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Your Rush ECHO for Tuesday 9-13-2011

Your Rush Limbaugh Echo for Tuesday, 9/13/11
Student NOTES from Institute juniors, not 'official'
Opening:   Huntsman & Ron Paul should run as Democrats!
Seg#1:  Cue the Beatle music, "Imagine" had Newt beat Obama
They could beat Obama in the Democrat Primary.  That would clean everything up.  These debates are excellent.  Some are making mistakes but that is to be expected.  The Republican Debates are really entertaining and CNN Wolf Blitzer kept it moving. 
All of these candidates have items to overcome;  the Tea Party questions made me feel like I was at home and there is Hope.  I had a tough time going back to my football game.  On Direct TV I can watch two views.  There were some great lines.
Perry: "People are tired of spending money we don't have on programs we don't want."    Rick Perry seems to get either tired or bored after an hour.
You look and listen to Newt Gingrich and ask yourself, "Wow, what could have been!"  Newt was the adult in the room.
Michele Bachmann went too far on the vaccination, taking it to Rick Perry who stood his ground.  Someone came up to her after and said it was not proven that vaccination causes mental retardation.
There were only two on stage that I would have a problem if they were POTUS.
Poverty soars and any of them would be a profound improvement and so much better as POTUS.  Throw Paul and Huntsman out since they are not electable.  Santorum came on strong last night.  His problem is he made Iran a big topic against Bob Casey in 2006 and lost.  He cannot chuck losing that.  He won in blue state PA and for Republican leadership, indorsed Arlen Specter.
We are bring told we have a two-man race.  Who tells us this?   Compared to what is happening what is happening in the country right now, I applaud Bachmann and Newt for focusing on Economy and Obamacare!  Talk about Obama's vulnerabilities and do not get distracted, I told them ((Clip-Rush: We have 14 months to save this nation . . .  Jobs, Economy, Deficit, Obamacare, Regulation, Taxation.))
The taxes that Obama has been dreaming about, he proposes again.
An albatross around Perry's neck is education for Aliens.  What is the purpose of educating people that cannot be hired?   Romney has Romneycare and he is sticking to it.  They all have a little baggage.  Everybody ganged up on Perry.
Sarah Palin was on FNC and joins in on criticizing Forced Vaccination.  Ron Paul got booed for blaming US for 9/11.  Gingrich and Herman Cain, I love them.  You have to ask, "What might have been: with Newt Gingrich in the Oval Office."
>>> The news of the day is not good, coming up for discussion next.
Seg#2:  Michele Bachmann is not following the Limbaugh recipe
Perry goofed up on using an executive order on the mandatory vaccination.  He recognizes he should have gone to the TX legislation.  There was an opt-out.  Had it been me I would have said, "What more do you want me to say."  It distracts from Obama's vulnerability.
On with FNC Greta Van Susteren, Bachmann continues to talk about it.  ((Clip: Etc, etc, etc, when lives of little girls are at stake.))
>>> Now this is what defines Michele Bachmann, not beating Obama.
Rush Limbaugh wanted candidates to stay focused on main issues!
Seg#3:  Huntsman and Paul should run in the Democrat primary
Newt Gingrich said we should raise income to meet what we need, not tax and spend.  Wolf Blitzer kept talking about Obama's Jobs Plan.  It is not designed to pass.  It involves more taxation that jobs. 
As time goes on Mitt Romney gets better debating, looking presidential.  There is an uphill climb to carry Romneycare. Rick Perry carries himself as a Conservative.  "I'll take Romney or Perry over Obama any day!" you will say.
Perry seems strong when he defends his positions, and Romney doesn't.
Obama is pretending he doesn't have a record:  "It's all Bush's fault."  In the cases of two governors, their records are stellar, and didn't sit in Jeremiah Wright's church for 20 years.  Every one of the six candidates would be better.  I mean it when I say Huntsman and Ron Paul should run in the Democrat primary against Obama.
Herman Cain said he would appoint victims of EPA to form a committee to improve it.  You could say that for many government agencies.  He wants to bring better good humor to the WH, "Americans are up too tight."
Caller-NY-Vinnie:  I like Bachmann but she went after Perry too much.
         Put yourself in her shoes for a minute:  Perry took her place in the lead.  She must have thought she had one chance last night.
Romney needs to step back and look at issues through a Conservative lens for the Republican primary. 
>>> We need to end programs that are hostile to individual freedoms,
>>> and that should be something that they all should support.
S#4, ED: Should have just politely built the secure fence; less costly!
As of 15 minutes ago, not one Democrat stepped forward to introduce Obama's Jobs Bill.  There is no intention of this thing to pass.  Obama will have problems getting Democrats to vote for all the tax increases.
Caller-TX:  Education of foreign nationals spurs economy on both sides.
          Are you saying there is a tacit understanding between Gov of TX to ship those completing education back south of the border?  [Caller: It was being done before Perry came in.]   This is another illustration that any governor of Texas will have border baggage.
>>> When it comes to the border, any TX governor will have baggage.
Seg#5:  Rick Perry was asked about "Gun Control" in North Carolina.
>>>>>        "I'm actually for gun control. Use both hands."
Segment#6:    There is a great article in American Spectator
(Theme Music) Rush Limbaugh, the reason God invented radio.  In the Rose Garden of the White House, little man was waving his bill around,  "MY bill".  No Democrat is stepping forward to introduce it in the House.  Little Debbie "Blabber-mouth" Schultz should do so otherwise the CBO can't score it.
The "rich" is now defined as anyone making more than $250,000/yr, and you do if you own a small business.  There are 155 pages and 225 mentions of the word 'tax'.   Obama wants to limit mortgage deductions, charity deductions, same as he proposed before for the Debt Increase and in 2009 for Obamacare.  He is obsessed with redistribution.  He can't help himself.
Newt Gingrich pointed out the every one of Obama's green plans is a tax loophole. 
For small business, it all adds up to a $500billion tax increase, Steven Moore points out.  To the tune of $40billion he wants to get rid of oil company incentives. He wants to punish those that fuel our economy, since they are evil.  Obama wants to "boost the economy" right off the cliff.
Michele Bachmann hit Obama hard last night on Obamacare—exactly right.
FDR used the strategy of silence:  "Once you get it, shut up";  and that is why Obama has stopped talking about it.  Grace Marie Turner notes it will affect the Supreme Court. Obamacare is the Liberal signature issue.  They want Romney to be the Republican opponent.
If Obamacare is left in place, we will awaken in shock in 2014.  People and companies will be forced in by mandate.  Employers will be required to inquire the total income of employees.  The waivers given will expire shortly after the 2012 election.  If all this were known, Obama wouldn't get ten votes.  The cost of the law will rise by $1trillion because of unfunded hospital needs.
You can keep your plan if your company keeps it.  The whole point is to drive private coverage out of business.  It will be the equivalent of the DMV, department of motor vehicles.  No Democrat cares about your health, but controlling your life with their power.  [Rush is reading from the American Spectator article.]
Not only do the Liberal Democrat programs not work, they destroy lives.  It is important to not be sidetracked with vaccination.  From a political positioning point, the Perry view of the border will we more critical than vaccination.
>>> He needs to be conservative now or appear like he is flipping later.
Seg#7:  A very short segment with just two phone calls
Caller-WA:  Back from Alaska and the glaciers are fine, getting bigger.
Caller-Mom:  There is an 'opt-out' for parents.  Perry looked more right.
         He admits he made a mistake in the way it was implemented.
>>> To get back in the top tier, she has to go after the front leader.
Segment#8:     Have we turned the corner into Misery Place?
A federal judge in PA rules the mandates of Obamacare are unconstitutional.  Christopher O'Conner ruled this.  Obamacare must be repealed.  More and more will watch the debates:  Conservatism-on-parade is well done and entertaining. 
It is not to late for Palin and Christy to get in the race.  Toss the two I mentioned, Ron Paul and Jon Huntsman.  Look at the Drudge Report to see how close Obama is to his goals, obliterating what makes this country great.  46.2million below the poverty line, highest poverty since 1993.  The Drudge Report homepage shows Obama at a soup kitchen.
Thursday September 22nd is the next debate.  Focus on Obama and his policies.  On 9/12, Obama puts himself in a soup kitchen as a tribute to what? 
Debate what the people care about.  The new norm is 9% unemployment, Democrats say.  I thought 'the economy turned the corner;  Obama created or saved millions of jobs;  etc. etc.   So how can there be so many children living in poverty? 
A fifth of children live in homes below the poverty level,  $22,314/yr for four.
The figures weren't that unexpected, says CNN.Money.com   Who knew?  Why did they know?   They could only understand if they know what Obama's policies have done.
Like with Jimmy Carter, we turned the corner to Misery Place.  It is a cul-de-sac where you just go around in circles.   Since the 1980s, I have been quoting Heritage Foundation Robert Rector, and Left-Media harps on me for making things up.
>>> You will be surprised with what poverty-people have and don't have.
Robert Rector is a leading national authority on poverty, the U.S. welfare system.
Seg#9:  The USA 'poor' are not that poor compared to the world
46.2million, one in seven were 'poor' in 2010.  The following are facts.
  80% of poor households have air-conditioning.
  75% have a car or truck.
  66% have cable or satellite TV.
  66% have a DVD player . . . .   what else can the do, Snerdley.
  50% have personal computers.
  50% with children have a video game system.      I don't have a PlayStation.
  33% have a wide-screen plasma,       how else will they watch Jerry Springer?
  35% have TiVo.    96% says their children are never hungry.
  42% own their own homes.   (Is this because of 'sub-prime' sales?)
>>> Obama's brother living in a shack, now that's poor.
$451billion in new taxes.
S#10: 'Poor' USA children get two free meals a day, even in summer.
>>>  >>>    "Poverty" in this country is an amazing thing.
Segment#11:   Did Obama save or create more poor people?
(Music) The new iPhone operating system won't be released till October 10th.  Apple hasn't said anything about a new iPhone 5.  They lost the prototype.  The beta operating system is out and will be a 'killer', I had my hopes up for September.  How am I going to make it for another month?  I'll have to find a way 'to do'.
Cybercast News Service, Terry Jeffrey, talks about workers per beneficiaries in Social Security.  It used to be 143 people and is now 3 people.  Labor Dpt indicates it is 1.75 workers for each person receiving benefits.  That means that for each husband and wife working in the private sector, there is some Social Security person receiving somewhere pay from them. 
It is worse that that because the recipient pays their share with your tax money.
What Terry Jeffery points out is you can eliminate those that are on Social Security from the equation since their pay comes from us who are still working.
Obama is creating more food-stamp recipients and unemployed.  Let's be honest: why do the 'poor' have all of the stuff we enumerated?  Many of them do not work and benefit from 'redistribution'.  If you vote Democrat, look at all you get.
Obama is converting middleclass families into poverty families.  The question becomes:  "Did Obama save or create more poor people?"  It's just a shame, folks, there aren't more jobs.  This is nothing compared to 2014 with Obamacare.
>>> Only the very poor and very rich can afford to live with Obama.
Seg#12:  A high school senior can be wiser than 'smart' Liberals
Caller-youth: Why are Americans gullible to believe the Lies. 40% reduction.
           I ask myself that everyday, since I was your age.  Reagan brought prosperity for 20 years!  Liberals lied and revised history, making it up.  Back then, there was no counter-media like there is today.  Reagan spoke directly to the people.
Liberalism in Media isn't working today. People are electing Republicans.  "All these years we were told Republicans were going to take food away, and it didn't happen.  They didn't cancel Social Security."  People are noticing.
Your generation and one generation ahead of you will bring a halt to all of this Democrat Liberal Demagoguery.
Caller-youth-still:  Reducing by 40%, they would be put in jail.
        Are any in wall street taking their money and putting it into Social Security?  No, they see the private sector is a better investment.  People just have to see the Lie, which is hard to admit.  Once you face reality of the Lie, it is easy to understand.
How did you get so smart?
Caller-Youth:   I listen to you while I do my homework & Limbaugh Letter.
Do you have an iPad?  You use Windows?  Aaaaggghhh.  We'll send one.
In addition to being pretty smart, he is pretty learned.  How many 'smart' people do stupid things, like raise money for Democrats?
>>> [Team Rush also sends 'Two if by Tea' regular and raspberry.]
Seg#13:  Obama is defining 'Crony Capitalism' not Rick Perry
Snerdley tells me Jordan, age 17, is already half way through college.  His life goals are to own his own business, and meet me.
Caller-Black-gal:  Oh, good to talk to Rush Limbo.  Hepitisus B is commutated.
          You think the Gardasil was a good thing?
Caller-Black-still:  Should be for little boys also.   Ponzi Scheme also bad.
          This represents the voters Perry has to consider.  I don't have kids.
How many of you Mothers out there raced out and got the vaccine for your young daughters?  How many of you didn't like government mandates?  (Snerdley speaks 'off-mike' saying you have to get the vaccine before they have sex and get HIV.)  So you have to get it before six or seven? 
((Clips from the debate:  If I had it to do over . . .  go to legislator . . .  hates cancer.))  ((Clip-Bachmann:   I'm a Mom;  flat out wrong to have a government injection.  Etc. etc. etc.  A big drug company got millions of dollars . . .  thousands of dollars to Perry.))  There was the charge of crony capitalism with Merck.
((Clip-Perry:  It was $5,000 and I raised $30million.  I could be bought for $5,000?  I am offended.)) Sarah Palin jumped on this also in defense of Bachmann, with no evidence Perry was influenced.  There was an opt-out on vaccination.  
>>> Crony Capitalism is what Obama is doing with GE and Soiyndra.  
Seg#14:  Michele Bachmann was not 'presidential' to accuse Perry
Caller-WA: Hillsdale College course on Constitution is great .!.
Caller-KS:  What about the non-union shop for guitars?
          A perfect example at Gibson Guitar, punishing for crony capitalism.
People cringed when Bachmann accused Perry.  That would be a felony.
>>> Bachmann's criticism, if true, takes it to a whole new level.
Seg#15:  More on this tomorrow: 1.5million lost healthcare via employer
>>> It's already started, folks.   Closing:   See you tomorrow.
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Our update takes us to southern California South Pasadena, to be precise. Last week during morning rush hour, a traffic light failed at a major intersection. Traffic backed up for over a mile, with a 30-minute wait to get through the jam.
So a private citizen, Alan Ehrlich, took action. The motorist grabbed a bright orange shirt and a couple of orange safety flags he happened to have in the car. (Doesn't everyone?)
Citizen Ehrlich weighed into that intercession and took care of business. Within 10 minutes of directing – he had traffic flowing freely. So much so, that the local police had no problem reaching the scene. Did cops take over traffic duties, with a word of thanks to Citizen Ehrlich? No! They commanded Ehrlich to cease and desist then gave him a ticket. And though the light was still not working they didn't bother to direct traffic.
South Pasadena Police Chief Joe Payne told the press he didn't have the manpower to attend to the jam, and that "it is safer to allow traffic to back up."
Mr. Ehrlich who sounds, shall we say, like an unusual fellow said he doesn't know if the ticket is for 50 or 400 bucks. But whatever the amount, "It's a small price to pay for the greater good."
Sadly, at all levels of government, there is disdain for the notion that citizens can be self-governing. That's how far removed we are today from the principles and vision that created this nation!
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"I believe that watching football is nostalgic for people. I believe that it helps people to remember what America is."
"I'll tell you what: If Social Security is not a Ponzi scheme, then set Bernard Madoff free."
"It was inevitable that 9/11 would be politicized.  Everything in our country always is politicized."
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"I like watching the best.  I'm not into amateur anything."
"Obama is going to the soup kitchen to visit the beneficiaries of his policies...on 9/11."
"You know who the happiest guy in America Thursday night probably was?  Obama.  And you know why?  'Cause he knew that I wasn't gonna be here on Friday to talk about that debacle of a stupid speech."
"Obama went to a soup kitchen, 9/11, a day of service, as though we've got something to apologize for, for what happened on 9/11."
"Sports has always been an escape, but never more so than now, and in the case of football, power, strength and a nostalgic reminder of what the country is." 
"Look at what this nation went through. The shock, the horror, the terror, the doubts, the confusion, the fears of what's next, and out of that day -- and out of that treachery and confusion we got the most implausible result: No more attacks. Quite a job, Mr. President Bush."
"We had ten years of no attacks because of the way George W. Bush and his administration oversaw our safety -- and they left a plan for Obama to follow, which Obama did, when he wasn't complaining about what he inherited."
"I think there's a mad desire to escape from what this country has become, and the horror each and every day of having to live through whatever policy or plan President Obama has for people."
"There's a reason why these numbers for football are so high. Obama clearly has people hungering for an escape." 
"'Democrats Fret Aloud Over Obama's Chances.' This story is a wake-up call. This is the New York Times calling for Obama to take the gloves off. They want him to 'go gangsta.' They want him to go 'goonion.' That's a combination, Snerdley, of 'go goon' and 'union.'"
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The typical U.S. household saw its income fall in 2010 and the poverty rate clicked up to its highest level since 1993, the census reported.
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