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Your Rush ECHO for Monday 8-22-2011

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Your Rush Limbaugh Echo for Monday, 8/22/11
Student NOTES from Institute freshmen, not 'official'
Open:   Filling in for Rush Limbaugh, Mark Steyn.
Segment#1:    Only 26% approve of Obamanomics
Honored to be here as Rush Limbaugh is on vacation. We are live from the Northern EIB Frontier near the Canadian border.  Nothing is as certain as "death and taxes" and Obama's bus looks like Death, and your taxes paid for it.
Mr Snerdley, remember that Congressman that said increasing our military presence on Guam would make it flip over and capsize?  Obama's motorcade might capsize Martha's Vineyard.  He outlasted the S&P downgrade to AA+ but is heading for the Big Downgrade now.  He bought two books, not my new book, Bayou Trilogy, and Rodin's Debutante.  AP said he was looking for drama and intrigue—you would too, cooped up in a hearse.
Only 26% still approve of the way Obama is handling the economy.  They must all be in Martha's Vineyard.  If you are one of them, call in and explain:
In the next hour, Mark Belling will call in.  He will interview me about my new book.  Mr Snerdley said I could interview myself.  We did a focus group in Tripoli and it seemed to work.  We'll get into total civilization collapse in the next hour.
The fascinating thing about Martha's Vineyard is that Obama goes there every year.  The average American cannot even drive there.  You go there by plane of ferry—how will he get 40 vehicles over there?  Charles Ogletree hosted him there.
AP says Obama stays a lot at his 'compound', a bad word.  The only place that 'compound' is a good word is in Massachusetts, where the Kennedy family has a 'compound'.  Senior advisor Valerie Jarrod also has a compound there and went over to the compound of Charles Ogletree. 
I'm just reading AP, not mocking Obama like crazies on the Right.  The summer of 2011, before 9/11, and AP refused to follow Bush to Crawford TX.  "There is nothing to do there" not like Clinton in Martha's Vineyard. 
>>> The Obama Adm carries on a Banana Republic lifestyle.
Seg#2:  Liberal Leftist Democrats will indicate their greatest fears
Drive-by Media is worried that the popularity of Rick Perry continues to rise.  They are going to have to attack over and over.  They say he is irresponsible in commenting on the success of adult stem-cell research.  ((Reading: Perry's actions could push desperate patients into the hands of quacks.)) 
Social Security benefit claims are flooded by baby boomers with disabilities as they lose their jobs, says AP.  Applications are up 50% over a decade ago.
>>> In London they are judged 'disabled' but are still able to loot.
Seg#11: News today admits that Obama secretly spent $1.2trillion
(Music) President Obama sat on Martha's Vineyard beach for a couple of days but feels a speech coming on, about Libya.  There is an al-Libya channel where they feel they are not going to make the transition well.  The Katie Couric of Libya TV waves a gun around, "With this weapon, I either defend or die today."  CBS and msNBC should do that on election night for Obama.
The only businessman Obama knows is Warren Buffet, "the rich ought to pay more taxes." Obama doesn't know anybody else in business.  Right now, there is no incentive for a small business to profit more than $50,000.  Tax rates are double those in Canada.  We ought to be ashamed of that.
Banks got $1.2trillion from the Obama Adm without you knowing.  It is just shy of Canada's entire GDP or India's.  They gave it to their friends.  You can never re-inflate a credit bubble.  They made sure their cronies didn't take a hit.
Off the top of his head, Obama rules by executive decree, and will not enforce US immigration law. You get federal fiat stuff instead of usual legislation.
>>> His Majesty just issues royal proclamation—more to come.
That is a lot easier than negotiating with Boehner and Republicans.
Seg#12:  Private citizens won't spend their own money in the right way
President Obama is speaking as I speak in Martha's Vineyard, saying the Kaddafi Regime is coming to an end.  He has a poetic writer in Teleprompter.
Caller:  Don't carry his speech live.  Create stimulus to really apply.
         They watched if float out to sea, one trillion dollars.  Had it been distributed to citizens it would have gone to the real world. The government stimulated nothing but government.  That was their intent.
When government had a surplus, Bill Clinton said, "We could return it to you [citizens] but you wouldn't spend it in the right way."
>>> By 'right way' they mean 40-car motorcades to Martha's Vineyard.
Segment#13:    Londoners are not what they used to be
Caller-on-SocSec: Obese and others are frauding the system.
          In London's system, they are on disability but can still torch and burn.  It is one thing if you have put in the work and something happens, and another if it is your choice in lifestyle. 
London burned in 1940 from Lufthansa bombing.  They stood up.  Now, a generation has been marinated in 'stimulus' and know nothing of work.  One fifth of children are in a household were no one works.  They are raise in expectation, the government gives them everything:  their home, their food, their iPad.  And if they don't get them, they go out and loot and burn.
>>> They know nothing about the lifestyle of daily work.
Seg#14:  The only businessman Obama knows is Warren Buffet
"The Boys Are Back In Town", is the new national anthem of Libya.
Caller: I just bought your new book.  Why demonize corporations?
         Exactly.  Obama knows only one businessman on the planet.
Michelle Obama turned her back on corporate America and became an advisor for $350,000 for hospitals.  They didn't replace her when she became First Lady.
>>> That shows how unimportant her advice was to them.
Seg#15:  Kaddafi outlast another Rush Limbaugh substitute today.
>> He should read my book: After America–Get Ready for Armageddon
Closing:   It's a cheery little book to read when you go to bed.
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Quotable quotes from Fox News and talk radio:
"It could be the fall of a dictator." Martha McCallum. "Obama Adm will comment later."
"National sanctions [from UK] will be lifted soon." PM Cameron.
"The rebels become the gov't and the Gov't becomes the rebels." Walid Phares. "Kaddafi will try to go to Algeria or some other place he will be protected; later to Southern Libya."
"We cannot yet say, 'Goodnight, Irene'."  FNC Maria Malina [Watch FL, GA, SC.]
Ten-year remembrance of 9/11 at NY WTC approaches quickly. Remember!
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Learned from WSJ Online:
The mood on Tripoli's streets turned from jubilation to uncertain disquiet in many neighborhoods Monday, a day after Libyan rebels seized control over most of Libya's capital.
Key OPEC members are in a holding pattern as the endgame in Libya unfolds, as Saudi Arabia says it is prepared to take steps to adjust its own oil output to accommodate any return of Libyan supplies.
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Surprise, surprise.
No, it's about as unsurprising as the setting sun or the rising sun.
The Obama Department of Homeland Security late last week announced it would enforce the DREAM Act illegal alien student bailout by administrative order — call them White House deportation waivers — over the heads of a bipartisan majority of Congress that has repeatedly and resoundingly rejected such proposals.
They administration didn't put it in such stark terms, of course. But that is the effect of the decree.
And it is no surprise at all to you and me. The open-borders radicals at the White House and within DHS have been telegraphing this for months.
~~~   ~~~   ~~~
The question for 2012 GOP primary voters: Is there a candidate out there who you trust to stand on the side of secure borders and strict enforcement, who has consistently opposed DREAM Act illegal alien bailouts, and who will resist the urge to use and abuse his executive powers to override the will of the people?
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Miners on the march as gold price ticks up
Telegraph.UK – 17 minutes ago
London's large-caps rediscovered their lustre on Monday, with investors piling into precious metal miners as analysts at Citigroup upped their outlook for the price of gold.
Obama briefed on Hurricane Irene while on vacation
AP – 1 hour ago
VINEYARD HAVEN, Mass (AP) - The White House says President Barack Obama is being briefed on Hurricane Irene during his vacation. White House spokesman Josh Earnest says FEMA is in close contact with states and US territories that have already been ...
Glenn Beck expands his show to in September
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