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Your Rush ECHO for Wednesday 9-14-2011

Your Rush Limbaugh Echo for Today, 9/14/11
Student NOTES from Institute juniors, not 'official'
Opening:   "NY district is hard to win in", Schultz.
Segment#1:   NY-9 victory illustrates the Ascendancy of Conservatism
That is how Debbie "Blabber-mouth" Schultz explains the NY-9 district loss to a Republican.  Republican Bob Turner is Catholic and criticized Obama for his stance against Israel.  I didn't mention that Bob Turner took the chance to give me the radio show in New York City.  I kept waiting for Democrats to discover this.
Who created the term, "angry white men"?  Liberals did!  They did this to discredit all Conservatives.  Democrats did polling and found out to their shock that I am very popular in NY-9, blue-collar traditional Democrats.  No matter what they tried, they couldn't dismiss Bob Turner.
The lesson to learn is that you have to fight Liberals every step of the way.  There is no voting block of 'angry-white-men' and there are not 'angry-White-hosts'.  Even I fall prey based on the tendency to 'shut up' based on what people will think because of what others say about me.
There is an ascendancy of Conservatism;
  aided by Barack Hussein Obama;
and Democrat leaders all know this.
This race had a lot of issues that had nothing to do with anything local.  Turner made it clear that he would roll things back in Washington.  GAY-marriage was an issue and the pro-traditional-marriage immerged victorious. 
Like Nazi Germany, the WH Regime has a tattle-tail website.  Have you seen it?  You are supposed to report in when you see anyone say the employment rate is over 9% or when anyone says anything negative about Barack Obama.  "AttackWatch" is a retread of "WatchForSmears" because they couldn't find anyone to report in.
In 2009, Algore got $529million to build hybrid cars in Finland to sell for about $85,000.  ((Reading))  So the crony-capitalism continues, or worse.  There are four other companies The Regime supports for their Green Movement.
>>> "Don't run in 2012, you'll lost by 20pts", say Democrat advisors.
They encourage their best hopefuls to wait longer.
Seg#2:  There is no way to spin the devastating Democrat loss in NY
When Obama won the White House, Boehner said he was willing to 'work' with Obama.  Bob Tuner said the opposite.  It is a new era in campaigning and needs to be recognized. 
Democrat Liberals are very proud of their
Democrat Henry Waxman said this about the NY-9 loss to Republican Bob Turner:
> "Well, this is just a bunch of Jews in NY trying to protect their wealth."
The loss of the Weiner seat is devastating to Democrats; no way to spin it.
Segment#3:  Who's the Propaganda Czar for Obama? 
[People are calling in and logging in to turn themselves in.]
Seg#11: Victories come by challenging Obama & Obamanomics
(Music) Here is an odd San Francisco story:  Evelyn Smith will not be charged after her husband is found under the barbeque pit she had built.  He was a Korean War vet.
The Republican candidate in NV ran hard against Obama.  He did not express any desire to go to Washington and work with him and compromise.  From 2010 elections, it is all about Obama.  They knew they were running against the will of the people.
The real reason they didn't present a budget.  It is not that people would see how wildly they were spending money and be defeated in elections.  No, it was to hide their supporters they were paying back. 
"Send $5 to my campaign for a chance to sit down with me for dinner", Obama, "we don't need special interest $$ because we can do this at a barbeque in SF."
Remember when Solyndra first blew up?  Obama had touted it as a great example.  They got $535million in loan guarantees.  I said, "There in no business there, no income."  They said they couldn't compete with the ChiComs, even with half a billion dollars. 
((Reading: A guy named Jonathan Silver now blames Bush.))   It wasn't Bush that praised it and gave additional loans.
Obama and his people are completely clueless when it comes to business.  Also, they are filled with rage when it comes to successful people with money.  They only know politics in the faculty lounge.  They look at the acquisition of money as corrupt.  "If only we had the money, it would be better because we are not corrupt."
Liberal Democrats think all money was gained improperly and needs to be redistributed.  They think they have the only answers.  Everything will be fine if they have all the money.  Another aspect is their craving for power, take all you can, and distribute it to your buddies and contributors.
Obama does not know the first think about turning a profit, doesn't care either. 
>> They have contempt for anybody that does know how to turn a profit.
Seg#12:  No Democrat wanted to be tied to Obama's Tax Bill.
It's a neat trick to try to blame Bush but Solyndra got their money from Stimulus.  These execs were living in nice houses after meeting with Obama at the WH.  Obama and The Regime could have canceled Solyndra but they pushed it for political purposes.  They micromanaged Solyndra.  The money is gone and somebody has it.  Where did half a billion dollars go.
There is still not a bill for Obama Jobs presented by Democrats.  The "Obama America Jobs Act" has still not been filed by House Democrats.  So Louie Gohmert (R-TX) wrote his own Jobs Bill, taking the corporate tax rate to zero, for one thing, and called it The American Jobs Act and took Obama's title for his own.
>>> So apparently, Obama has lost the title of his bill to Republicans.   Gohmert's is an easy-to-read two-page document.
Rush says he is going to report Rep. Louie Gohmert at
Seg#14:  Democrat John Dingle is OK with crony-capitalism
The Regime is going to have a little trouble blaming Bush, folks.  Two weeks before leaving office, his administration decided to not offer a loan to Solyndra. 
(D-MI) John Dingell (what is he now?  130?)   says, "I'm still waiting to see something that makes me concerned here."  No, just half a billion in Stimulus, not for roads.
Constitution Day is on Saturday, September 17th and we celebrate on Friday.  Go to and take the quiz and send to friends and family.  Report the Heritage Foundation to The Regime at AttackWatch.
Caller-DE: Wonderful day in NY with Bob Turner's win. Some compare Obama to other presidents.  His poll numbers were going down after only six months in office.  The novelty of Hope and Change turned into Despair and Gloom.
          A lot of people had unrealistic dreams of Utopia.
>>> No one can deliver everything from nothing, not even Obama.
Seg#15:  Tell the truth about Obama and what he has done   ///   WIN !
Months ago, I said that any Republican running right at Obama would win;  I said the reason Trump was resonating was he was telling the truth about Obama. That is exactly what Bob Turner in NY and the other guy in NV did.  It is what every one of us has to do.  Every Republican candidate that wants to win in 2012 has to do the same.
>>>>>   Go after Obama and what he has done.    .!.
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From the Rush Limbaugh Morning Update: "It's Sad"
Former Vice President Algore is renewing his vows. Not with Tipper. No – Gore will renew his vows with his one true love: the global warming hoax.
This week, Algore reaffirms his commitment, with a "global multimedia event." The broadcast, called "24 Hours of Reality," features 200 new slides! Which supposedly demonstrate a connection between extreme weather and global warming. Gore desperately wants to convince "climate change deniers" that global warming is really – really – real.
And get this. He wants to make it a group activity. A circle affair. A cluster event. Gore wants people to hand over control of their Facebook and Twitter accounts for 24 hours to disseminate his message. Yes, you too can help Gore release his second chakra!
In 2006, Gore's film, "An Inconvenient Truth," featured fraudulent slides – such as polar bears supposedly stranded on ice floes who weren't. But the fake documentary earned almost $50 million at the box office, and Gore's propaganda was mandatory viewing in schools across the fruited plain.
That was then; this is now. Five years later thanks to a certain "new media" broadcaster (ahem) – more Americans than ever know the global warming movement is built on questionable science. They're also aware "climate change" scientists have been caught red-handed, fudging data. They also know the economy could collapse chasing this hoax, while Gore and his cronies pocket big bucks.
So, Gore's honeymoon is over before it can begin. The romance is gone. But he just doesn't know it. It's sad, really.
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Quote Gems from Rush Limbaugh dot com:
"Jon Huntsman and Ron Paul need to quit the Republican Party, join the Democrat Party, and run against Obama."
"You look at Newt Gingrich and you can't help but have the reaction, 'Gosh, what could have been.'" 
"Remember the intense repeal discussions that took place immediately after Obamacare was passed? There has been a cooling off. It's just not possible to maintain a fever pitch emotional level ad infinitum. But we've got to get that back, because this bill must be repealed."
"Perry seems strong when he defends his positions; Romney doesn't; and I think that's probably because Romneycare is Obamacare no matter how many times Romney says states' rights or laboratory or test or what have you."
"Any time you start doing anything that looks like you're pandering to the media, you're running the risk here of turning off Republican primary voters."
"From a political sense, this in-state tuition thing is gonna pose a greater problem for Perry than this vaccine business is."
"Having a record is tough. Just ask our man-child president who's trying to pretend that he doesn't have one."
"The idea that Barack Obama or the Democrat Party have any altruistic aims or interests in any of their legislation is something that can be disapproved by the results of any liberal program that's come to pass prior to today."
"What Obama is doing is converting middle-class families into poor families."
"Romney's worried that Ponzi scheme scares seniors, but he's not worried that Romneycare scares Republicans. In a comparison to those two, Romneycare scares Republicans far more than Ponzi scheme scares senior citizens."
"Reform programs that are structured to fail are not good programs. We need to end programs that are hostile to individual liberty, and this is something every Republican ought to be able to agree with on that stage and in these debates."
"Being poor today simply means being dependent on the government, which is exactly what Obama and the Democrat Party wants."
"If your state has a budget problem now or if your town or community has a budget problem now, you haven't seen anything until Obamacare is fully implemented."
"If anybody were to see in shocking numbers what life will be like under Obamacare before the 2012 presidential election, he wouldn't get ten votes."
"What percentage of poor children in America get two free meals a day at school even in the summertime? It's an amazing thing, poverty in this country."
"It's Obama that's cut $500 billion from Medicare in his health care plan, and yet the image persists that Republicans want to take your health care away from you."
"The economy turned the corner! It turned the corner going back to the Great Depression, and on the way it passed Misery Avenue."
"I don't even have an Xbox or a PlayStation! The poor have something that I don't have."
"Newt was on his game last night. Just in terms of substance, nobody outdoes Newt."
"Obama is creating more and more people who are defined as poor in this country."   [Subscribers get other half of gem quotes]
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   Republican Bob Turner handily won Anthony Weiner's old Queens/Brooklyn seat in New York's Ninth Congressional District last night, defeating Democrat Bob Weprin. Weprin didn't live in the district, but, hey, he's Jewish. That was supposed to impress the district's Jewish voters, but somehow it wasn't enough. The JTA reports on the race here; Steve Hayward comments on the race here. William Jacobson stayed up late to deliver the news and »       
   Paul Ryan has released a series of excellent videos on the economy. He has a real knack for communicating ideas about the economy and the budget in a way that is readily understandable and appealing. Here, he offers the broad outline of pro-growth reforms in the federal tax code. The one subject he doesn't address, however, is what constitutes a "loophole." Most people do not put all tax preferences in »       
My syndicated column today expounds on the green phony, crony capitalism that has flourished — and flopped — in the Age of Obama. The latest developments breaking in the Solyndra scandal last night? Obama's White House tried to rush the $535 million loan review, prompting complaints from financial officials. The White House, naturally, denies any improper intervention, politicization, and string-pulling.
~~~   ~~~   ~~~
The answer to the question "What did they know and when" is this: They KNEW Solyndra was a risky, lousy deal for taxpayers. They KNEW on Aug. 19, 2009 that the financial models their credit reviewers used predicted Solyndra would run out of cash in September 2011. They KNEW it would fail. But they forged ahead, took our money to prop it up, and pimped the company in front of the TV cameras, anyway.       
Glenn Beck has expanded his show to (two hours)
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