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Your Rush ECHO for Tuesday 5-24-2011

Your Rush Limbaugh Echo for Tuesday, 5/24/11
Student NOTES from Institute freshmen, not 'official'
Opening:   It's a real treat to watch a true professional ::
Seg#1:  Believe in what you say to be a pro like Benjamin Netanyahu
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is wrapping up his address to Congress.  [Spoke yesterday at the America – Israel PAC mtg.]  He will end for this show to start, no doubt.  He spoke without a prompter, leaning on the podium, and I yell at the TV, "Go, Bibi, Go!"  His conviction brings speaking confidence, unlike others.
If you believe what you are saying, that is 80%.  A code-Pink gal got in and shouted and he turned it around, "This is democracy and free speech — this could not happen in the lockdown farce of a government, Iran."
He also spoke of Joplin MO ((Clip:  America, we are with you — on this day, and every day.))  Contrast that with ((Clip:  My name is Barack Obama, of the Moneygrab Obama family.  Broken Irish is better than [something] English, so here goes: . . .))  That is him speaking when he should be fixing things he started, like Egypt.
((Clip-on-Obama:  I will be visiting in Sunday.))  He will personally tour after his European tour, maybe as soon as Sunday.  Give him a suitable welcome;  drive-by media will expect you to be respectful.  We should call him "Paddy" Obama of Moneygall.  [The gall.]  He tries to pass himself off as a citizen of wherever he travels:  he said felt like he came home in Ireland.  It is a campaign stop for the Irish vote in his reelection in 2012.  The Irish vote in America is large.
Let's examine:  Ireland has unemployment of about 20% and GDP decreasing and Debt increasing.  No wonder he feels he was going home.  Stock Market is down and a friend said it usually goes up when he leaves.  I replied that everyone knows that Obama will return to USA.
I was going to give the end-world-guy the benefit of the doubt but he is starting to sound crazy, like Timothy Geithner.  The end of finance was supposed to be a month ago, and now it may be next month.  If there is no football in October, a Raven's player says it might lead to a nation-wide crime spree.  "What else is there to do, except commit crimes?"  Is he talking about NFL players, or fans?
> How can you argue with logic like that?  Pressure is on NFL owners.
S#2:  Netanyahu delivers a flawless speech  ///   DbM will spin one word
An epic speech today in Congress like the prior 100.  Winston Churchill did more joint speeches before Congress than any other.  You have to hear it.  It is a lesson in confidence and a lesson for Republicans in dealing with Obama.  There was nothing partisan and all he did was praise President Obama.  He just loves Israel.
The content of his speech was flawless.   He said they are willing to give up some land, putting the 'onus' back onto to the Palestinians.  DbM will pick on that one sentence, "Netanyahu admits past mistakes" or "he now agrees with Obama", you watch.  DbMedia will say Netanyahu tries to make up for prior disrespect.  I guarantee you this will happen. 
You must get video, audio and transcript of his speech.
>>> Liberals in press will twist/spin it as total capitulation to Obama.
Seg#3:  Rush Limbaugh supports Israel to also support America
Snerdley says we have some 'mal-contents' on the phone.
Caller-malcontent#1:  If Obama is doing a bad job, why are Republicans dropping out?  Obama is doing a fabulous job.
         I'm genuinely curious:  what do you like?  [Not doing a bad job.]  As a Black, Walter, what is it that you like?  The high unemployment?  The collapse of the housing market?  [I have a job and house.]  What about the gas and food rising prices?  [Bush didn't affect me, not his fault.]  If you are new to the program, this is why some of us are scared to death with many voters.
Caller-malcontent#2:  Don't borrow from China to give handouts to Israel.
               Did you hear Netanyahu say we don't need to send them our troops.  We have a cultural similarity with the only true democracy in that area.  I happen to love Israel and the people.  Do you want to see Israel wiped off the map?  We support them for a reason.
This is where I have problems with you black-and-white Libertarians.  You call Israel a 'welfare queen' and ignore what our government Liberals are doing with Welfare. 
For me, the love of Israel is more than the biblical implications.  The superpower of the world (us, USA) we have to compromise to maintain our position. 
>>> We have a [Conservative] brotherhood with Israel.  
Seg#4:  Don't read this segment if you just ate lunch;  best to lie down.
So some are upset with the money we give Israel every year.  Thousands of companies that cashed in on Obama's Stimulus package, owed the government millions in taxes.  It was a slush fund and The Regime paid them the money they owed.  It is reported today:  3,700 companies received $24billion when they owed $757million in taxes.  They were government contractors and non-profits.
How did they help Obama?  Maybe they got out the vote.  None of them are named in this story!  Why doesn't the AP find out?  You can expect SEIU, ACORN, and AARP to have coattail beneficiaries.  It has been a Giant Snow Job, and it gets worse.  AP is sure to point out that Obama did nothing illegal.
I don't know one person that got a government grant from Stimulus.  Only 13 of these 3,700 will receive IRS scrutiny.  Where was Sherriff Joe Bite-Me Biden?  He was supposed to make sure this didn't happen with Porkulus.  Obama and The Regime used taxpayer $$ to rebuild the infrastructure:  of the Democrat Party.  We can only assume the 3,700 paid the back taxes.  Why should they?
The AP notes that the number may be even higher than 3,700 since there is much we don't know.  You thought the Stimulus was to help you find work and help the Economy.  Tax cheats got $24billion from Obama's stash. 
>>> That would be the story of the day if not for Irish Obama.
Seg#5:  Contrast Israel-support to ObamaSlushFundPork.
Seg#8:  ((Rush plays some clips from Netanyahu, to wild applause.))
Seg#9:  Train up a child properly, to not go astray in a liberal college
Caller:  My daughter referenced you in class, right 99% of the time.
           Another Rush-baby growing up properly.
>>> This segment is short because the last segment was long.
Seg#10:  EIB re-broadcast is available in Limbaugh Broadcast Museum
>>>>>>>  Click on the cool links via www.RushLimbaugh.com  
Seg#11: California may transition to become a jailhouse courtyard
(Music) I'm doing what I was born to do, really a blessing.  Gallop Poll has 61% of Americans, including some 'pro-choice', believing all or some abortions should be illegal.  It has never been 50-50%.  Republicans are scared of 'social issues' but should notice the advantage they have on the 'cultural side'.
People look around and notice, "This is not the way America is supposed to be."  You can't get more real than life.  It is no longer a topic for RINOs to fear.
CA supreme court told the prisons to release up to 43,000 criminals because they are help with "needless suffering" and that will increase 'suffering' for law-biding citizens.  And felons can vote in California.  Anthony Scalia calls it 'staggering' but leaves out the word 'dangerous'.  Justice Clarence Thomas agrees.  California is to become a jailhouse courtyard.
Powerful forces of RINOs and Republican moderates, I said, would push Jon Huntsman to the top to replace Mitch Daniels.   ((Clip Mark Halperin:  Who would be the top candidate to go up against President Obama.))  Both Halperin and Huntsman, liberals both, as shaking in their boots, first with Mitch Daniels and now Jon Huntsman. 
It could even result in Obama coming back early from his PR tour.
((Clip-Herman-Cain: Right of return?  Right of return?  That should be negotiated.  It is up to Israel what they will accept.))  He didn't understand the term.  ((Clip:  I now know what that is.  It wasn't that they were kicked out; their Arab leaders asked them to leave.  I stand by my answer.))  What else could he do, Snerdley?  His recovery was good.
((Clips from Newt Gingrich))    Vintage Reaganism;  this is the Newt that everybody remembers.  Sometimes he got too cute by half, but he is back now.
My first screener was Merva Snerdley, a good screener.  She was assigned to me; and Thacker gave me lectures of how I had to treat her (a list of negatives.)  Carbonite is such a good company, offering you great customer support.  $59/yr for your PC or Mac.
> [ED: In the words of Annie's Daddy Warbucks, "Did I just do a commercial?"]
Seg#12:  At least Herman Cain knows what year this is .!.
Obama said there are 57 states in USA;  he placed a wreath at London Westminster Abbey, and wrote in the guest book, "24 May 2008".  How do you do that?  He finally came up with a gift for the Queen and royalty.  It is a picture book of visiting USA.
>>> What are your idea-suggestions on Obama's written date?
Obama was focusing on writing the date as Europeans do:  DD-MM-YEAR.
Seg#13:  Southern caller explains his Republican-hopeful preferences
Caller: How do those two caller-malcontents get through life?
     First one didn't care about cost of living and what Obama does to America.  Second called Israel a welfare state.  I gave come great commentary.
Caller-still:  Last election was like voting on American Idol.
        Democrats in media will continue to facilitate their candidates.  Rudy is thinking about getting in;  Palin buying a house in AZ.  NBC could have said, "We can do the show without you" to Trump.  You have a preference?  [Christy not in; Palin; Bachmann; and Rick Perry TX is not in yet. I do not want to vote for olde entrenched Romney, NE Republican.  Bay-state Care drove quality down.]
Caller-still:  Here in the South [VA] we do it our own way.  Don't look down.
>>> Thanks for the call, Richard.    [[Joke explained as follows  :::
"They look down on 'hicks' that get to church Saturday night to get
the good parking places for church services Sunday morning." ]]
Seg#14:  Some interesting details are revealed by a Jewish American
If Sarah Palin had written '2008', Katie Couric would have stormed the NBC desk to report it, wall-to-wall.  Instead, DbM says Obama was tired.  ((Clip: They stayed in the same room, but on your wedding night you are tired.))  Whoa, Savannah Guthrie tells the world she was tired that night. 
Caller: A high honor.  We have fun on hold.  Thanks for supporting Israel. "They tried to kill us;    they failed;     let's eat", is a joke we use.  Rich Jews are keeping their wallets closed against Obama.  Many who voted for Obama, won't again.
        That may depend on what DbM tells the Jewish people about our nominee.
Caller-still: We send more money to Egypt than Israel;  most of the software in your cellphones is Israeli and after 9/11 US sent their best people over to Israel Masad and ISD to find out how to fight terrorism;  [hit Iran w/virus.]
        There are Jewish people who have a distorted view of Conservatives; I would love to see the 40% number change.  Black voters also have long memories about everything except what Democrats don't deliver.
>>> Liberals are Liberals first and foremost.
S#15:  A top Palestine official says Bibi's speech is a 'Declaration of War'
This, after Benjamin Netanyahu promises to give land back.
>>> What can you do to negotiate with those type of statements?
Closing:   See you tomorrow after a 21-hour break.
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From the Rush Limbaugh Morning Update: "Secret's Out"
Over the weekend, Iran's front man – Mahmoud Ahmadinejad – leveled some very serious charges. He said Western nations are engaged in a vast scientific conspiracy to steal rain from Iran. This is a grave issue because Iran has suffered multiple droughts over several seasons.
Speaking at a ceremony to inaugurate a dam in a central province of Iran, Mahmoud said: "According to reports on climate, whose accuracy has been verified, European countries are using special equipment to force clouds to dump" their water on their continent. By forcing it to rain in Europe, "they prevent rain clouds from reaching regional countries, including Iran."
Ahmadinejad also cited an article from an unnamed "Western politician" predicting droughts over Turkey, Iran, and Asia for the next 30 years. Now, if that's not definitive proof, I don't know what is.
This is disturbing. Despite the best efforts of our military-industrial complex to conceal it, Ahmadinejad found out about the "rain theft" technology that President George W. Bush ordered following the 9/11 attacks. After creating it in Area 51, Dick Cheney and Halliburton were tasked with implementing it – but it was all supposed to be "Top Secret" … on a "need-to-know basis." And now, Mahmoud knows – and he's telling the world!
To add insult to injury, Ahmadinejad didn't even recognize us for developing the technology to steal Iran's rain; he's crediting the Europeans!
If only the world had ended Saturday, like it was supposed to the secret would still been safe! 
Read the Background Material on the Morning Update...
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"Anybody could take Obama down in a debate.  It's not a question of could.  It's a question of do they have the fortitude and guts to try."   
"No Democrat ever has qualms about running for office.  They're not worried about how their personal lives might end up harming them.  They're not worried about a media anal exam.  But it's a daily reality for Republicans."
"Daniels not running has upset a whole lot of apple carts in the Republican elite.  This was an entire political apparatus set up here that was comprised of people wanting back in the White House, and Daniels was their vessel.  And one of the reasons they wanted Daniels was that they could control him."
"I wouldn't be a bit surprised if you see a very visible and concerted effort to push Huntsman to the top on the part of the inside-the-Beltway Republican elite and the media."
"Did you know that Obama is from Ireland?  He is from Ireland today."
"The right of return basically is the Palestinian demand that grandchildren and children of displaced Palestinians all the way back to 1948 be allowed to return to what is now Israel, to their homes.  We're talking four and a half, five million people.  If that happened it would be the end of Israel, which is what the objective is throughout the Arab world."
"Obama wants Israel to commit suicide, and I can't believe people are getting all bent outta shape because of Benjamin Netanyahu's refusal to commit suicide in public at a joint appearance with Obama on Friday."
"The Israelis will never go for a right of return and the Palestinians will never go without it.  So there is no peace and there will be no resolution, and Obama not mentioning it is irresponsible."
"It's clear who Obama is.  He's the sum of his choices.  We all are.  It's just that his choices ain't us."
"Look for there to be a media and Republican establishment push for Jon Huntsman to take the place that Mitch Daniels was going to occupy in the Republican sweepstakes."
"Huntsman is from the Mitch Daniels school.  We've gotta get along with the people that don't like us, and we gotta be nice, stop the bickering, essentially."
"It's amazing the number of unnamed Republicans who are bleeding all over the Politico, destroying and taking out other Republicans.  And now they're taking out Paul Ryan."
"Whatever Democrat seeks to run, the media is not gonna question their authenticity or their legitimacy." 
"One of the things that frustrates Republicans is that there seems to be this reluctance on the part of everybody in this party to take President Obama on.  Frankly, the reason Donald Trump excited people is because he took it straight to Obama."
"Republican voters in this country for two and a half years have watched their party act afraid of President Obama, afraid of the media, afraid of what people are going to say about them."
"People genuinely worry, not even so much for themselves, but for their kids and grandkids and what will there be of the America they knew for their offspring to inherit and seek."
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Open thread: Netanyahu addresses joint meeting of Congress, "When we say never again, we mean never again."
Watch live here.
Comment below!
Bibi: "Israel has no better friend than America, and America has no better friend than Israel…You got bin Laden. Good riddance."
"You don't need to do nation-building in Israel. We're already built. You don't need to build democracy in Israel. We got it. And you don't need to send troops to Israel. We defend ourselves."
11:30am – Bibi briefly interrupted by hecklers, handles them beautifully. "I take it at a badge of honor that we have these protests. You can't have this in Tehran & Tripoli. This is REAL democracy." Crowd erupts in applause, stands.
"In a region where women are stoned, gays hanged, and Christians persecuted, Israel stands out…free press, open courts, rambunctious Parliamentary debates."
Jokes: "You think things are tough here in Congress. Come spend a day in the Knesset! Be my guest!"
Emphasizes true freedoms of Arab Israeli citizens. "Israel is not what is wrong about the Middle East. Israel is what is RIGHT about the Middle East."
Standing ovation.
"15 years ago, I stood here and said that democracy must start to take root in the Arab world. It has started…holds promise of brilliant future of peace and prosperity. A Middle East that is GENUINELY democratic will be truly of peace. But while we work/hope for the best, we must recognize that powerful forces opposes this future, oppose modernity, oppose peace. Foremost is Iran."
Attacks troops, subjugates people, sponsors terror worldwide, nuclear threat. Militant Islam could exact a horrific price from all of us before its own demise…The threat to my country cannot be overstated. Those who dismiss it are sticking their heads in the sand."
Lack of outrage about the calls for Israel's destruction are "met with utter silence." Israel condemned for defending itself against Tehran's terror proxies. Not you, not America.
Bibi recounts the only time sanctions intimidated Iran — "Only time Iran stopped weapons program in 2003 was when it feared military intervention."
On Israeli resolve: "When we say never again, we mean never again. Israel always reserves the right to defend itself."
Clarity: The debate over a Palestinian state is not really about the existence of a Palestinian state. It's about opponents undermining the existence of a Jewish state.
Bibi calls for end to Palestinian brainwashing of children and engendering hate. Bibi says he is ready to compromise, accept a Palestinian state. Will give up land even though it is the historic home of Jewish people.
Calls on Abbas to say: "I will accept a Jewish state….these six words will change history….will convince Israel that they have a true partner for peace." will a
In any real peace agreement, some settlements will end up beyond Israel's borders. Precise delineation must be negotiated.
But "Israel will not return to indefensible boundaries of 1967." Generous on size of Palestinian state, but firm on where borders lie.
"Palestinian refugee problem will be resolved OUTSIDE the borders of Israel."
"Jerusalem must never again be divided, must remain united capital of Israel."
"The only peace that will hold is a peace that can be defended. Peace must be anchored in security."
"Peace cannot be imposed. It must be negotiated" — by those truly committed to peace. Hamas is not committed to peace. It is committed to Israel's destruction. We will not negotiate with al Qaeda's Palestinian arm.
Challenges Abbas: Tear up Hamas charter and "Make peace with the Jewish state."
Bibi thanks America for unwavering support for Israel, and ensuring that flame of freedom burns brightly around the world.
***       ~~~   ~~~   ~~~
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Israel's Netanyahu addresses Congress as an old friend
Los Angeles Times - ‎1 hour ago
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sounded a 'we stand together' theme multiple times as he was warmly received by Congress.
The Guardian - ‎1 hour ago‎
Empty check-in desks at Glasgow airport: more than 250 flights from Scotland's airports were cancelled on Tuesday. Photograph: Danny Lawson/PA Airline passengers should be spared disruption from the ash cloud threatening to disrupt UK airspace on ...
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