our history. He has demonstrated that his knowledge of business is as miniscule as his hostility to business and capitalism is gigantic.
But this idiotic parent-child analogy is what passes for news and analysis from the once-great Tiffany network. William Paley, CBS founder and a businessman himself, has to be rolling over in his grave. 
But here's another analogy: Think of CBS News as the Titanic; think of me as the iceberg. Heh-heh-heh.
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March 22, 2011 Posted by John at 12:09 PM
Yesterday, Scott Rasmussen released one of his periodic surveys on which party voters trust more on the issues. It is a 1,000 likely voter survey, and therefore deserves to be taken pretty seriously. Currently, voters trust Republicans over Democrats on nine of the ten most significant issues. The only exception is Social Security, which is a tie:   [chart]
At the moment, the GOP's key advantages are the economy (47-39), taxes (48-37) and national security (53-34). My sense is that the voters are mostly ahead of Congressional Republicans these days. Republicans should take heart from surveys of this sort. The voters elected them last November, knowing what the Republicans' platform was. Voters prefer Republican approaches because they want the federal government cut down to size, they want the hemorrhaging of debt to stop, or at least slow down, and they want priority given to America's security, not to pleasing others who probably don't have our interests at heart anyway. How tough is that to figure out? Republicans in Washington need to roll up their sleeves and do everything they can to push the agenda they ran on in November.
Don't miss Glenn Beck tonight at 5 pm [ET] on Fox News Channel!
BONUS:  Learned from Sean Hannity    (radio)
Will a Florida court follow Sharia Law?  Don't say it can't happen in America.
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